Google chrome not working

Often when you upgrade the Operating system to its latest version, then other programs and application work to slowly or even shows compatibility issues. To fix this error users need to upgrade the reason of error. If your chrome not working on Windows 10 just perform the steps which are given below. You can fix the compatibility issues with the help of technical team who are responsible to resolve the issues Google chrome.

To fix the compatibility issues of Google chrome you can try these troubleshooting methods. You can perform these methods one by one and check if you solve it.

Method 1: Reboot the System Safe Mode

By rebooting the computer in safe mode you can fix the compatibility issue.

1. Click on start menu and tab to the power button.
2. Restart the computer
3. Go through troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup settings.
4. Tap on the restart link & press F5 to enable the safe mode.
5. After this, your computer will turn to safe mode. Now you have to clean the junk and caches of the devices & browsers.
6. Start the Google Chrome on your device and prepare a backup of your data.
7. A new window will open where you have to clear the caches & cookies from the browsing history.

Method 2: Add reliable multicast protocol for troubleshooting the error

If you failed to fix the compatibility issue by using the first method then you should check for network configuration on the system.

1. To run the command prompt press windows key + R. Type ncpa.cpl in the box and press enter.
2. Tap to your network connections and select the network adapter with properties.
3. Scroll and click on install option located on the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol.
4. Highlight the protocol in the next window & click to the add option.
5. Finally highlight the Reliable Multicast Protocol & press ok.

Now restart the computer and make sure if the compatibility issue gets solved. If not then you can get help through Google Chrome customer service. The technical team is always available for its users that means 24/7.

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