create backup of QuickBooks Files

QuickBooks has been deemed as one of the best accounting software to manage all your data expenses and everyday profit and losses. It helps to keep your accounting data in a secured place, and taking away all your worries. It eases your task of accounting. One can pay the required user fee and can access the software online via a secure login through the chosen web browser. It is really important to understand the gravity of the situation when it comes to creating a backup of your QuickBooks File. The QuickBooks is just not any kind of an ordinary software, but it is one of the most important as all the expenses that are related to your company are protected in the QuickBooks software in the form of transactions, monthly reports, invoices, bill payments etc.

So it becomes really necessary to have a backup created, otherwise, it could become really difficult if you lose your data at any point in time. Make sure that you have multiple files so that you never lose your file. You can always ask for a guided assistance from the expert professionals by dialing the QuickBooks customer support number.

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Steps to Create Backup of QuickBooks Desktop Company File

  • The first thing that you have to do is open the QuickBooks file for which you need to create a backup.
  • On the top list panel of icons, move your cursor to the File Option, and choose either Save Copy or Create Backup Option.
  • Now click on the Backup Copy option and choose next.
  • Now another box will open, and you will be required to select the Create Local Backup Option.
  • After selecting the Create Local Backup option, the software will now ask you your desired place for saving the file
  • Browse through the options, by clicking on The Browse button
  • You can save the file at any place that you want.
  • After selecting the desired location, click on save.
  • It will soon start with the backup process.
  • The process may take a few minutes depending on the size of the data that you are wishing to backup. So make sure that you don’t turn off the computer or your Laptop at any time during the backup process, otherwise, the procedure could not be complete, and it could also tamper your file.
  • After the procedure is complete, a confirmation message will pop up indicating that the process is complete also telling about the place where your file has been saved.

If you feel lost at any step and feel that you need the help of technical aid at any point of time, then you should ring the QuickBooks customer care number, where the techies who are skilled in this field, will guide you on each and every step. The techies are available 24*7.

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