Acer Laptop not Turning On

Acer laptops are among the top contenders of laptops in the world. Ever since the company’s initiation, Acer has been slowly coming up with quality products especially laptops and computers. One of the bestselling and most purchased Acer laptop on the market is the Acer ‘Aspire’ and its versions. These laptops are very cost efficient and have very good battery life and have an impressive optical disc drive. It has very good screen resolution and incredible RAM capacity. It is a product worth purchasing. If you want to get more knowledge about Acer laptops then you can contact Acer laptop support number. Through this, customers can get any kind of information from hard working personnel who are experts in Acer laptops and all its functions.

Acer laptops are very user-friendly and very convenient price wise for customers. It also has a lot of amazing features that draw the attention of many people towards it. But it is also flawed with issues. Many of these issues are very easy to troubleshoot and will not cause so much harm to your laptop. There are many frequent error or issues that transpire in Acer laptops but one of the most routine issue with Dell laptops is the issue with it not powering/ turning on.

Steps to Resolve Acer Laptop Won’t Turn On Issue

  • Take out the laptop’s battery and trying plugging the power chord in the outlet without the batteries to see if it runs on DC.
  • If this does give you any positive result, put the batters in its compartment and plug in the charger.
  • Charge the battery for about 30 minutes. And after you are done with this, make sure to press and hold the power button for 20 seconds without letting it go.
  • Turn on the laptop to see if this worked.

The above steps will help you resolve this issue. But if you are still not able to untangle this complication, then you can call Acer laptop customer service number to utilize the help of professional employees who will administer your problem and give you effective Acer laptop troubleshooting instructions to help you solve the issue.

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  1. The setup process of the ACER laptop has been discussed here nicely. The information given here is just awesome. Keep sharing this type of useful ideas.

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