Firefox not Working

When there were not many web browsers available for the users, Mozilla Firefox was considered as the first preference. There is no doubt that this browser is the perfect combination of features and tools and is even supported on all operating system platforms. But when some errors like Firefox not responding or working comes up, it irritates the users. In this blog, you can have a glance at the best solutions to fix the problem that you are facing. It is recommended to get in touch with Mozilla Firefox customer service if you have any difficulty in troubleshooting.

Network connection, system problems, compatibility issues and many others can be reasons behind the Firefox not working. But the below-enlisted options will surely prove helpful.

Solution: How to Fix Mozilla Firefox not Working Problem

Refresh your Firefox browser
There is an option of Refresh firefox which enables the browser to start afresh leading to restoring of performance. It will remove add-ons and customizations to default settings. To refresh, go to settings > troubleshooting > refresh firefox.

Disable the Hardware acceleration
Hardware acceleration in any browser is meant to improve the performance. But sometimes it can be irritating too. You can turn off the option by clicking on the general > performance > uncheck ‘use hardware acceleration when available’.

Try entering via safe mode
A faulty add-on or extension may be responsible for the issue so you must try to enter the browser via safe mode. Go to help > troubleshooting information > restart with add-ons disabled > click start in safe mode.

Delete duplicate session restore files
To remove the redundant files, you should select the troubleshooting information > open folder >find out and remove the sessionstore.js files and any copies. Restart your Firefox.

These options will surely work your way in delivering out a solution. Apart from these, you can also create a new places database for the browser. In case if you have other doubts and the troubleshooting did not work then you must contact the technical representatives by dialing Mozilla Firefox support phone number. The helpline can be reached during all hours of the day.

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