Mozilla Thunderbird not Responding

Mozilla Thunderbird helps you to reduce the time spending on the internet because it provides you a quality service for email, chat, news and RSS. It has developed to work with Mozilla Firefox and provide complete assurance of security and stability. However, it may introduce some problems in while such as Mozilla Thunderbird not working issue. You can contact at Mozilla Thunderbird customer service to fix the issue, or this blog will make you able to solve the issue on your own.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is an advanced idea to provide an email solution along with the Mozilla Firefox browser. you may get innovative support to proceed with your email communication. Mozilla Thunderbird was launched in 2004 as an open source email platform along with RSS, news and chat options. It provides you a quality service to enhance your overall internet experience.

Easy steps to fix Mozilla Thunderbird not responding error

This must be a troubling situation for you when you stuck at one point, and Mozilla Thunderbird doesn’t respond. Now you will not be able to access the internet, and you will get cut off from the outside world. in this situation you don’t need to worry because you can fix this issue using these easy methods:

Solution 1. Using task manager
You need to open the task manager and search for the Thunderbird program. Now you have to end this program but before doing that, make sure that all related files are saved and programs are closed. After closing the program, completely try to start it again and check if the problem is fixed.

Solution 2. Safe mode method
You can use this method to detect any corrupted contents on the computer. You need to open the safe mode in your computer and then open Mozilla Thunderbird program. It will not open if it has any virus, malware, or corrupted program. Now you can simply delete problematic files and resolve the issue.

Solution 3. Using antivirus
AT last, you need to scan your computer with the help of the installed antivirus program. It will help to remove the corrupted content and malicious elements from the Thunderbird. Then you should restart your computer and try to open the Thunderbird again. It may remove the error.

These solutions are easy to proceed, and you can easily get the solution without any problem. However, in some specific conditions, you may get some troubling situation and unable to fix the solution on your own. Now you should call at Mozilla Thunderbird customer support to get a permanent and prominent solution with a professional approach. You will get an easy solution with simple steps.

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