Outlook Keeps Crashing

If you have a problem with Outlook 2016 crashing at the time of its launch then you are at the right place to get the solution. Most of the users are aware that Outlook is a great email client but sometimes even the best things can cause hassles for the users. And one such is of crashing with Outlook 2016. But the good news is that this can be sorted out with basic troubleshooting. If you also want to fix it from the scratch then follow the given options or get in touch with the technical representatives by dialing Outlook support number that stays accessible round the clock.

Steps to Fix “Outlook Keeps Crashing”

Uninstall old add-ons for Outlook
If you have add-ons installed then they might be troubling you so it is better to uninstall them. Go to settings > systems > apps and features. When the list shows, select and delete them. Try starting Outlook again.

Disable hardware acceleration
Most of the application use hardware acceleration that allows better performance but it can misbehave too. Thus it is better to disable them. Start Outlook > go to file > options > advanced. Then locate the display section and check to disable hardware graphics acceleration.

Delete all email accounts and re-add them
A corrupted email account can also be among the culprits. Simply remove all email account and then add them once again. Go to control panel > mail > email accounts > click remove.

Check your antivirus
Without your knowing, your antivirus can be causing difficulties for the Outlook to open. So you must disable the antivirus for a while and check if it works.

Start Outlook as administrator
Locate Outlook shortcut on your desktop > right click and choose run as admin, you will not find any crashing.

Perform a BIOS Update
If you have some sense of technical things then only you must update the BIOS settings otherwise you will result in great damage to the device.

You can also check with the password and update your operating system. These options will surely work and you will be able to rectify the issue of Outlook keeps crashing very easily.

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