Troubleshoot Outlook Email Program

If your Outlook email program is misbehaving then you can fix the glitch through this blog. As an initial step, you can troubleshoot the snag at your end without any assistance. There can be innumerable causes behind the troubles of Outlook email. Users complain of it not working suddenly or freezes at times or even it does not responds at certain times. If you think you will not be able to efficiently resolve the issue by yourself then get in touch with Outlook support where the technical experts will help you out.

Causes of Outlook Performance Issues:

  • The absence of latest updates
  • Third party add-ins
  • App data folder is redirected to a network location
  • Incomplete closure of some files
  • Overload RSS feeds
  • Damaged Outlook messaging profile
  • Insufficient computer specifications

Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook Email Program

Update Outlook email program version: check for any updates available by going to the official website of Microsoft Outlook, if found any, download and install it.

Allocate the email objects in multiple folders: it is quite general when you keep on filling a single folder with many files, it will definitely slow down the performance of any email program so, the better you can do is to allocate the files to separate folders rather than one.

Disable unnecessary add-ons: Go to the trust section under the tools menu and locate the add-ons. Uninstall that add-on which you do not use anymore or you can disable it too.

Turn off any antivirus program temporarily: this one of the best things you can do to turn off the antivirus present in your device for a while until you are using the Outlook email.

Check for the error messages: it is quite common to receive some or other error messages at the time of startup, click the gear icon to know more about them.

If you did the troubleshooting properly and got no success in terms of improvement of the performance then you can dial Outlook Phone number at any time of the day. The support executives will provide you with better tips to make your email program run smoothly without any conflicts.

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