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Mozilla Foundation developed a free and open-source web browser known as Mozilla Firefox in the year 2002. This browser is platform-independent and can run smoothly in Windows, macOS and Linux, and Android too. It is available in 90 languages and implements many web standards. It topped the list of the widely used and most trusted web browsers. But users confront some minor performance glitches which can be solved easily by getting in touch with the Mozilla customer support number which is reachable at all hours.

Why Choose Mozilla Firefox:

You should choose Mozilla Firefox because of innumerous astonishing features which will change your prior experience of using a web browser. Some of the amazing features are:

  • Private browsing gets purged once it is closed
  • Blocking of third-party cookies
  • You have the authority to activate or deactivate the plugin
  • Faster processing of JavaScript
  • The toolbar of Download Manager is enhanced
  • The PDF viewer is built-in
  • For Firefox of Android, there is an improvement in UI
  • Advanced security from a pop-up blocker, anti-phishing, and anti-malware

Hiccups of Mozilla Firefox

While using this amazing browser users can encounter the problem of frequent crashes, slowness issues. There can be problems with add-ons, plugins, and multiple tabs running in the background and while playing audio and videos. Some of the common issues are:

  • Setup Issues in Firefox
  • Customization Problems in Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Firefox not opening
  • Mozilla Firefox won’t load pages
  • Firefox server not found
  • clear cookies, history, or cache in Mozilla Firefox
  • Flash Player issues in Firefox
  • Popup issues in Firefox

How to troubleshoot common Firefox issue

Most of the issues associated with Mozilla Firefox can be solved by following the troubleshooting steps given below:

  • Sometimes restarting the system solve all the issue
  • Clear the browser history along with cache, cookies data
  • Restart the Firefox in a Safe mode that disables all the extensions and add-ons
  • By reinstalling the Firefox
  • You can restore your Firefox profile by Refreshing the Mozilla Firefox
  • Sometimes creating a new profile can fix all the issue
  • Troubleshoot the problem with the installed plugin by re-installing or disabling them
  • Make sure your internet security software is not conflicting with the Firefox browser

If still, you are having a problem while browsing then just reach out to the firefox helpline number who stay put 24 hours a day in a year. The certified technicians will render the best service along with an effective and complete solution to the problem. They have the tools and techniques which can resolve the issue in a minute and make their valued customer fully satisfied.

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