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Sage Customer Care

Sage is a software that provides solutions and business management services that will give your company or business the best outcome. It also provides email services that are secure and reliable. You can set up your email using one of their domain names or your own preferred name. It also has an affiliate program that gives its members special incentives and discounts on Sage products in exchange for endorsement and marketing support. It also provides additional services like interactive online newsletter solutions, processing debit, and credit payments anytime and anywhere, artwork design and service storage and also email services. If you would like to know more about sage software and its benefits you can contact Sage customer support number. their customer support line is available all day and night so you can easily get in touch with them anytime.

If you would like to know more about Sage email services, listed below are some of the features and benefits of having or using sage email services.


  • It has 2GB of mailbox space and 25 additional GB for every email address.
  • It can detect and filter the virus before it causes malware.
  • It has IMAP, POP3 and ActiveSync support.
  • It can filter spams and also detect unwanted emails from spam addresses and filter them.
  • It provides out of office scheduled replies.
  • Gives you the freedom of using your own domain name
  • It gives an additional 10 standard email addresses. You can purchase as many as 10 packs as needed.
  • It provides webmail access and email forwarding features.


  • Issues such as unable to send emails, failing to output to emails, generic com error might occur.
  • Problem sending customer invoice via email.
  • Communication error and issue in setting up default mail.

The above-mentioned benefits and issues will give you a small insight into the world of Sage software and will help you decide in the future regarding Sage. Though it comes with some inconveniences, do conduct your own thorough research first before purchasing or becoming a user or customer of Sage software. However, if you are already a user and is facing technical difficulties and is having problems troubleshooting them, you can contact Sage support number. Their technical support is accessible to its customers at any time of the day so you will have no difficulty in reaching them. They are skilled and equipped with the required knowledge to help you fix your problems.

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