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Verizon Customer Care

Verizon is an American telecommunication company that provides wireless services and products. It offers internet services, email services, video, and advertising platform. It is a reliable source in terms of business and enhances the capacity of human by providing multi uses to its customers. It also provides cybersecurity and protects its users from cybercrime, threats, and malware. When it comes to phone services, Verizon offers smartphones powered by Apple’s IOS, Google’s Android, Microsofts’s Windows phone and Blackberry’s OS. Verizon aims to give its users/customers the highest quality experience possible. For more information on Verizon, you can contact Verizon Customer Support Number.

Features of Verizon

The Verizon networks provide many beneficial features which give its users an idea on how it works. The platform that it stands on and the type of services or products you could get by choosing Verizon. Listed below are some salient features that they provide are Coverage, Fiber optics, Security, Multimedia and technology.

  • They deliver fast peak data speed with 4 LTE
  • Almost 90% of the U.S population has access to 4g LTE
  • Verizon provides FIOS which is a high-speed internet.
  • Verizon developed Oath which has the combined Assets of Yahoo and AOL to give its users a wide range of media and technology services to choose from.
  • It helps secure the network.
  • It can handle the complexity of the modern security levels and risks.
  • It is very efficient in the business sphere as it provides expert support and assistance.

Issues of Verizon

In the recent years, there have been many complaints regarding the Verizon email services. The company has been alerting its users to act fast if they want to keep their email accounts. It caused abrupt disorders amongst its users. They, however, provided an alternate solution saying that users could keep their emails intact but they had to let Verizon acquisition AOL manage it for them. Some few issues regarding Verizon are as follows:
People are unable to access their email accounts.

  • Slowing down of internet speed.
  • Unable to make calls with the slightest change of weather.
  • Static disturbances during video or voice calls.
  • Verizon router problems.
  • Issues with IOS updates in iPhone 7.
  • Billing problems.
  • Texting problems
  • Voicemail problems.

Those are some of the features and issues related to Verizon. If you are a user or a customer of Verizon and if you have further queries or technical problems, you can either call the customer service line as given above or call Verizon Technical Support Number.

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