My Yahoo is Not Working

People use yahoo email for different purposes, as it is one of the most reliable, and trusted email services. Individuals use it for their business or personal use as well. However, like every other email service, even Yahoo has some technical glitches, which leads to Yahoo not working. So in this blog, we have given a brief guide about how to resolve Yahoo mail, not working errors.

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Reasons Behind My Yahoo is Not Working.

Before going further with the solutions, let’s first learn the causes behind Yahoo not working:

  1. The Yahoo Server is Down.
  2. Your Network Connection is weak.
  3. Incorrect yahoo login Credential
  4. You are using an outdated version of the Web Browser.
  5. Presence of Cache and Cookies in your Browser’s history.
  6. There is malware or virus present in your device.
  7. Presence of Antiviruses or Third party extensions.

Now, once you are sure about the causes, let’s understand the methods to fix Yahoo is not working issues.

Methods to Troubleshoot Yahoo Not Working Issues

Below we have mentioned all the methods that you need to know when your Yahoo is not working efficiently.

Method 1: Check the Yahoo Server

If your Yahoo is not working properly, then there are chances that the Yahoo server is down. So verify your server’s status. To do so, go to down and search Yahoo mail, or look for it on Google.
If the server is down, then wait for it to get fixed, and if the server is not the issue, then you go to the next method.

Method 2: Verify the Internet Connection

If your internet speed is slow or unstable, then you will face errors while accessing your Yahoo. So always make sure to have a strong internet connection. If the speed is not great, then try to reboot your wi-fi router; this will enhance the performance. However, if the problem is still persistent, then contact your Internet service provider, and ask them to assist.

Method 3: Download the Latest Version of the Web Browser

You might face Yahoo not working if you are using an older version of the web browser. So update your web browser to the latest version, and along with that, clear all the cache & cookies present in your Browsing history.
The presence of cache & cookies creates hindrance when you try to use your Yahoo mail.

Method 4: Provide the Correct Login Credential

In various cases, a user can’t access their yahoo mail because they have provided an incorrect email or password. So, it is always recommended to re-verify your credentials before clicking on the Sign in button.

However, if you forget your Yahoo password, then reset it. Without your Yahoo password, you can’t access the email. So to reset the password, you can simply go to the Sign-in helper page and ask for the OTP on the alternate email address or phone number. Then enter that OTP in the required box. After that, follow the instructions present on your screen to complete the procedure.

Steps to change your Yahoo Password:

To make changes to your Yahoo password, follow the following procedure:

  • To initiate the process, Go to the official website of Yahoo, and reach the Yahoo mail page.
  • Then provide your email or mobile number.
  • Now hit the Next button.
  • Thereafter, open the account security page and hit on the “Change Password” option.
  • Now, at last, hit on the Continue option, and follow the rest instruction available on the screen.

Note: Create a hard-to-hack but easy-to-remember password that has all the variations like symbols, numbers, and alphabets of both the lower and upper case.

Method 5: Disable all the Browser Extensions

Sometimes, the user might face Yahoo, not working issues due to the presence of third-party apps or different extensions. So it is recommended to delete or disable those apps for some time to fix the Yahoo issue. Once you disable them, then log in to your Yahoo account. Check if it is working accurately or not.

Note: You can even try some other browser to use your Yahoo mail if the Yahoo not working problem is consistent.

Method 6: Verify the Correct Server Address and Details

If your yahoo is not working, then it might be possible that the error is in the server address, So you need to keep an eye on the mail settings of your Yahoo mail.

The settings should be like this:

  • POP3 incoming mail server:
  1. Port: 995
  2. SSL: Required
  • IMAP incoming mail server:
  1. Port: 993
  2. SSL: Required).
  • SMTP outgoing mail server:
  1. Port: 465 or 587
  2. SSL: Required).
  • Yahoo NEWS server:

Method 7: Remove and re-add Your Yahoo Again

If none of the above methods resolved your Yahoo issues, then we will advise you to remove your account and re-add it again to enhance the working. If you have a non-yahoo email or an email that has rocket mail, then you must enter your full email address to go further with the Sign in process. This will fix your Yahoo not working problem.


Even if, after following the above procedure, you still get stuck with Yahoo mail not working, then we will advise you to contact our experts. They are available 24*7 to help you out. So mail us your Queries on or use the Live chat option.

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