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Do you want to know about computer basics? For that, you need to know all about Computer Hardware which includes all the touchable/physical components of the computer. Computer Hardware includes both internal and external parts of the computers. Through these parts, a user can interact with the computer, provide input and get the desired output through the means of this computer hardware. Each and every user know about the external components like the monitor, mouse, keyboard, or Central processing unit. However, they do need to know or are curious about getting info on internal components like motherboards, processors, SSD, and many others.

Thus, here we are going to provide all the available information regarding computer hardware. This information will be helpful to understand computer basics. Along with will discuss some crucial details related to the core functionality of the computer. So, read the full blog post to learn all about computer hardware and its functioning.

Computer Hardware Definition:

Although we have provided a brief clarity for computer hardware above, in order to clearly understand about functioning of a computer, you need to know the exact computer hardware definition.

“Computer hardware includes all the tangible components of the computer, from the minor graphics cards to the major parts like a monitor or the computer chassis. The basic core function of computer hardware is to run and execute all the sets of instructions received (software) in order to perform a particular function.”

A combination of both physical components (hardware) along with the set of instructions (software) makes the term “computation” that refers to the process through which complicated tasks are done easily to automate human work.

Various Computer Hardware:

Computer hardware is broadly classified into two categories, i.e., internal components and external components. The external components are the ones that act as a bridge between the user and the system or, in simple language, the ones through which a user provides input or receives output from the system. On the other hand, the internal components are the ones that receive the input and generate the desired output in front of the user through the means of the external components. All the internal and external components are discussed below:

External Computer Hardware:

Major internal computer hardware component includes a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and USB. Based on their functioning, the internal components are further divided into input computer hardware and output computer hardware. All these components are discussed below:

Input Computer Hardware:

The basic function of input hardware is to provide the user with an interface to give input to the system. All input hardware of the computer is listed below:

  • Keyboard: A keyboard is a necessary input hardware that needs to be mandatorily present in a computer. Through the keyboard, a user can directly input a value to perform a necessary task in the system.
  • Mouse: After the keyboard, the mouse is another primary input hardware that allows the user to utilize the Graphical User Interface while using the computer. The user, through the help of a mouse, can navigate their system memory and also takes available actions.
  • Microphone: Primary purpose of the microphone is to provide a means to communicate with other users. With the advancement of technology now, a microphone can be utilized to give a necessary output to the computer in the form of audio, which is processed by the system to give the desired output.
  • USB: It stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a flash memory through which you can be used to store important data. The data is stored outside a computer and can be processed easily once connected to the system. Other flash memory includes a memory card.

Output Hardware Components:

Based on their core functionality, output hardware can be defined as any physical component which presents a desired output on any given input in the system. Various output hardware components of the system include:

  • Monitor: It is the most basic and mandatory output device. Without this, there is no interface between a user and the computer. The core function of the monitor is to display all the information available to the user. The information displayed is processed by the internal components into machine codes.
  • Speaker: The speaker provides an output of any media file present or opened by the users. The media output is in the form of an audio format. Another output device similar to the speaker includes headphones or another audible device that can be connected to the computer.
  • Printer: The function of a printer is to convert the data present in the soft copy, like text or image, into a physical hard copy.

Internal Computer Hardware:

The internal computer hardware includes all touchable physical components present in one place that process the given input or information or based on that provides the desired result processed by them. Major internal hardware components are the Processor, Motherboard, Storage components, and various others, all of which are listed below:


Like various output hardware, a processor is another core component that can be considered the brain of any computer. The function of the processor is to collect all the information provided by the user. Based on that information or the requirement of the user, generate a necessary output in a presentable form to the user.


Another core component of the computer is the motherboard. In physical terms, is a circuit board that acts as a communication channel between various components that are involved in generating output for the users. All the necessary software components like BIOS, main memory, and many others are included in a motherboard.


These are the physical components of the motherboard. Their function is to transfer data from one channel in the motherboard to another. Thus acting as a core component of it.

Graphical Processing Unit:

A GPU or a Graphical Processor Unit is an extension to the main processor that processes all the graphics-related data.

Storage Units: (ROM and RAM)

Memory storage is another core function of the computer on the basis of which a computer can be utilized all the important text documents or images and other data in the form of a soft copy. Memory can be stored in two ways, i.e., either processed in the form of a Read-only format, which can be viewed by the user anytime, and another one is the accessible format where it is stored, processed, and utilized in any way while performing a computation process. This one is called Random Access Memory which is also known as read/write memory,

The Read Only Memory is stored permanently in the system until the user removes it. This is different from Random Access Memory is present until the user is working on the application to which data is related. Random Access Memory also serves as a basis to determine computer performance.

Power Supply Unit:

The Power Supply Unit serves as a connection between the computer’s motherboard and the power supply.

Difference Between Computer Hardware and Software

Another query that comes into the mind of the users is the difference between hardware and software. The major difference between these two components is tangibility, i.e., the user can touch the watch and the hardware components. However, software components do not have any physical touch. In order access to them is only possible through the means of computer hardware.

Another difference is in terms of functionality which for hardware is to provide a means between the computer and user through which the user provides input and output. On the other hand, the core purpose of having any software is to process any information received through hardware and, based on that, provide a desirable result.

Categorization of Computer Software:

In order to have a clear view of computer basics and functioning, users need to have more insights into the software. The basic functioning of various software can be more clear once you understand the various types of software available for the users. Computer software can be categorized into two categories which are system software and application software, both of which are discussed below:

System Software:

System software refers to the one which interacts directly with the computer hardware for the internal functioning of the computer. Major system software includes Operating System, Device Drivers, and Processor Language. The system software controls a variety of computers like printers, storage devices, and many other devices. All the devices which do not come in the category of Input hardware are managed by the system software.

Application Software:

The application software can be defined as the one that is focused on automating the input/output process for any task assigned by the users. Common applications are MS Office, Web Browsers, and inbuilt programs in an operating system.

Computer Hardware Support

Computer user encounters a number of issues on their system related to both hardware and software. A number of sources are available online to fix software issues. However, in order to fix computer hardware, a user had to visit the nearby store in order to fix it. Fixing computer hardware requires the assistance of a live computer hardware engineer to fix them. However, some of the issues can be easily fixed by the user themselves through little knowledge or guidance. Thus for that, we have provided an exclusive computer hardware support service to which you can connect anytime, 24/7.

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On an Ending Note

From the above discussion, we hope that now you can understand what exactly are computer hardware and how they interact with each other and different software to complete the computation process. However, in case you have any queries or doubts regarding any computer hardware’s, you can connect with us through the given number to get information. Also, you can just simply type your query on the live chat, to which we will revert in minimum time along with the required answer.

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