Privacy Policy

Get Contact Help is home to the brand owner’s details. You can acquire any details regarding the brand you are looking for without hassle. As a reputed, reliable, and trustworthy platform, we know the value of someone’s personal information. We give maximal importance to the user’s data and are aware of our responsibility. We perform all the safety protocols to save your privacy and not let any issues hamper it.

Get Contact Help only receives your information when you consent to the same. We only receive your details when you sign in or visit our website to take any services.

The Personal figures get stored while visiting the website of Get Contact Help.

As soon as you get access to our website, some of the general information is automatically collected by our system, like Operating system details or features, browser information that is saved, and the system’s IP address. Cookies and web bugs are the main components that primarily have been saved by our website’s autonomous system. Whenever a user comes to our platform, it gets done instantly.

Note: Cookies are the name of the local random files used to store the data on their specific browser. We also stored cookies apart from the other things.

To fulfill the data collection motive, we attached many tags to the emails or on the website. They help maintain relations with other web servers and cookies, making retraction easy. This trick does various things, i.e., an inspection of emails (how many get ignored and how many got opened), link usage presented on the website, and examining the traffic amount on the website. Another main fulfillment is it also calculates the impact of a user on our website.

In what ways do we allocate the personal data

It is our duty and your right to get aware of the way we share information. We need to provide the users’ data to the connected service provider as they carry out the work in our interest. So to maintain the workflow, it is necessary to execute the sharing of the information. Other prime factors responsible for the data sharing are:

  • If it has to be done by some legal process or by law enforcement.
  • If the sharing of the information can avoid any harm.
  • Internal purposes which enhance the business.

The utilization of data that is accumulated through our website

Following are the reasons for which we use the details of the users that we amass.

  • In light of the development and progress of the business.
  • For making the offers and services to the users as per their request.
  • Prevent any scams, theft, tech fraud, and illegal activities like breaching information.
  • In support of the performance of the website by using data analytics.
  • In a matter of responding to the comments and queries raised by the respective customers.
  • Aiming to fulfill the legal requirements specified under the company policies.
  • To increase the indulgence of the people in the online events and contest on our website.

What are the methods we are equipped with to secure the data?

Our team took ample measures to save the data from breaching, alteration, and unauthorized access. Administrative, Physical, and technical methods have been adopted for safeguarding your data.

Data possession and gaining

We only possessed someone’s data for a particular span and for any specific purposes. The data which we retained comply with our privacy policy. We possess that data even for a long time in case there is a requirement of any laws asked for the same. Sometimes, it needs to solve any issues as they arise as an obstacle in conducting the business.

Ethics Policy

Our website has a hold of a huge network of many writers who wrote for us. We pay them regularly, depending on the content they give us. All the contributors and supporters of our website follow all the legal requirements as they are binding by them. They do research and make original content that is not copied from any other source. When they ensure the content is plagiarism-free, only it gets uploaded on our website. So, Conclusively it is stated that using our website makes you subject to our Terms and Conditions, including the Disclaimer.

Significant Note: We have the right to modify our privacy policy anytime as per our will. In case of any crucial change in the privacy policy, we generally post a notice so that everyone will get an alert that some changes have been made in the privacy policy.