For each and every person now, the internet is the topmost utility to gather information. However, in order to fetch that information from the World Wide Web, one needs to have an application through which they can access various web pages available online. For that, the web browser is the first option available. Although when the term browser is used, the only application that the majority of internet user prefers is Google Chrome which currently has the highest usage share. However, apart from Chrome, various other web browsers are available with unique features and an easy user interface which many people don’t know. Thus here we are providing all the relevant details regarding various web browsers available for the users through which they can easily access the internet and browse more securely. Read the article further to get more Browsers details.

A Little Bit of Information About Web Browsers and Their History

Technically speaking, a web browser is an application that fetches the content available online from the server and presents it to you. The primary function of a browser is to request the required information from the server and display it on your device in a compatible format. The information is transferred under the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which also defines the transmission of various information like images, text, videos, and all other information available on that webpage.

The First WebBrowser ever introduced was the WorldWideWeb (later renamed Nexus) in the year 1990. After that, another browser Mosaic was introduced in 1993, which came out to be the first browser to gain a significant number of userbases due to its unique user interface. Both of these browsers were discontinued after sometimes along with Netscape Navigator(discontinued in 2008). Over the course of time, many browsers have been introduced to people who are still having a significant number of users now due to their efforts in enhancing their functionalities according to the user demands. Under this category comes Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and various others, which we are going to discuss further in this article,

Basic Features That Every Browser Should Have

With time, user behavior towards the internet has changed, so the behavior of the users which affects their choices while using the internet. Keeping the browsing activity in mind, every browser needs to be updated and should have some basic minimum features to offer users a suitable browsing experience. Some of these features are given below:

  • Incognito Mode for Private Browsing
  • Password Manager and auto-filling function to easily fill in contact details.
  • It should be easily able to detect malicious websites and alert users of spam or fraud while scrolling any website.
  • Easy compatibility with all the features of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript in order to be compatible and easily load any website.

Top Browser Available for the Users

Following is the list of available browsers which you can use to access the internet.

Google Chrome:

Introduced in 2008, with less than 1% of the total internet user, the Google Chrome Web Browser has now become the most preferred resource for browsing the internet. One of the reasons that initially, a major number of people shifted to Chrome from another browser available is the multiple tabs option in one window which changes the whole course of browsing behavior of the people on the internet. Apart from that, other browser details and various other features available in Google Chrome are listed below:

Easy User Interface:

This is the major reason why Chrome was different from other browsers in its introduction to the market. Users, while browsing the internet, can open multiple tabs in one window and navigate easily between them.

Apart from the multiple tabs option, an Omni Box feature is available where the user can type both the URL or their for which the browser directly displays the required webpage or show the Google Search Result for the query you have typed.

Another differentiating feature of Chrome Interface is the new tab page which, apart from the browser homepage, displays the thumbnails of the recently visited pages or the pages which you visit the most while accessing the internet.

Easily Enable Various Extensions while Using Google Chrome:

Users, as per their preference, can install various extensions available on the Chrome store in order to modify their search methods to have better access to all the information available online. While some of the extensions are provided by Google itself, other extensions are available from third-party resources to enhance the functionality of the users while browsing the internet.

Compatibility and Easy Access to other Google applications:

Through Chrome, you can easily install or use various other online provided by Google. The only thing you need to do to utilize these applications at their optimum level is to create a Google Account.

All-in-one Platform for any User

Chrome has various built-in tools, and any user from any part of the world can use Chrome with the same functionality. Some of these features include:

  1. Google Translate: Through this feature, you can easily read any document not written in English available on the internet. Google Translate supports 52 languages.
  2. Element Inspector: This application is for the developers, through which they can check what any website is made up of, especially the Document Object Model (DOM).
  3. Chrome has features to load specific results based on user demands, like application-specific pages and various others.
  4. Users can save a page in case they want to access it offline format. Also, through Chrome, you can create shortcuts on your desktop to specific pages you wish to access.

Fast and Secure Browsing

Chrome application has various features enabled in order to speed up the page loadings process, like Java Script Engine and various others. Also, the user can load the page in lite mode. Apart from that, Chrome has a large database of possible websites related to phishing and consisting of malware to ensure safe browsing. The database is available to users free of the public with the name of Google Safe Browsing API.

Not only for Windows, Chrome updates regularly for security related on different platforms like Android and various others.


After Chrome, it is the Safari Web Browser that has the second largest internet usage share. The browser is specifically available for Apple Users. Various browsers details regarding Safari are listed below:

  • Compatibility with various HTML5 features and use of Artificial Intelligence to reduce security concerns
  • Safari is Compatible with various Plugins and Web Extensions.
  • User with Safari Web Browser can easily synchronize their browsing data on iCloud.
  • Through the Tab Group Feature, you can easily organize various tabs together in different groups based on your preferences.
  • Safari provides various security features, among which sandboxing is one where every tab user has opened is completely separated and isolated from each other to prevent any malware or virus.

Mozilla Firefox:

Another Web browser with the majority of internet users is Firefox by Mozilla. Browser Details and various Features of Mozilla Firefox which distinguish it from other web browsers are listed below:

  • Mozilla offers access to any webpage in reading and listening mode, specifically for users who are looking for information-specific content only. You can change or customize the webpage look based on your preferences.
  • Firefox Relay is another feature on the Mozilla browser through which users can create a fake mail address to avoid unnecessary newsletters on various websites they visit. This feature is provided to the users keeping in mind various security concerns.
  • Firefox containers in which segregate various tabs into different categories.
  • Easy shortcuts on the keyboard are available to enhance the browsing experience.
  • Users through Mozilla can easily send share tabs to various other devices on which they are logged in.
Microsoft Edge:

An Updated version of Internet Explorer, developed from the Chromium project, Microsoft Edge provides the following utilities to the users:

Perfect for Gamers:

Many features of Edge are primarily focused on providing a perfect gaming platform to the users, like Clarity Boost, Gaming Homepage, and Games Menu and Themes.

Safe and Secure Browsing:

Various security features available in Microsoft Edge are listed below:

  • Password Generator and Monitor.
  • Defender SmartScreen
  • Safety from Malicious Sites and Website Typo Protection
User Interface:

Microsoft provides a perfect interface for the internet user which various features focussed on productivity. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Collection: You can easily collect various tabs and separate them based on their preference.
  • Vertical Tab through which you can organize more options on the screen.
  • Immersive Reader to customize webpage in the reading mode as per the user preference.
On an Ending Note

We hope from the above discussion; you can now easily decide which browser to choose and download. However, in case you need further information regarding the browser or having any issues with your current browser, you can reach out to us from the number given below or connect with us through the Live chat option. Our team is available 24/7 to help you or provide any information.

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