Web Browsers are software applications that enable users to explore various types of information on the web including text, images, videos, music and other similar particulars. A browser has a responsibility to interpret text and commands contained in the web page. There are a lot of web browsers present which interpret as well as display information on the screen, however, the capabilities and structure vary depending upon implementation.

The most basic components that all web browsers must exhibit are controller/dispatcher, interpreter and client programs. There are many browsers that users access like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and other as per their preferences. Coming over to the simplest explanation, browsers are used to access the Internet. But everything does not remain the same while using the browsers. Users often encounter troubles be it improper loading of webpage, slow performance of the browser, saving the personal information, history storage, and others. In such situations, users don’t know the right POC (Point of Contact) for solving the issues related to browsers.

Here we help the users to expand their knowledge regarding various browsers and provide them with contents related to fixing the issues they face. On this website, you can browse the information related to different browsers and find the possible fixtures to the queries regarding browsers.

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