Operating System

Everyone uses the world operating system in their day to day life, but do they exactly know what it actually means? Operating System, abbreviated as OS is a software that works as an interface between the user and the device, be it computer or laptop. Its main objective is to use computer hardware in a proper way and make the computer system convenient to use.

Calling an OS as a resource manager will not be wrong because it manages all the resources which are attached to a system including memory, processor, input and output devices. It has its own special characteristics also. Have a look at them.

Features of an Operating System –

  • It is a collection of programs which are responsible for the execution of other programs
  • It provides schedules to the various processes
  • It acts as a communication platform between the user and a device
  • It is stored into the BIOS (Basic Input and Output System) Means

There are different types of operating systems like serial processing, multiprogramming, real-time system, distributed OS and many others which are used as per the requirement. Every operating system works silently and rarely causes troubles but it needs to be updated regularly. Here on Get Contact Help users can get desired information regarding all well-known operating systems.

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