Routers are hardware devices which directs the traffic across networks. They receive, analyze and move incoming packets to another network. In simpler terms, a router allows the computers and other network devices to access the Internet without any difficulty. In today’s era, these devices are used everywhere, be it at home or in business organizations. All routers consist of a WAN port that connects to a cable modem for broadband internet. Nowadays, routers have become wireless too.

There are many avid users of this marvelous device which effortlessly establishes a connection with networks. But at certain times, routers tend to misbehave. Users of routers often complaint of having issues like the inability to set up a router, doing configuration settings, setting passwords, resetting the routers and many more. And the real problem arises when they need to get rid of adequate solutions to the bugs.

Sometimes users try to find the instant solution on the internet resulting in the wrong or misleading troubleshooting steps that make the problem worse. In such cases, we are here to provide much needed genuine information about the various router manufacturing brands and also the elaborated discussion of the issues faced by customers worldwide while using any brand routers.

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