The computer has revolutionized the age of information and technology. People are dependent on the computer for their day to day life either personal or professional. Simply, talking computers are the devices which runs on electricity and follows the command of users and then delivers the desired result.

Computers are known for their speed, accuracy, large storage space, reliability versatility, and many other similar functionalities. We all have become slaves of computer and require it for completing all the tasks, from writing an email to doing complex algorithms, from shopping to entertainment, from completing homework to making projects and presentations, computers are inevitable parts of our lives.

With the passage of time, characteristics and features of the computer have kept on changing and is still going on. Size of the computer has also decreased from room size to pocket. But Computer being the most intelligent electronic device also include some technical glitches which force the user to suffer deliberately. Some of the hiccups are a software failure, hardware failure, and connection issues, external and internal damages etc.

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