In earlier times, communication used to take place through letters especially for long distances but with the evolution of technology and innovation, E-mails came into existence. The introduction of electronic mails has made the task of formal communication much easier. Today’s email system is based on a store and send method. By sending images and videos to music or documents, emails became the more preferred platform of exchange among users worldwide.

The most commonly used email services are Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, ATT, AOL, and many others. All of them comes packed with a variety of features like auto-forward, facility to send copies of messages to many people at the same time, personalized signatures, addresses, contacts storage, spams exclusions, themes, and notification for unsent messages. But users have to deal with some issues too.

Some technical glitches like a problem in sending and receiving emails, email freeze, retrieving and resetting passwords, and difficulty in sign in, inability in viewing or downloading attachments and other various issues occur with time. With the help of troubleshooting steps, they can be sorted out easily.

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