Electronic mail (E-mail) has now become a prerequisite for every individual, especially for the working professional. Mailing was the basic mode of communication between individuals through long distances, or any formal communication was also done through mail as legal proof. The only downfall with the mailing process was the time consumed in transferring the mail from the sender to the receiver, which has been overcome with the advancement of technology, and mail has become Email where information delivery is instant. The journey of E-mailing over the course of history is a bit complicated, starting in the year 1971 with ARPANET sending the first network mail with the use of the symbol “@” to denote the user system address till now where different email service providers are available online offering both free and paid e-mailing service. Here we will discuss various some of the best e-mail service providers who are preferred by both individuals and professionals. Although Gmail is majorly used by people, various other e-mail services are available which provide mailing facilities on both normal and professional levels. Read the article further to learn about various E-mail service providers.

Best Email Service Providers Available

For creating an E-mail account, users can prefer any of the given e-mail providers:

AOL E-mail:

America Online, or AOL, is among the very first e-mail service providers since 1993 and the first mail to reach a milestone of 9 million users in 1997. One of the unique features of AOL mail is that it provides unlimited mailbox storage and supports 54 languages. Users with AOL can attach a file in their mail of up to 25 MB. The advantage of using this mail is simple; it is free of cost. However, one disadvantage is that there is no way to remove ads while using AOL mail.

Yahoo! Mail:

Once the most popular e-mail service provider, Yahoo mail is now the third-largest e-mail service provider with more than 225 million users. This mail is available in both free and paid versions. Launched in the year 1997, Yahoo! mail became popular due to a variety of features available under it like Spam detection, E-mail filter, and Grey-listing. Users can enjoy the mail storage of 1TB and also avoid ads through the paid version (Yahoo! Mail Plus), available at USD 49.99.


Created by Google in the year 2004, Gmail has made its way to the top email-providing services in the world, with more than 1.5 billion active e-mail users. With this number, around 50% of the total users are using Gmail. One of the unique features of Gmail at the time of its launch was the 1GB storage which has now become 15 GB, along with which files are easy to access through Google Drive. Apart from that, there is no risk of compromising your data. Gmail provides all the amenities necessary for both individuals and professionals to perform their day-to-day chores. Various features available under Gmail are listed below:

  1. Access to various Google applications to maintain data like docs, sheets, and various others.
  2. Compatible with all the e-mail clients available in the market and can easily be set up on the system.
  3. Easy access and the best security features, like 2-step verification through your information, will be safe and secure.
  4. 15GB storage which can be upgraded to 2TB in the paid version of Gmail.
  5. Gmail Interface, through which users can easily access any mail or navigate their account very easily.
  6. Gmail also provides Spam Filter to protect your account from hackers and fraudsters.
  7. One having a Gmail account can easily integrate with other Google Applications. (Hotmail)

After Gmail, the second spot among E-mail service providers comes Outlook, which was initially known as Hotmail. The reason Outlook has so many users is that it is more focused on the working professional and provides various features according to their needs, like calendering, business contacts, and daily tasks. Now owned by Microsoft, Outlook is available as a Webmail client as part of Microsoft 365.

Following are few of the features are available to the user who have an Outlook Mail account:

  1. Secure and safe to keep personal data.
  2. Easy integration with other software
  3. Easy to use by people with different keyboard shortcuts enabled for the user for easy working.

Zoho Mail:

Launched by Zoho in the year 2008, the Zoho mail has now reached a benchmark of about 5 million users. Apart from the mailing service, Zoho email service providers other mailing applications like e-mail marketing, data analytics, and various others to help marketing professionals increase their company business. (VK) (now known as VK) is a Russian email service that has a significant number of mail users and is among the top email service provider. The mail is available in both the free and paid version and provides unlimited mailbox storage. By using, users can attach a file of a maximum size of 50MB in one mail. Although specifically focused on Russian users, the mail can operate in 11 languages.

Proton Mail:

Although with limited features under the free version, many users still prefer proton mail due to its different security features. Initially launched in the Year 2014, the number of proton mail users was less than 7 million by 2017. However, in 2022, the proton mail achieved an unexpected benchmark of more than 70 Million users. Users can avail of various features by using proton mail, including Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, VPN, and end-to-end encryption to ensure secure data transmission.

Yandex Mail:

The Yandex Mail is a free e-mail service provided by Yandex, a Russian company that provides other computer technology-related services. The Yandex mail is a free mailing service that comes with ads and provides users unlimited mailbox storage. The users through Yandex can send a file mailing process of up to 22 MB per mail.

Other Professional Email Service Providers

Although various free e-mail services are available online, working professionals sometimes use other mail which provides utilities according to their specific needs. Following are some of the professional E-mail service which not many knows about:

Comcast E-mail:

Comcast is one of the professional mail services with a large user base. Used mainly by professionals over the year, it provides various features and safety. Apart from that, in case of any issue, users can easily contact Comcast E-mail support.

SBCGlobal Mail:

SBCGlobal is one of the best e-mailing services provided by AT&T services which has a large number of professional user base and employees of AT&T as a means of formal communication. One of the best feature advantages of using SBCGlobal mail is that it is secure and safe to use. Also, with SBCGlobal mail, there is no chance of your personal information getting compromised.

Juno E-mail:

Apart from Internet Services, Juno also offers a free mailing facility in which a user’s mail account is secure. Although a few users utilize this e-mail service, people with a Juno E-mail account do not need to shift to any e-mail service.

Spectrum E-mail:

Although not a professional e-mail, this mailing utility is available for the users of Time Warner Cables. Roadrunner was the former name of Spectrum Email.

Various Features that every Email Service Providers Should Have

Even though mailing may refer to the sending and receiving of information. However, with the passage of time, the needs and demands of the customer change, and every software should have some necessary basic features. Some of the basic features that every E-mail service should have are:

  • Calendar App and Contact List: Every mail should have a calendar application not only to check dates & times but also have features through which to mark important dates and various other features for ease of work. Apart from that, there should be an option to add and save important people’s e-mail addresses as your contact list with whom you can easily communicate.
  • Easy User Interface and E-mail filter: E-mail is a basic mandatory requirement whose user base might also include peoples who need more information or details regarding the internet or how to use a computer. Thus every e-mail service should keep these users in mind and provide an easy user interface where people can easily classify the mail they have sent or the ones they have received. Also, there should be an option to mark important e-mails in every e-mail service provider.
  • Security Features: Although you need to have a security application (antivirus) installed to detect any malware files, it will be convenient for the user if the e-mail service provider is able to detect spam e-mails that might contain any harmful files or malware.


So far from the discussion above, we hope that now you have relevant information regarding e-mail service providers and which one to choose in case you want to open a new e-mail account. However, in case you need to know more about various e-mail service providers or have difficulty choosing a mail account, you can contact us through the number given below. Our customer support team will provide you with all the details regarding e-mail services and, based on your needs, can recommend you one. You can also contact us through the live chat, where you can mention your query in the chat box, and we will revert to you with the required solution.

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