Internet Explorer Certificate Error

Certificate errors occur when there is a problem with a certificate. Internet Explorer being an exceptional browser keeps your information more secure by warning about the certificate errors. Most of the users get the error related to the security certificate due to the incorrect setting of date in the device. If you have encountered the certificate error in Internet Explorer for the first time and don’t know how to fix it then you must read the blog till the end.

Causes of the certificate error in IE

  • The security certificate of the website would have been revoked
  • Unmatched address of the Website and the security certificate
  • Certificate out of date
  • Certificate not from a trusted source

Steps to fix a certificate error in IE

Step 1: Adjust the date & time of the computer
The certificate errors come due to incorrect date & time settings of that are set later than the expiry date of the web server SSL certificate. Correct the time & date to the latest one.

Step 2: Turn the Windows Firewall
It might be possible that the Windows Firewall might be causing interruption. To turn it off, go the control panel of the device and click on system & security. Then select the Firewall option and turn it off, click ok to save the changes.

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Step 3: Change the security level
Changing the security level of the browser might help in eliminating the error. For doing so, open the Internet Explorer and select the tool button > internet option. Choose the security tab and adjust your security zone settings on medium.

Step 4: Revoke server certificate
Open Internet Explorer and select the tools button and then internet options. Go to the advanced options and find the security by scrolling down. Deselect the Publisher’s certificate revocation, check for server certificate revocation and check for signatures on downloaded programs.

It is to be noted here that if you confront the error again after applying the solution steps, then you must reach out to Internet Explorer help where the technical executives will sort the issue faced by you.

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