How to Fix if AOL Desktop Icon Missing or Disappeared?

AOL Gold Icon Missing or Disappeared
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Aol icon not responding or AOL GOLD Icon Missing issue can occur due to many reasons. Some of them are:

Reason A: Icon is not connected to the source.

This is a common issue. Check if this is the issue which is causing you the problem. To Check it

1: Right Click on the icon and click on “Properties”
2: Then find where the file is located and copy that link.
3: Paste that link in the Windows Explorer and see if there are files or not.
4: If there are no files in that folder then delete the icon from your desktop.
5: Now, Open C:\Programes Files\AOL Gold.
6: Find the AOL Gold icon. Now check if the AOL Desktop is running from this icon.
7: If Yes, then make a new icon (Right Click on it and then click on create Shortcut).

Reason B: Firewall could be blocking it.

There are chances that the security application installed in your system could be blocking AOL Desktop to run. Check if it blocking it.

1: Go to your Firewall settings.
2: In the setting window, click on the firewall.
3: There would be a control program tab, from there check if the AOL Desktop gold is in the list.
4: If yes, select it.
5: Click On Allow.
6: Now click On Apply.

This should fix it if the problem is occurring due to the firewall.

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Reason C: AOL Desktop Gold File is corrupted.

It could be the case of corrupted files. To resolve this uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold and re-install it.

1: Click On “start”.
2: Now open “Control Panel”
3: Click click on “Uninstall a program” under Programs.
4: Select the application AOL Gold Desktop.
5: Click on “Uninstall” on the top bar above the program list.
6: Confirm the uninstallation process by clicking on yes.
7: It will now be uninstalled and you will get a pop-up message of completion.
8: Now restart your computer and reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold.

This would resolve your issue of AOL Desktop Gold Corrupted files.

Reason D: The installed version of your AOL Gold Is Old.

It could be happening because of the outdated version of AOL Desktop GOLD. To Resolve this download the update file and install it. To download it visit this link.

1: Click on this link.
2: Download the updated version.
3: Open the File Explorer icon on your desktop taskbar.
4: Click the Open Downloads folder.
5: Find the file with the name” Install_AOL_Desktop icon.
6: Double Tap on it to run it.
7: Now click on install.

You will now have a fresh AOL desktop gold installation.

The above-mentioned steps should resolve all your AOL Desktop icons not working issues. But still, if it is not working then you can try to contact AOL Desktop Gold Support.

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