How to Fix if AOL Desktop Icon Missing or Disappeared?

AOL Gold Icon Missing or Disappeared
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An icon gives you a visual representation to understand the steps you are following or the Apps you are using. It is important so that you won’t end up launching some other app instead the one you were trying to access. But sometimes AOL users encounter issues like the AOL Desktop icon Missing or Disappear. In such an instance, they are clueless; thus, if you are one such user looking to Fix if AOL Desktop Icon Missing or Disappeared problem, then this blog is definitely for you.

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Why is AOL Desktop Icon Missing or Disappeared?

Suppose you fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing problem. But if you don’t know the reasons behind the Error, it can appear again, right? Thus, Firstly let’s understand the reasons behind the Error, then look for apt ways to fix it.

  • You might forget to add the shortcut icon to your desktop screen while installing the Software.
  • The AOL software is not installed properly in your System.
  • The System is not compatible with the Software.
  • Hardware-related issues might provoke the AOL Desktop Gold icon missing issue in your System.
  • Apart from that, it might be possible that the hard disk of your Computer is corrupted.
  • Your System is affected by the malware or virus attack.

What are the Steps to Restore a Missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon?

Now you get the main idea about the Error, right? So, let us take you through the step-by-step procedure to fix the missing AOL Icon problem.

1st Solution: Modify your Windows Settings

No matter whether knowingly or unknowingly, if you have made some changes in your Windows settings, then these settings can affect your System, and it might also delete the AOL Desktop Gold icon. Thus to resolve the problem, make the required changes in your Windows setting again.

  1. Begin the process by right-clicking the Windows Desktop Screen.
  2. Now, check the sub-menu and hit the View icon.
  3. For instance, if you find any app unchecked, then move its slider to enable it instantly.
  4. Moving ahead, Save the changes you made, and turn off the Software.
  5. Now, in the end, hit the refresh option.

2nd Solution: Run a Scan Throughout your System

So, your System has been attacked by some viruses, and you are not aware of it. See, this might lead to the removal of the AOL icon from your Desktop. Thus to fix it effortlessly, you have to run a scan in your System.

  1. Firstly, download and install the antivirus software in your System.
  2. Thereafter, click on the Antivirus software icon two times to initiate the scanning.
  3. Now, do a throughout scan of your System.
  4. After scanning on the next page, you can see the number of items that are affected by the virus or Malware. Delete all of them, and turn on the Auto-deletion mode.

3rd Solution: Download and Install the AOL App Again

There might be chances that you have deleted the AOL Software itself if it is full of viruses or Malware. Now, in such a scenario, you have to re-install it to access your AOL Email.

  1. Launch any Internet Browser, and go to AOL Website.
  2. Thereon, select the download link.
  3. After downloading the AOL Desktop Gold, save the File in your System.
  4. Next, log in as an Admin and run the File.
  5. Now follow the on-screen prompt to complete the installation process of AOL Desktop Gold.

4th Solution: Make a New AOL Shortcut Icon

After installing the AOL Software, you have to create a new shortcut for the AOL Desktop icon now.

  • Go to your system tray and check the bottom of the Screen.
  • Now, right-click on the AOL icon, and select the Create a new AOL Desktop Gold icon tab.
  • Lastly, drag the icon on your System’s home page, and restart the System.

5th Method: Stop the Task Scheduler

Another way to fix the AOL icon problem is by using the Task Schedule.

  • Click on Start, and select the Programs tab.
  • Select Windows and look for System Tools and click on it.
  • Tap on Task Scheduler, and check the left panel of the System, expand the Task Scheduler Library.
  • Thereafter expand Microsoft, and hit the Windows folder.
  • Now, turn it off, and restart your Pc to save the modification you made.
  • Now, check if the AOL icon is restored on your Desktop.

6th Method: Turn Off the System Maintenance Troubleshooter

In case none of the above methods work in your favor, it can be due to the broken icons. Thus, you can try to eliminate the problem using the System Maintenance Troubleshooter tool.

  1. At the beginning of the process, select the search box and enter Control Panel.
  2. Thereafter go to the System and Security option and click it.
  3. Select the Find & Fix the Problems tab.
  4. Moving ahead, tap on the Change Settings button and then hit the Computer Maintenance.
  5. In the Computer Maintenance section, choose Off and hit ok.
  6. Now, restart your System and check if the problem is resolved now.

Still, the AOL Desktop Icon is Not Appearing on Your Screen?

Here we are expecting that you get the overall idea regarding How to Fix if AOL Desktop Icon Missing or Disappearing Error. However, in case of any additional help, you can get in touch with our AOL Experts. These experts have years of knowledge and experience to help you in rectifying your Query.

Frequently Asked Question

Answer: Clueless about the minimum system requirement to ignore the AOL icon disappear Error? Stop freaking out and check the pointers mentioned below

  • Your Operating System must be 7 or later versions.
  • The processor speed must not be less than 266 MHz.
  • Screen Resolution should be more than or equal to 1024X768.
  • Internet Speed must be accurate.
  • RAM should be 1 GB or more.
  • For the safe installation of the AOL software, the System Memory must not be less than 512 MB.

Answer: The presence of viruses or Malware can be one of the root causes behind the Disappearance of the AOL mail app from your windows 10. Apart from that, there can be various other reasons as well, including Hard disk-related Errors, incompatibility between the AOL software and windows 10, etc.

Answer: You want to Restore a Missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon? Follow the guidelines given below to complete it.

  • Run an Antivirus scan throughout your PC to remove malicious Software or viruses as well.
  • Save the Shortcut icon in the same folders.
  • Use the Automatic System Troubleshooter.

Answer: If you want to use AOL mail in a better way, you can use the AOL Desktop Gold Mail app for your different devices. With AOL App, you get multiple enhancements in the features and services. You can even switch between multiple accounts instantly.

Answer: Do you want to learn the steps to get AOL Mail App on your Windows 10? Check the given pointers to find an apt answer.

  • Choose Settings, and navigate to Accounts.
  • Thereafter click on the Add Account tab.
  • Now, from here, go to Other Accounts, and provide your AOL Mail Settings.
  • Choose the Sign in button, and tap on Done.

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