How to Fix Outlook Keeps Asking for a Password?

Outlook keeps asking for a password
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Does your Outlook keep on asking for the password again and again even when you have entered it? If yes then there is surely some problem that needs to be fixed immediately. No doubt that Outlook is one of the superior email clients especially used on the business platform, but sometimes it also causes trouble for the users. You can yourself fix this password issue but it is however suggested to avail the expert aid available at Outlook support so that the issue can be resolved permanently.

The below-given solutions can be applied so that the password will not trouble you anymore. It is not necessary to perform them all, a single solution can also bring you results.

Step 1: Reset the login settings for Outlook
With the help of Windows credential manager, reset the login setting of Outlook. Go to control panel > remove any stored credentials, click on details and choose remove from vaults.

Step 2: Clear cached passwords.
Windows system store user credentials on your computer, if the cached one is wrong then you will be asked to enter password continuously. Click start and navigate to the credential manager, locate the set of credentials that has Outlook in it.

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Step 3: Enable remember the password
Click on the file tab and go to Account settings then double click under the email tab. A new window will appear and you need to check the option ‘Remember password’.

Step 4: Create a new profile
This the best solution you can opt for. Building a new profile will fix any bugs. Exit Outlook and go to control panel then click on mail. Go to show profile and click add then type the name of profile and click ok. Click next and select your new profile in the always use this.

Step 5: Install the latest update for Outlook
Open outlook and go to File then choose office accounts and click on update options button. Select update now from the menu to check for new updates to Outlook.

In case if you are asked for the password again after trying these solutions then the best option you can try is to get in touch with technicians by dialing Outlook toll-free number immediately.

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