How to Fix QuickBooks Error H202?

Quickbooks error code H202
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QuickBooks software has many features that help its user manage their accounts and finances. This software has two modes, single-user, and multi-user. The single-user mode is used when a single person is handling the company file. However, the multi-user mode is good with large companies where more than one user works on the same company file. However, multi-user mode can cause QuickBooks error H202 and other similar problems at a time.

This blog talks about the same. We will discuss the basics of this error, its causes, symptoms, as well as solutions. So, if you are also facing error code H202 in QuickBooks, then keep reading this post till the end.

What is QuickBooks Error H202?

Before understanding why this issue arrives or how you can fix that, it is important to first get your basics clear. QuickBooks Error H202 is an issue that occurs when users try to switch from single-user mode to multi-user code. The error code pops on your screen when you try to access the company file in this mode.

You can also get QuickBooks Error H202 when the software is facing trouble communicating with your server. The error message reads, “You are trying to work with a company file that is located on another computer, and this copy of QuickBooks cannot reach the server on that computer. (H202)” or “QuickBooks could not open the file in multi-user mode. (H202)

This message indicated that QuickBooks couldn’t have access to the company file due to a hindrance created by the server. This error appears when you are using QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode, and your company file is located in the host computer, and due to connectivity issues, the software is unable to read it.

QuickBooks Error H202

What Causes QuickBooks Error H202?

If you are facing QuickBooks Error H202, then there could be a few reasons behind that. Some of them are mentioned below for you.

  • Incorrect hosting configuration settings of the QuickBooks
  • When QuickBooks Firewall Setting blocks access to company files
  • Damaged or wrong .ND files
  • Does not have QuickBooks database server manager
  • When the settings of DNS are incorrect

Symptoms Indicating QuickBooks Error H202

You will get an idea that you are irked with QuickBooks error H202 if you notice any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • Firstly, if you are having trouble switching your QuickBooks Desktop to multi-user mode.
  • In case you are unable to open the company file on any computer other than the host PC.
  • Also, if the software shows QuickBooks Error H202 pop up on your screen.
  • You notice that your Windows are working slow
  • Lastly, if QuickBooks Desktop software keeps freezing or lags while working.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks H202 Error?

Let us take you through some solutions that can help you fix QuickBooks Error H202.

Fix 1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor

Goa head and install the QuickBooks file doctor on the server. It will automatically clear the H202 series and multi-user error.

  • Go and download QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • In this application, you will find QuickBooks File Doctor under Company File Issues.
  • Now, click on the QuickBooks File Doctor and let it scan the documents for you.

Fix 2: Create a New Folder for Your Company File

On the hosting computer, create a new folder for your company file.

  • Make a new company folder for your company file as your existing one might be corrupted or damaged.
  • Once that is done, copy the .qbw file to the new folder.
  • Finally, access your company file in QuickBooks multi-user mode again.

Fix 3: Restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager

If you are still unable to fix QuickBooks Error H202, then try and restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub and go to the Network Issues section from the list.
  • Now, this is where you will locate QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Click on that.
  • Next, look for the company file with Database and finally hit OK.

QuickBooks Tool Hub

Fix 4: Check If QuickBooks Services are Working

If you are facing QuickBooks Error H202, follow the steps jotted down for you:

  • Go to QuickBooks Desktop and go to Files from the menu bar.
  • Here, from the drop-down list, click Utilities and Host Multi-User Access.
    Once that is done, run QuickBooks DBXX (XX being the year) and QBCF Monitor Service.
  • Press Ctrl + R keys simultaneously to open the Run command box.
  • Here, type services.msc in the given space and hit OK.
  • From the next window, click on QuickBooks DBXX and check the type of Startup you are using.
  • If the Startup is not set to Automatic, then do the changes.
  • Furthermore, make sure that the Service status is set as Running.
  • Next, go to the Recovery tab and click on Restart the services on the first, second, and subsequent failures.
  • Finally, select OK and repeat the same procedure to restart QuickBooks Monitor Services.

QBCF Monitor Service

Fix 5: Change Your Company File Location

There is a chance that you are facing QuickBooks error H202 because your company file is not in the desired folder or the folder is corrupt or damaged.

  • Go to Drive C on your computer and create a new folder for your company file.
  • Now, go to the current company file folder and copy it along with the .TLG file.
  • Next, go back to the new folder in Drive C and paste them there.
  • Finally, try to open the company file again in your QuickBooks multi-user mode.

Fix 6: Edit the QBGlobalAppConfig.ini file on Fedora Linux Server

  • To initiate the edit, go to the Linux Terminal Window. Also, run the QBGlobalAppConfig.ini file.
  • Here, go through the file and inspect the default range of ports. If you see any space before or after the equal sign (=), remove it.
  • After making these changes, save the file and check if you have the solution for QuickBooks error H202.

Fix 7: Customize System Firewall Settings

Another reason behind QuickBooks Error H202 could be a restriction from the firewall. You will have to create exceptions in your firewall settings to fix H202.

  • Go to the Start menu and search for Windows Firewall.
  • Once you open the application, locate the Advanced Settings tab available on the left side of the page.
  • Furthermore, in the next window, click on Inbound Rules.
  • Next, hit the New Rule and choose Port.
  • On the following window, click on Next and select TCP from the available options.
  • Now, in the given space, enter the Specific local port according to your QuickBooks version.
  • Now, repeat the same steps with Outbound Rules.
  • Lastly, head to QuickBooks Desktop and try to switch it to multi-user mode.

Fix 8: Add server to the Windows Host File

You can also try to add a new server to your Windows Host File.

  • The first step here is to close QuickBooks.
  • Now, on the server, go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc or C:\Windows\System64\Drivers\Etc.
  • Next, choose Notepad by double-clicking on the Host file.
  • Moving forward, enter the IP address and the computer’s name yourself. Make sure to press the Tab key before entering the name of the computer to separate it from the IP address.
  • Finally, check if you have resolved QuickBooks Error H202.

Fix 9: Run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

If you haven’t been able to resolve the error yet, try fixing the network issues with QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

  • Firstly, you need to download and run the software on your host computer.
  • Next, locate and scan the folder where you have our company file.
  • Now, make sure that you write down the IP address available on your screen somewhere.
  • Eventually, the tool will command you to Configure the firewall ports.
  • Keep following the instructions available before you on your desktop screen.

Fix 10: Use your workstation to ping your server

Now to ping your server, you need to go through 3 sets of steps. Let’s go through them one by one.

QuickBooks Solution

Step 1: Put on Network Discovery

  • Form the start menu of Windows, search for Network and click on Network and Sharing Center.
  • Here, look for the Change Advanced Sharing Settings from the list.
  • From this tab, ensure that you click on Turn on Network Discovery. You will find this option under the File and Printer sharing and Network Discovery sections.

Step 2: Locate your Server Name

  • Press Ctrl + R to open the run command box on your host computer.
  • Here, type in CMD in the given space and click on Enter button.
  • Eventually, when you are on the CMD window, type in ipconfig/all and hit the Enter key.
  • Here, you need to locate the Host Name in the Windows IP Configuration.
  • Finally, you will find your server name on the right side of your screen.
  • Make sure that you note down the name somewhere for future use.

Step 3: Check Network Connectivity

  • Open the Run command box directly with Ctrl + R or from the Windows Start menu.
  • Again, open the CMD window by typing in CMD in the command box.
  • From here, ping your server by an outing in ping_server name and tap the Enter key.

Ending Words:

This blog has provided you with some troubleshooting fix for your QuickBooks error H202. All you have to do is follow each step carefully and try to solve the issue. However, if you start struggling at some point or if none of the aforementioned solutions work for you, you can connect with us. Our team of getcontacthelp experts is always available to help you. All you need to do is write us an email at, and we will revert you as soon as possible.

FAQ’s on QuickBooks Error H202:

1. What could be the main cause of QuickBooks Error H202?

The main reason behind QuickBooks Error H202 could be that your company file is not available on the same computer or if QuickBooks is unable to connect with your server.

2. Which other QuickBooks error usually appears with error H202?

Mostly when you face QuickBooks error H202, you might also find a need to fix QuickBooks error H505.

3. How can I fix QuickBooks Error H202?

You can try out the following troubleshooting solutions to fix QuickBooks error H202:

  • Use the QuickBooks file doctor
  • Create a fresh folder for your QuickBooks company file
  • Restart QuickBooks database server manager
  • Check if QuickBooks services are working
  • Change your company file location
  • Edit the qbglobalappconfig.ini file on the Fedora Linux server
  • Customize system firewall settings
  • Add server to the windows host file
  • Run QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool
  • Use your workstation to ping your server

4. Can I use QuickBooks on two computers with a single-user license?

If you have a single-user license of QuickBooks, you can use it on two different systems. However, you can only do so if a single person owns both systems.

5. Can I switch back to the single-user mode in QuickBooks once I start using the multi-user mode?

Yes, you can go back to single-user mode. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the File option available on the menu bar of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Here, go to Utilities and go through the drop-down list.
  • Now, look for the Switch to single-user mode and hit that.

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