How to Fix Brother Printer’s Wi-Fi Functionality Error?

Brother Printer’s Wi-Fi Functionality Error
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Are you also facing the Brother Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi issue? Well, you are not the only one who is facing this error. We have received many queries about this error, so we are here to provide you with accurate information. This blog post will cover all the information about why the Brother printer fails to connect with Wi-Fi and how to resolve this problem. So, if you also want to resolve this problem, stay tuned and read this informative blog post until the last word.

Why does Brother Printer Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi?

Facing problems while using a technical and electrical product is not a big deal. The users need to understand to properly understand the error along with the reasons why the error arises.

Below are the reasons why the Brother printer fails to connect with a Wi-Fi network.

  • Weak Wi-Fi strength. Ensure that the printer is not far more than 8 meters from the printer.
  • A general issue with the Wi-Fi router.
  • An issue with the printer firmware.
  • When the network settings are incorrect.
  • Entering the wrong Wi-Fi password.

How to Resolve Brother Print Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Issue?

So, below mentioned are the solutions that you can easily follow to resolve the Brother printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue.

Solution 1. Deep Restart your Brother Printer and Wi-Fi Router

Initially, performing the printer’s restart can help you solve the problem. Restarting the printer will cancel the previous connection request, and trying to connect again can help you solve the problem.

  • First, if there is any pending print request, cancel it immediately.
  • Then turn off your Brother printer.
  • Now, remove the main plug wire from the socket.
  • After that, shut down the Wi-Fi router.
  • Once you have shut down both devices, wait for 2-3 mins.

After that, turn on both devices and try to connect the Brother printer to Wi-Fi. In case you are still facing the issue, try the next solution.

Solution 2. Strengthen the Wi-Fi Signals

If you have put the printer far away from the Wi-Fi, your printer may not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
For this, you must place the printer near the Wi-Fi and ensure its network speed. The minimum ideal distance between the printer and the Wi-Fi is less than 8 meters to establish a high-strength connection.

Solution 3. Correct the Network Settings

If you have made unnecessary chances with the printer’s network settings, it might lead to a connection error. In that, you have to reset the network settings. So, here are the steps that you can follow to reset the printer’s network settings.

  • First, turn on your Brother printer.
  • Now, through the help of the menu button, go to the “Network” option.
  • Then select the “Network Reset” option.
  • After that, press 1 to reset the network settings.

After resetting the network settings, try to connect the brother printer again to the Wi-Fi. Then check if this method has helped you solve the problem or is it still occurring.

Solution 4. Update the Printer Firmware

Below are the steps you can follow to update the printer’s firmware.

  • First, download the printer’s firmware from the official website of Brother printer.
  • Then go to the brother web admin panel.
  • With the help of login credentials, log in to your admin panel and click on the “Firmware Upgrade” option.
  • There after, select the “Check for New Firmware” option.
  • Thereon, click on the “Next” option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • At last, click on the “Finish” option to complete the process.

Solution 5. Turn on Network Interface

Here are the steps you can follow to turn on the network interface in your Brother printer.

  • First, with the help of buttons and arrow keys, go to the menu section.
  • There, select the “Network” option.
  • Afterward, select the “Wired LAN” or “WLAN” option.
  • Next, select the “WLAN Enable” option.
  • At last, select the “ON” option.

Solution 6. Structure the WEP Encryption for Security

  • Firstly, go to the router admin panel on your device.
  • There, go to the “Wireless Security” option.
  • After that, select the encryption type as “WEP 64” bit.
  • Moving ahead, create a new key for your network.
  • At last, click on the “Apply Changes” option.

After performing the above steps, try to connect your Brother printer again to the Wi-Fi.


So, that’s all with today’s blog. This blog post has covered all the solutions you can follow to resolve the Brother printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi problem. Above, we have listed six solutions that you can follow to fix the brother printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue. In case you have any query related to the topic, then you can reach out to us through the chat box, or you can also mail us your query at ( Our experienced and professional printer experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to attend to your query.

Frequently Asked Question

If you are using a Brother printer and are unable to connect it with your Wi-Fi router, there can be several reasons behind that. Hereafter, you will find some of them listed:

  • This can happen if you have a weak and unstable Wi-Fi network. You can try and put the router closer to the printer.
  • If there is an issue with your printer settings, the printer might disconnect or go into sleep mode.
  • Software issues can also cause problems. This includes outdated anti-virus or firmware or drivers.

You can try out different troubleshooting solutions to fix the problem easily.

If your Brother Printer shows its status as offline, this means the product is not connected to any other device. This includes a PC, a laptop, or any other hardware device. If you want to run the printer, you need to turn its status to Online. Once that is done, then only you can print or scan any document with the device.

The reasons why your printer is in Offline mode can be empty toner, turned off printer, not set as the default printer, or a connection problem with the router or cable.

There are chances that your Brother printer is not able to recognize your Wi-Fi connection. This can happen due to many reasons. A weak signal, an error in its settings, and many more. However, you can resolve this problem by using various troubleshooting solutions.
To get your Brother printer to recognize my Wi-Fi, follow these instructions:

  • Connect your printer cable to a power socket to turn it on.
  • On your computer, go to the Control Panel and click on Menu.
  • Now, choose the Network, WLAN, and Setup Wizard. Finally, hit OK.

If your Brother printer isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi, it could be because of many reasons. Check out some of them mentioned below:

  • There is an issue with your Wi-Fi networks.
  • Your router is at a distance from the printer. To operate better, it should be within 8 meters.
  • The password you have entered in the wireless settings is incorrect.
  • There is a physical error with your router
  • A firmware or virus has affected your system.

You can try to fix these issues. If nothing works, try restarting the printer or just get in touch with us. We will assist you with the error.

There are times when a Brother printer can enter the error state. This can happen because of many reasons. If you are also irked with the same problem, try these troubleshooting fixes:

  • Firstly, ensure that your network/cable is connected
  • Check if the ink cartridges and paper tray are empty
    Try restarting your desktop
  • Make sure you have an updated version of your printer drivers
  • Also, run troubleshooting tools for Windows available in the market
  • Additionally, try and reboot your printer spooler
  • Set back your printer settings to default

Here are the steps you need to know to reset your Brother printer:

  • To reset your Brother printer, you need to go to menu on your printer control panel.
  • Then, head to Network and select it.
  • Thereafter, reset the network and hit OK.
  • Now press 1 to reboot the device.
  • After that, launch the setup wizard and a wireless network from the available ones.
  • Next, enter the password here to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • Again, press 1 to save these settings.

The printer will automatically print a report confirming the internet connection.

If your wireless printer is connected but isn’t printing anything, this can be because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • This can happen if your printer is not connected to a power socket.
  • Also, a weak connection with the router can be the reason for the issue.
  • An error between the communication of the printer and the computer
  • You might have missing printer drivers
  • The offline status of the printer can also make it stop from working
  • Also, a problem with the driver settings may cause the issue

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