How to Fix if Calculator Not Working in Windows 10?

Calculator not Working in Windows 10
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A calculator is one of the necessary applications available on every computer, without which the basic functionality of the device is incomplete. Due to various reasons, even the calculator apps crash, thus creating encumbrances for the users. However, through a little troubleshooting users by themselves can resolve any issues and start using the Calculator application again in their system. Thus, here we are providing some basic troubleshooting methods through which you can fix the calculator app in your system. Read the article further to know more about how to fix the Calculator not working in Windows 10.

Various Indications that Calculator is Not Working in Windows 10

In case of any technical error with the Calculator App, the users encounter following issues while using the Calculator:

  • The Calculator Application does not start or launch even after trying to open it multiple times.
  • Sometimes the Calculator opens but closes immediately.
  • You cannot run the calculator without administrator privileges.
  • Calculator Crashes Continuously.

Possible Causes Why the Calculator Not Working in Windows 10

Following can be the different technical causes due to which the Calculator is not working in Windows 10:

  • Different basic features and applications while using Windows got unregistered which might, including the Calculator.
  • Outdated Version of the Calculator, which is incompatible with Windows 10
  • Files associated with the Calculator get Corrupted.

How to Fix Various issues due to which Calculator Not Working in Windows 10

Based on the root causes mentioned, various troubleshooting measures can be taken in order to Fix the Calculator app. Following are the various ways through which you can fix the calculator app:

Reinstall the Calculator Application in your System:

This can be considered the first and most basic measure to be taken when Calculator Not working in Windows 10. Follow the given step in order to Reinstall the Calculator while using Windows:

Uninstall the Calculator App:

In order to reinstall the Calculator App, you first need to uninstall it. To remove the app when Calculator Not working in Windows 10, follow the given steps:

  • Open settings by pressing “Ctrl+I.” There on the left-hand side, select “Apps” and then “App and Features.”
  • Now locate the Calculator and click on the three-dot or more option.
  • You can find the Uninstall option there. Click on it to remove the Calculator app.

Any user cannot remove the calculator through the control panel. However, you can remove it through the Powershell, for which the steps are given below:

  • Type “Powershell” in the search bar through which you can uninstall the calculator.
  • Now, from the search result, select “Windows Powershell” and click on “Run as Administrator” which can be necessary before you process to uninstall Calculator.
  • Agree to the User Account Control prompt.
  • Now in the Power Shell, type the following command to remove the calculator application:

Get-AppxPackage *windowscalculator* | Remove-AppxPackage

  • Once you have pressed the given command, the calculator will be uninstalled. After that, close the Power shell.
  • Now, restart the system and follow the further steps to reinstall the Calculator.

Reinstall the Calculator App on Windows 10

Open the system and type “Microsoft Store” in the search bar. Press Enter, which will open the official app store Microsoft.
There, you can type Calculator and then click on the button “Get.”

Run System File Checker When the Calculator not working in Windows 10

System File Checker is the basic utility available in Windows through which you can scan for any corrupted file present in the system and remove it in order to run the Windows properly. You can run the file checker from the Command Prompt, for which are steps are listed below:

  1. Open the start menu and then type “Command Prompt.” In case you have administrator privileges, then you can just press “Ctrl+Shift+Enter.”
  2. In the Command Prompt, type the following command to scan the calculator app:
  3. Wait till the scanning process get completed, and after that, try to run the calculator app again.

Reset the Calculator Application in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows provides an additional option through which you can reset and repair the Calculator tool. Follow the given steps to reset the calculator app:

  • Open the Windows Settings or press “Windows+I” in the system.
  • In the settings on the left-hand side, locate and click on the option “Apps.” From there, select the option “Apps and Features.”
  • Locate the calculator app and click on the three-dot option, from which click on “Advanced Option.”
  • In the advanced option, under the Reset section, you can find the option for both Reset and Repair. Select any of the given options based on your preferences.

Re-Register the Microsoft Apps

In case the Calculator has been deregistered, including all other basic Microsoft applications, then you need to re-register it from the window power shell by typing the following command:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}

Try to Fix the Calculator App through Windows App Troubleshooter

  1. Open Settings or Press “Windows+I”
  2. Now in order to fix the Calculator, you need to select “Update and Security.” There you can find the Troubleshoot option. Click on it.
  3. After that, select “Additional Troubleshoot.” Now, under “Find and Fix Other Problems,” select “Window Store Apps” and then click on “Run the Troubleshooters.”

Update your Windows to the latest version

Sometimes, any pending updates in Windows can create hurdles while running other applications in the system. To check for any pending updates, Open settings, then select “Windows Update.” There you can find the option “Check for Updates.” In case any update is available, Windows will download it and install it automatically.

On an Ending Note

In the above discussion, we have provided all the necessary information to fix the Calculator application, including various causes along with their resolutions. If you need further assistance with any issue while using Windows 10, you can reach out to us at the given number or use the live chat option to submit your query regarding Windows 10, and we will revert to you in the minimum time possible.

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