How to Fix if Canon Printer Not Printing?

Canon Printer Not Printing
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Are you facing printing issues with your Canon Printer? If so is the case, then follow this write-up to grab an appropriate solution.
With amazing features, an easy installation process, and a user-friendly interface, Canon Printer is pure bliss for all technology lovers. Whether you have to Print, Scan or copy, the printers will allow you to do it all in a place. The prints you obtain from the Printer are of high quality with perfect colors and sharp corners. However, nowadays, Canon users are encountering Canon Printer Not Printing problems, but they don’t know how to resolve them.

In case you are one such person who is facing the Canon issues, and you need instant help, then dial our toll free number and obtain your answer from a professional.

Why is the Canon Printer Not Printing Properly?

Are you in a hurry to find the solution to the Canon Printer error? Don’t you think that before moving ahead with the troubleshooting, you first need to learn the reasons that lead to such a major error so that you will not end up in this situation in the future? Thus to understand the causes behind this error, check the below-mentioned section.

  1. Your Printer might have Paper Jam issues.
  2. The jobs of the Printer get stuck in the Print Queue.
  3. Canon printers might have dusty Printer heads.
  4. The Printers Driver is outdated.
  5. You might be using an unsecured network connection.
  6. The canon printer is not compatible with the Software.
  7. The Paper Tray of the Printer is empty.
  8. Your Printer gets stuck with Ink Cartridge Error.

Essential Step to Follow Before Running for the Troubleshoot

It is recommended to do a Basic Canon Printer Check-up first. If this will not rectify your problem, then you can opt for further solutions.

  1. Initially, switch on your Canon Printer, and look at your display to find any error alerts.
  2. Verify that all your buttons are in a working position, then put a document on the Printer’s glass scanner.
  3. Now, choose the copy option to print a copy of your documents.

If you are able to Print the document properly, then there are no issues. However, in case the Printer doesn’t work and you can’t get the Copy of the document, then you have to run toward the solution steps.

Note: Fact-checks that are important for Canon Printer to work properly:

  1. Ensure your network connection is appropriate.
  2. Update your Printer Driver to its latest version.
  3. Temporarily Turn off the Firewall.

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Problem?

In this section, we have discussed different methods that you can follow to resolve the Canon Connectivity Error.

1. Establish Canon as a Default Printer

If your canon printer is not working properly, then firstly, you have to do is set it as Default Printer and later check if the problem is fixed now.

  • Launch the Control Panel of your system, and select the Device and printers tab.

Device and printers tab

  • Thereafter check and ensure that the Canon Printer is set as a default printer.
  • However, if it is not set as default, then you have to do it by right-clicking on the Printer named Canon printer and hitting on the Set as Default option.
  • Now, check that the canon Printer has a blue check mark on it.

Printer named Canon printer

2. Remove Print Jobs From the Print Queue

If the problem is due to the print jobs stuck in Print Queue, then you have to delete it to fix the error.

  • Go to Windows Search and look for Control Panel.

Control Panel

  •  Now, in the search box, type services.msc, and hit Enter.


  • Service Window will then appear on your screen; scroll down to the Print Spooler.
  • Next, right-click on Print Spooler and hit the Stop option

Print Spooler

  • Now, Print Spooler services are stopped.
  • Moving ahead, launch the Run box, and write Spool in it, then hit the Enter button.


  •  Thereon, open the Printers Folder and delete all the files present in that folder.


  • Now, Exit the Spool folder, and come back to the Service Window.
  • Next, you have to right-click on the print spooler program and choose the Start option.

Start option

  • At last, Print something to check if the Printer started working normally.

3. Verify the Print Spooler Status

If the above methods don’t fix your Print Connectivity issues, then you have to review the Print Spooler Status.

  • Launch the Control Panel, and go to the Run box.
  • Write down services.msc, in the search field, and hit the Enter button.


  • Now, in the next Window, go to the Printer Spooler option.
  • Moving ahead, right-click on the Printer Spooler and tap on the Properties.

Printer Spooler

  • From here, navigate to the General tab, and look for Service Status.
  • Look for the Stop tab, hit it, then select the Ok tab.

General tab

  • Now modify the Startup Type of the Print Spooler to Automatic and select Ok.
  • Select the Start button and tap on ok.
  • Now restart your system, and review if it is working properly.

Maintenance Tips for Canon Printer

We hope that the above-mentioned steps helped you in fixing Canon Printer, not Printing, Issues. Now, let us tell you a few maintenance tips that you can follow to ignore such an experience in the future.

  • Always use genuine ink cartridges.
  • Change the Empty ink cartridge without any delay to save your Printer from Printer’s printhead damage.
  • Buy a Printer cover to safeguard your Printer from any external
  • damages due to dust, debris, etc.
  • Use paper that is compatible with the Printer.
  • Whenever you are accessing the Printer, make sure to connect it directly to a wall outlet.
  • Use the Printer frequently.

Still, Stuck with the Canon Printer Not Printing Problem?

In case the Canon Printer still doesn’t Print properly, then you might have to get in touch with an expert. Hit the Help box mentioned at the bottom of the page to write down your Query and get a solution instantly.

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