How to Fix Quicken Error OL-307?

Resolve Quicken Error OL 307
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Quicken Accounting Software users encounter Quicken Error OL-307 while downloading the transactions from the Banks. It is a common error that numerous Quicken users face really often in Windows or Mac devices. Therefore it is not so difficult to solve this problem if you know the actual procedure. Thus, if you are also facing Quicken Error OL-307-a and want to learn the exact steps to rectify it, then keep reading this blog.

What are the Key Reasons that Evoke Quicken Error OL-307?

Look Before moving ahead with the solutions to fix the Quicken Ol-307-a error; you have to understand about the causes that evoke it. This is done so that you can avoid the occurrence of such errors in the future.

  • You might be using an un-updated version of Quicken Software.
  • Moreover, you have made some changes in your Account details that might not be refreshed on Quicken Software.

How to Fix Quicken Error OL-307?

Now, after collecting ample information about the causes of Quicken Error-307-a, we can move further and learn the procedure to rectify this Error.

Steps to Resolve Quicken Error OL-307-a in Windows device

There are mainly two methods you can follow in case you are encountering Quicken- 307 error in your Windows device.

First Method: Ensure to use the Latest Version of Quicken Software

As we already mentioned, an outdated version of the Software can lead to Quicken Error- 307. Thus update the Quicken Software to its newest version to eliminate the Error.

  1. Initially, launched Quicken Software.
  2. Thereafter, navigate to the Help option.
  3. Now, review if there is any new update available.
  4. In case Quicken is already updated to its latest version, you are good to go. However, if that is not the case, then you will find the new update in the next window.
  5. Now, to the Software, tap on the Next button.
  6. Wait for some time, and now your Quicken software is ready to use perfectly.

Second Method: Deactivate your Account and then Reactivate it Again

If the first method won’t work in your favor, then the only option you have left to resolve the issue is by deactivating the Account and reactivating it again.

  1. Firstly, move to the Tools option, and click on Account list.
  2. Moving ahead, select the Edit option of the Account in which this Error is occurring.
  3. Now, navigate to the Online Service Field, and click on Deactivate button.
  4. Tap on the Yes tab to confirm that you want to deactivate the Account.
  5. Click Ok and then select Done, and your Account is deactivated now.
  6. Next, you have to reactivate it, so go to the Tools tab and click on the Account list.
  7. Again, select the Edit button of the Account you want to activate.
  8. Moving further, go to the Online Service field, and click on the Setup tab.
  9. Provide your username and password in the required field, and click on Connect button.
  10. Select next and hit on the Finish button, and your Account will be reactivated.

Now do the same with all the Accounts in which you are facing Quicken Error- 307-a.

Steps to Resolve Quicken Error OL-307-a in Mac

Now, the procedure to fix Error Ol-307 is the same for Mac device as well, but the steps to do it is a bit different.

First Method: Install the Latest Version of the Quicken Software

In this section, we have provided you the steps to down the latest version of Quicken software on your Mac device.

  • Open the Quicken Software.
  • Thereon, you have to look for updates.
  • In case you find a new update, then you have three options Install the update, remind me later, and Skip this version.
  • Select the Install Update tab to use the latest error-free version of the Quicken software.

Second Method: Deactivate your Account from Quicken and then Reactivate it

The process to deactivate the Account on Mac is a bit different from on Windows devices. Thus, you have to read carefully the instruction given below if you are a Mac user.

  • Initially, with the help of the Account Bar, go to Account Register.
  • Now, check the right corner and select Settings.
  • Tap on Troubleshooting, followed by hitting the Deactivate downloads.
  • At last, hit the Save button, and your Account is deactivated on the Mac device.
  • Moving ahead, go to the account registry again to reactivate it.
  • Choose Settings, followed by selecting the Setup Transaction Download tab.
  • From the list of options, select your Financial institution or bank.
  • Thereafter, provide the login details, i.e., Your Username and password.

Note: While adding your bank Account, Quicken will connect the Bank Account and check your background. 

  • Next, you have to link your Account with Quicken instead of adding it.

Finally, your Account is linked; now review if the Quick OL-307 is fixed.

Wrapping Things up!

From this discussion, we have given you all the troubleshoots that can help you rectify Quicken Error OL- 307. But in case you need any further assistance related to Quicken, simply dial our Toll-Free Number, and get in touch with the Quicken professionals. Our highly-skilled experts are available to help you around the clock. Moreover, if you are not comfortable on phone calls, use the live chat option to reach out to the professionals.

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