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Norton 360 Antivirus
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Norton Antivirus is currently the top most antivirus available for the user to protect their devices from different malware, virus, and other malicious files which might damage the system, corrupt the system files, and affect its functionality. Owned by Symantec, which focuses on information management, Norton offers various products and features that provide security solutions to various threats like phishing, spam, rootkit, and various others. Here we are going to provide A to Z information regarding Norton Antivirus, including various features which are available in every version of the Antivirus. Read the article further to get more details on Norton 360 Antivirus 2023 Latest Security Features.

Various Features Available with Norton 360 Antivirus

Norton Antivirus provides all the features which are available to protect their system from malicious threats. The Antivirus uses the latest methods like Sandbox Detection, Data Mining Techniques, and Machine Learning Algorithms, which are useful in classifying the behaviour of any suspected file and detecting the malicious one. Various Features available with Norton 360 Antivirus are listed below:

Malware and Real-Time Protection

Users can heavily rely on Norton to prevent their system from any malware and virus files. Various scanning features available with Norton 360 are listed below:

  • Smart Scan: Through this, you can detect temporary and junk files from different applications in the background.
  • Quick Scan: Quick Scan checks for privacy issues or any problem in the network.
  • Full Scan and Custom Scan: This option is real-time protection, in which it scans the full system for any malicious file or threat. Through customs, you can scan the particular file which you think is suspicious.

Firewall Protection

A firewall is a basic and mandatory protection for every computer in order to keep it safe from viruses and malware files. With the internet being the basic utility for each and every individual, there is an obvious threat the virus or malware files present online on any unknown website you visit can reach and heavily damage your system. Norton firewall helps us with this threat by monitoring your network traffic, both sent and received on your system.

Norton Password Manager

While browsing the internet majority of the sites requires you to sign in with your account. Also, if your browsing history includes any malicious site, there can be a chance that your password and other credentials can be retrieved by hackers. Apart from that many, the majority of internet user relies on online mode of payment nowadays. In order to make any financial transaction through online mode, you need to provide your credentials which is an opportunity for hackers and fraudulent to retrieve your financial information.

Thus there is a necessity to protect your credentials in order to ensure safe and secure browsing.

Email Spam Filtering

Norton 360 antivirus security also provides the utility of a Spam detector through which users are alerted whenever they receive an email from an unknown source that can be suspected or from any known one which has been marked as spam in their database.

Norton Secure VPN

Virtual Private Network or VPN is another utility in order to protect your information and ensures safe and secure browsing. The Norton VPN hides your IP address in order to protect you from others tracing your information like location, identity, and others.

Norton Ad Blocker

Ads are a common hindrance while browsing the internet. While some are resourceful and are based on your current history based on your needs, some are from an unknown source that might contain malicious files. With Norton 360 antivirus, you can easily detect and block ads from unknown and suspected sources.


Various Anti-Phishing features are available with Norton 360 antivirus security in order to prevent attackers from revealing secret information or any other crucial data. Various Phishing techniques from which you need to be protected are given below:

  • Email Phishing
  • Voice Phishing
  • SMS Phishing
  • Page Hijacking
  • Calendar Phishing

Norton Performance Tuning and System Optimization Tool

Through the Norton 360 antivirus 2023 optimization tool, you can clear junk files and other cache files which might be slowing your system. Apart from that, it can detect various unnecessary files which you are not using and also take up storage on your system.

Norton Safe Web

Safe Web is a feature of Norton 360 that can also be utilized as an extension for a browser. This feature of Norton Antivirus ensures that any website you visit is safe and secure to access. Norton Safe Web scrutinizes each and every aspect of the web pages shown in the search result and assists the user in detecting whether is any threat, malware file, spyware, or any kind of threat present on the website.

Norton Parental Control

This option is favourable for parents with kids through which they browse and monitor their kid’s activity. Also, you can set the screen time limit for your kids and ensure a safe search.

Norton 360: Product and Pricing

Pricing Details, along with various features available under different Norton Subscription plans, are listed below:

Antivirus Plus Standard Deluxe Select +Life lock
Devices 1 Device (PC, Mac, Tablet, or Phone) 3 Devices (PC, Mac, Tablet, or Phone) 5 Devices (PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone) 10 Devices
Basic Features Antivirus, malware, ransomware, and hacking protection Antivirus, malware, ransomware, and hacking protection Antivirus, malware, ransomware, and hacking protection Antivirus, malware, ransomware, and hacking protection
Cloud Backup 2 GB 2GB 50 GB 250 GB
Additional Features Password Manager Password Manager, VPN, Dark Web Monitoring Password Manager, VPN, Dark Web Monitoring, Privacy Monitor Parental Control Password Manager, VPN, Dark Web Monitoring, Privacy Monitor Parental Control, Identity Theft Protection
Price 19.99 USD 39.99 USD 49.99 USD 99.99 USD

On an Ending Note

In the above post, we have mentioned all the details regarding Norton 360 Antivirus, including various features based on which users can decide whether they want to subscribe to Norton Antivirus. Also, we have listed pricing details for various products of Norton 360. Users should know that the prices might change due to the passage of time or any other reason. Thus you need to refer to the official website of Norton.

In case you need any other information regarding Norton 360 Antivirus 2023 Latest Security Features or any other antivirus, you can reach out to us at the number given below. You can also connect with us through Live Chat, where you can submit your query, and we will revert to it ASAP.

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