Search on OnlyFans

Search on OnlyFans
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OnlyFans has now become a leading content streaming platform on the Internet. Here, users can stream any type of media based on their preferences. It comes under the list of various social media apps that have come up to the surface during the time of the pandemic. Not only the normal user but also many celebrities use to post their content on OnlyFans. However, there is one drawback that user faces OnlyFans. It is the lack of any adequate search option. Due to this, they are unable to search for any particular user. Thus for that, we are going to resolve this query by telling you some of the top most Search tools that you can use with OnlyFans.

A Brief Intro about OnlyFans

The OnlyFans is a subscription-based media streaming platform based in London. The company was founded in the year 2016 and now has reached a milestone of more than 50 million registered users and 1 million content creators. The revenue basis of the company is the 20% fee made on all the transactions made on its interface. Following are some of the features available for the users on OnlyFans:

  • Different options to interact directly with the subscriber, like poll posting, chat, and many others.
  • Easy options for the content creator to analyze their channel performance.
  • Stories option in order to showcase their content and reach various users easily.

Apart from the various features, there are some drawbacks in which, the major one being the unavailability of a search tool to find any particular user.

Top 10 OnlyFans Search Tools

Social media is a platform where users can interact with a number of other people worldwide. Not only can they interact with normal users, but also various celebrities post their updates on social media which is the center of attention of many users. However, in the case of OnlyFans, there is no option to properly search for any user. Users need to utilize other social media platforms and search tools to look out for any particular person on OnlyFans. Here is the list of 10 search tools that can enhance the ways how to search on OnlyFans.


Fansmetrics is a CRM available exclusively for content creators to utilize OnlyFan’s platform. With the help of FansMetrics, users can analyze their channel performance. Also, they can search for any particular user from the database of more than 20 million available on Fansmetrics. Various search preferences are available for the user based on location, gender, and various other parameters through which the user can look out for any user within no time.


Provided by Sunroom, Onlysearch is another database to find out any particular OnlyFans profile. Here on OnlySearch, users can look out for any particular user through a keyword or phrase. Through a keyword/phrase which you have typed on the search bar, different profiles will be available in the results from the publicly available data on the OnlyFans.  Among various available search methods available, this is one of the best OnlyFans search tools, where all you need to do is type a keyword.


The Onlyfinder is a simple OnlyFans search tool with a Google-like interface that just very similar to Onlysearch, where you need to type a keyword/phrase. Various search result can look out includes the following:

  • Top Results
  • Latest News on that keyword
  • Free account available on OnlyFans.
  • Popular results, which you can filter based on various categories like location, other social media platforms, and many others.


Reddit is another social media platform that can be utilized by various users as New Aggregator, content review, and discussion forum. Various people use Reddit to promote the content which they have posted on other social media platforms. The main reason why Reddit can be utilized to promote OnlyFans content, and not other websites, is that Reddit allows Not Suitable For Work (NSFW) content. OnlyFans users on Reddit can find various NSFW communities based on the niche where they can post a link related to them as a means to promote it.


After Reddit comes to TikTok, which OnlyFans users can utilize to promote their content. However, there are various restrictions on TikTok, like Ban on various hashtags, which includes the words “OnlyFans,” and also the users cannot input any link on their bio, which will redirect them to the website OnlyFans. Thus in order to use TikTok as an OnlyFans search tool, you need to visit the official profile of that user and look out for any link tree, as there might be a possibility that it can lead to the OnlyFans account of that user.

Hubite is another OnlyFans search tool available on the internet exclusively to lookout for OnlyFans content creators’ accounts. On this website, you can find an OnlyFans finder tool that will look out for all the existing accounts available on the OnlyFans platform. In case you are looking for any particular profile, you can narrow down your search by using the following filter options available on the website:

  1. Free OnlyFans account
  2. Free Trials Account
  3. Best Account based on popularity and ranking
  4. Category/Type of the content which you are looking for.

Ranking-Fans.Com: is a search tool that users can be used to find OnlyFans user profiles based on their ranking and popularity. By that, we mean that the search results on these various accounts ranked on the basis of the following things.

  1. Number of Fans
  2. Number of Likes on their account
  3. Subscription Price

Here all you need to do is type the search name and sorting methods, and the result will appear either in ascending or descending order (based on your choice).


Top is another OnlyFans search tool available for both users and content creators. Here users can not only look out for any particular user, but also content creators can promote their account in order to gain more online visibility. Following are various search preferences that you can use on Top

  • Profile finders.
  • Free OnlyFans Account
  • Best Models
  • OnlyFans Trials links.

In order to utilize this search tool better, you need to register here with your official mail ID.

The main advantage of using this search tool for OnlyFans is the easy interface available to the users. Also, users can find any particular profile they are looking for on the homepage only. Apart from the search bar and highlighted profiles, various categories are available on the homepage. Based on user search preferences on which, they can click and find the desired person they are looking for.

Direct Link to OnlyFans Profile

A direct link can be available for the user-posted by various OnlyFans content creators on various social media platforms like Insta, Facebook, and others. Various social media has banned posting OnlyFans-related content on their platform. However, there can be a possibility that users can find the OnlyFans profile link, which will lead them to the profile they are looking for.

Why OnlyFans is Different from Other Social Media Platform

Various other content streaming platforms are available online for the user to view NSFW content. However, OnlyFans dominates all these platforms due to various unique features available, some of which we are going to discuss:

Content creators can set their price range as per their preference

Various user who wishes to post their media on OnlyFans has the option to monetize it or not. This gives the content creator the surety that their work will not be pirated or copied by others.

Can Update a Variety of Content

It is not necessary that all you find on OnlyFans will be NSFW content. Some users post suitable content which can be streamed anywhere. Due to this, OnlyFans has not been banned from various search engine results.

Also, based on the following facts and figures, it can be assumed that any content creator will prefer to use OnlyFans.

  • OnlyFans has a user base of more than 50 million users looking out for different types of content.
  • Any content creator, on average, can earn up to 500 USD on OnlyFans, with the highest earning going up to 100,000 USD per month.
  • More than 1 Million creators are available on OnlyFans, which provides the surety to any content creator that their content will be safe and not be copied by others.
How Content Creators Can Increase Their Profile Visibility on OnlyFans

Most of the content posted on the OnlyFans website is classified as “NSFW” (Not Suitable For Work), due to which various social media platform has banned posting any OnlyFans-related content on their website. Thus there are many restrictions faced by OnlyFans content creators while promoting their content.

Use Linktree Option while promoting their content on other social media.

As most of the social media, including the top ones, has banned updating any OnlyFans content, the Linktree option can be considered to use. With that, you can upload multiple on a single page links you can post on various media platforms. Chances are less likely that it will be detected and banned.

Use your profile details on different NSFW-approved community forums

Various forums are available where users can find NSFW communities based on different niches. One of the top examples is Reddit. Users who are looking out for this type of content are more likely aware of these communities. Thus, can reach out to you directly.

Use Different Search Tools to Directly Interact with Users

Some of the search tools mentioned above also serve as a platform for content creators to promote their content. While some are paid, some of them are also free. These free options can be utilized by various users to promote their profiles.

Summing It Up

In the above blog post, we have provided all the details for the user on how they can automate their search preferences while looking for different users on OnlyFans. Also, we have listed some information for the content creator on why OnlyFans is the best content streaming platform for them and how they can reach different audiences. Now, in case any user need to know more about how to find any profile or how they can promote their content on OnlyFans they can reach out to us at the number given below. Also, use the live chat option to connect with us instantly and get the desired solution.

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