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Gateway Computer was the top personal computer and laptop manufacturer in the States. Although previously defunct, the brand has been revived by the tech giant “Acer,” after which there has been an exponential rise in the demand for gateway products in the market. One the reason why users still prefer to use Gateway computers is the product quality and the availability at low prices. However, most of the information that any user get regarding Gateway’s computer is through the verbal source, and no other option is available for them to refer to for getting more details regarding Gateway Products. Thus here we are going to provide all the available information regarding Gateway Computers in one place where users can look out and select the right Gateway product.

The Gateway Computers was established in 1985, and over the years, it has made its way to become the leading manufacturer reaching its peak in the year 2000. However, after a series of downfalls along with competitor acquisition, it was acquired by Acer in the year 2007. Various noticeable products from Gateway include Gateway Anykey, Netbooks, Touchpad, and many others. Now the Gateway has been rebranded by its owner Acer and the products are exclusively available at Walmart.

What Happened to Gateway Computers

Well, the answer to this question is the current status which is that it has been acquired by the tech giant “Acer,” who has rebranded it with enhanced products available exclusively at Walmart. However, the main thing which people want to know when they ask, “What happened to Gateway Computers” is the reason behind the downfall of the leading computer manufacturer. For that, there are numerous reasons, some of which are listed below:

Unable to Cope with the Sudden Exponential Demand:

The Gateways had been one of those tech companies that have grown drastically within a very less period of time. Due to that, there is a sudden increase in the demand of products. With the requirement to meet these sudden demands of Gateway products, there is a dip in the quality of the product provided by the company. Thus it created a negative image of the Gateway in the market.

Ineffective Sales Strategy:

This is a very noticeable fact that is why Gateway has encountered a downfall while other tech giants like HP, Dell, and IBM survived in the market. The main reason for that cause is the poor marketing strategy. A significant cause is the availability of the product everywhere, which thus damaged the exclusivity of the products. On the other hand, other computer manufacturers like HP and Dell offer their products at limited working places like schools, companies, and other working environments. That thing created an impression of these companies as the preferred choice by a professional with better technical specifications at a reasonable price.

Dot-Com bubble:

The technology-inspired stock market bubble impacted each and every sector of the market. With many major internet companies shutting down, getting acquired, and big tech giant losing their big market share, Gateway Computer was not the one that was left behind. The Dot-com bubble along with other factors, contributed to the downfall of Gateway Computers.

Unwillingness to Enter New Market:

Another factor that was responsible for crashing Gateway was that the company does not have any Laptops in its product line. With the increasing demand for portable computers, many of its competitors shifted their focus to introduce enhanced Laptop with all the feature that a Personal Computer have or fails to provide. Due to this, even the 25% of the Personal Computer market share does not even matter. Now that Acer has rebranded Gateway line products in laptops, there is an increasing demand for Gateway even today.

Various Gateway Laptop Available for the Users Now

Various Gateway products available in the Laptop Line are listed below:

Gateway Ultra Slim

This range of extremely slim Laptop products provided by Gateways is known for their budget-friendly affordable prices. With different variations available based on their size, these laptops offers every features which is required by any normal individual.

Gateway TouchScreen Computer

Considering the growing demand for touch-based utilities among electronic devices, Acer has launched a new product line of Touchscreen based computers. With the feature of a touchscreen, this line of Gateway computers has a Full HD screen resolution with an aim to provide the user with a great experience. Here we have discussed various pros and cons of Gateway Touch Screen Computer, which you can refer to:

Pros of Gateway Touchscreen Computers

  • The screen display and the graphic interface of the Touchscreen computer are somewhat better compared to the non-touch variant.
  • On touch screen computers, it is easy to navigate various folders and files. Rather than moving the cursor to any option, all you need to do is just touch the screen directly.
  • Another feature available in the touch screen is the touch keyboard. This option can be utilized in case your keyboard has malfunctioned.

Cons of Using Touch Screen

How effective any product can be, there are always some cons of using them. Here we have listed some of them as observed by the users:

  • Although touch screens positively impact the user experience, they can impact human ergonomics when used for a longer period of time. Using touch screen utilities for a longer period can affect your eyes, neck, or even your body posture.
  • Another drawback of touch screens is the over-consumption of power. Continuous utilization of the touch screen might drain the battery within a shorter period of time.
  • Touchscreen device comes at a higher price and requires more maintenance as they are less durable.

Gateway Customer Technical Support Number

Users can reach out to Gateway Customer Support in case they are having any issues with their gateway product. The customer care call center of Gateway is available for users to reach out to at any time. Apart from the Gateway Technical Support phone number, customers can reach out to the Gateway support service through various means, some of which are listed below:

Acer Community:

This is the community forum of Acer, where millions of users with Acer Products have signed. Here they can post their queries regarding any issues they are having with their Gateway or Acer Products.

Answer by Gateway:

The Answer by Gateway is a free third-party service availed to the out-of-warranty products by Gateway customer support. Various means through which users can connect to Answer By Gateway are listed below:

  • Phone Support: User can reach out to Gateway Technical Phone customer support number which is available to them 24/7. Here they can discuss all their technical queries faced by them while using any Gateway, Acer, or eMachine product.
  • Chat Support: Another way to reach live technical experts is through live chat. This option is available on the official website of Answer By.
  • Remote Support: This has now become one of the most preferred options by the user. Here, an expert will have direct access to your system, and also you can see how they are fixing your problem.
On an Ending Note

From the above discussion, we hope that we have provided all the necessary details regarding the Gateway computer. Including that, we have listed some of the top products discussing their pros and cons. Based on that, you can find the right Gateway product suitable for you. However, if you need any further assistance, you can reach out to us through the number given below. You can also click on the “Help” option to enable the live chat option. Through this. you can connect with us instantly to resolve any issue regarding Gateway Computer.