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Phone Number 1(801)401-2222
Call Time 24×7
Support Toll-free   1(855) 357-4404
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Company URL https://www.spirit.com
Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier that carries passengers from one part of the world to every corner of the Globe. It is headquartered in Miramar, Florida and is considered of the eight largest carriers in North America when counted in terms of fleet size and the number of passengers that fly with it.

Apart from their services, they also have the availability of customer support service through which people call the airlines and can resolve their issues in no time. To know more about the details through which you can call Spirit Airlines, you need to focus on this article, as all the related information is given here in a sorted manner.

Why do People Call the Customer Service Department of Spirit Airlines?

People may encounter several issues, and we can only think of some. Due to those reasons, people feel helpless and find only one solution lies in front of them to call the customer care department of Spirit Airlines. The most probable or general reasons why people call Spirit Airlines are as follows:

  • To know about the flight’s status, whether it is on time. And if delayed, then by how many hours does it get delayed? People need to know it because sometimes it is hard to get to know about it due to bad weather conditions.
  • To lodge a complaint file about the lost baggage, the delay in receiving the baggage, and the damage and loss of any item from the baggage.
  • To cancel the flight and to acquire information about the refund.
  • Flight change, name change, and seat change are three major sections in which people generally find it difficult to implement the method independently. Hence they call customer care to seek assistance from their side.
  • People call the airline and their number to get connected with a live person to file a complaint about the employees’ bad behaviour. Moreover, if they felt bad about the services and didn’t get satisfied, they dial the number to complain about it as well.
  • Asking queries about flight policies, check-in policies, and pet policies.
  • To clear out the queries regarding special cases like when travelling with an unaccompanied minor, a pet, and a patient.
  • Raising a request to know about the loyalty program and the status of the mileage points before booking the next flight so that discount can be availed.

Significant Details about Calling the Spirit Airlines

To call Spirit Airlines, you only need a contact number as you think. But there is some more sort of information exist that you need to know. So, here we are making a table consisting of all the information revolving around calling the customer care department of Spirit Airlines. Please pay attention to the given table.

Contact number through which you can reach out to Spirit Airlines 801-401-2222
Availability of the call-back Yes
Is call picked up by a real person from the airlines side? Yes
To which section of the airline you are calling? Customer care department
Timing to call on the given number to the customer care All the 24 hours in all 7 days of the week i.e., 24*7
Ideal time to call the airline 08:00:00
Direction to reach to the live person out of the computer generated maze Firstly press 5, then 1 and in the end press 6.
Waiting period that is running currently 25
Ranking in all the phone numbers of the Spirit Airlines 1
Ranking overall in all aspects 1
Other methods to call the airline Phone, Email, Web
Communication quality 69.00%
Quality of the help provided from the airlines side 86.00%

Supreme Number to call the Customer Care Representative of the Spirit Airlines

+1-855-357-4404 is the prime number to get in contact with Spirit Airlines. Most people prefer to call on this number, which is why it is considered the prime number to connect with Spirit Airlines. The facility to know the current wait hold and the feature to skip through to reach a live person directly becomes possible. Most people asked for some general issues related to flight booking, changing the flight, baggage-related concerns, flight delays, making an upgrade, and other general issues. The number is open for everyone 24*7, and you can resolve your issue at any time without any hiccups.

Other Methods to Call the Spirit Airlines

While +1-855-357-4404 is the prime or finest number to get in contact with the live person from the team customer care of Spirit Airlines. The next great way to reach out to Spirit Airlines is by calling on their Book a Flight department, and the calling number for the same is 844-202-5728. Apart from the ways discussed to reach out to the Spirit Airlines Customer care executives, the alternatives are to contact them by email and through their social media handles.

Practices to Make the Call Successful with the Spirit Airlines

Multiple things are there implementing which you can seal the fact that your call with the Spirit Airline customer service department gets successful. After executing these things, they will pick up your call instantly and professionally give support.

The first thing you need to understand about Spirit Airlines is that you have to learn about its pattern of service as it exists in a scattered form. There is no fixed price for the flights or all the other things as a single payment is included in one price. You have to pay for the flights differently, along with the seat you want, baggage, and food. It increases the customers’ frustration, and they get into an argument with the customer service care of Spirit Airlines. So try to grasp the pattern to avoid the argument as it makes the call with Spirit Airlines successful.

Secondly, remember to have all the documents nearby so that when you call the airlines, you can instantly tell them about anything they ask without delay. Telling them information by keeping the documents handy makes calling smoother. These documents included the flight booking confirmation number, passenger name, billing receipts, and passport.

Thirdly, keep a pen and paper when calling customer care of any airline to make notes of your conversation with the customer service provider executive.

What Should be done if the Call Becomes Unsuccessful?

Once completing the conversation and putting the phone down after talking to Spirit Airlines, if you are feeling disgusted that your queries weren’t answered or resolved, you may know that several other options exist to answer your queries.

Start the preparation by examining the notes you made during your first call with Airlines, and if you didn’t make it, pick a pen and paper immediately and create the notes. Write down every small details you remember. It is so useful because you can know where the loopholes reside after looking at the notes, and you can directly focus on those gaps and fix that in the next shot you will take.

After recognizing the gaps, you need to call back again on the same number. It is a great thing to do as all the members of the customer care team of Spirit Airlines are different and possess various levels of mindset, so it might be the case that you get someone who is more experienced. Tell them it is your second call and describe the issue you have in detail.

If you can’t find a resolution in an above-stated way, you will proceed by contacting the customer care of Spirit Airlines through other alternatives. These options are present here so that you can get in contact with Spirit Airlines, i.e., by social media or by sending an email.

In case of not have a good conversation with Spirit Airlines, you can reach out to a third-party travel agent or service provider through whom you frequently make your booking of flights. The travel agent or that third party will talk with the Airlines on your behalf. Other than this, you can lodge a formal complaint file in Federal Aviation Administration; it’ll take some time, but it will work.

How do all the Passengers feel after Calling Spirit Airlines’s Customer Care Section?

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low carrier and provides services at a minimal cost to everyone. Still, they are truly lacking in the servicing part that their customer care team provided. Several people give negative feedback to the customer care team of Spirit Airlines. People find many difficulties in looking for the answers to their queries, and they didn’t receive solutions instantly. Whereas on the other hand, some people share their positive experiences. Ultimately, it is not wrong to say that Spirit Airlines’ customer care service is not that good up to the bar.

Contact Details of Spirit Airlines as Per the Location

Spirit Airlines have many departments and segments as per the basis of the work. And due to their existence in different places, they have different contact numbers. If you wish to call the customer care team of Spirit Airlines of that place, call on the number of that specific place. You can also opt to mail the team of Spirit of that venue. To fetch that particular detail, refer to the table given below.

Contact details of Spirit Airlines as per the location.

Location or place Contact numbers or phone numbers Email ID
Colombia +571 241 4000Phone (Cellular) 3183644210 spirit@agunsa.com.co
Medellin Turismo Polaris General Phone Number:
+ 57-3009120761
Cali – Oliverio Tours +57-2888-2353
+57-315 710 1521
Marglobal S.A.
+593-43710897 spirit@marglobal.com
Caribbean Haiti +11-509-2940-4422 Not Available
Peru +51932132847
(Phone Number
9 PM-6 PM

Central America



Honduras For WhatsApp
For WhatsApp
El Salvador +503 2534-8228
+503 7166-9738 (WhatsApp)
Nicaragua +505-227-81149 Not Available
Costa Rica +506 4032-9449 +506 7201-9465 (WhatsApp)  reservas@spiritcostarica.com

What are the Problems that can Spirit Airlines Customer Care Team Solve?

Some of the primary issues, except some, can get solved by Spirit Airlines customer care representatives. These issues are:

  • Tracking the schedule of the flight
  • Changing the name or flight, or seat
  • To cancel the flight, in case of refund and rebooking
  • Making add-ons on any aspect
  • To lodge a file of lost baggage and missing items on the flight.
What Problems can’t be Solved by Spirit Airlines Customer Care Team?

The customer care representative of Spirit Airlines can’t assist you with any issue originating due to the complexity and misunderstanding of the policies, as it is your fault, not anything done by the airline’s side. They can’t also tackle your issue of lost baggage or any missing item at the airport as they don’t possess authority. You need to contact the airport authority to resolve the problem.

Another last instance over which the customer care team of Spirit Airlines doesn’t have control is when you face any problem at the security check-in due to the discrepancy in your documents. It is solved only by talking to the security team, as airlines can’t help.

Final words

Spirit Airlines is for sure the ultra-cost airline but didn’t receive excellence when it came to customer service. However, they have positive feedback as well. They have opened multiple ways for customers to contact them for help with any issue. You can call them anytime as the customer service department is always there for the customers’ service. The number that makes you instantly connected with Spirit Airlines customer service executives.