Reset Username Password on Netgear Router

When a Netgear router cause internet issue i.e. the internet speed fluctuate or internet connection drop periodically, the best option to solve this issue is restoring the factory settings. You can restore the factory setting from its web interface or pressing the Factory settings button. When you are unable to access into web interface then press the Factory settings button. When you reset the router to Factory settings it goes to default values and erases all customization. Another way to reset factory setting is from the help of Netgear customer care service.

Steps to Reset Using the Web Interface

Step 1. Go to the Netgear login page on your mobile or computer. If you face difficulty to go on the login page through the website of Netgear, then you should try by IP Address. If you are unable to access the login page through both defaults IP Address or URL then you should try to get IP Address by Command Prompt.
1. Press the “Windows” button, then in the search field type command prompt.
2. When you see the Command prompt in the search result, click on that. Then a command prompt windows will open.
3. Type “ipconfig” in command prompt, then press Enter. This will get all the network information in front of you.
4. Note the router’s IP Address in the Default gateway section, and then use that IP Address to access the Web interface.

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Step 2. Type the username and the password into the required fields. The default username and password should be written on the router package. If you have thrown the package, then try “admin” as username and “1234” in the password.

Step 3. Find Maintenance section in the left tab and after that click on “Backup Settings”. Then choose to erase all the settings to reset the Factory settings. Then click OK to confirm.

Using the Restore Factory Settings Button

Most Netgear router has a Restore Factory Settings button at the back side of the router.
Press that button for at least 7 sec and it will reset the router. The router will restart when the reset is done.

Netgear Customer Support Service

In case, you don’t understand the above-written methods then you should get the help of Netgear techies. Call on Netgear customer care number and share your problem with Netgear techies. These techies will guide you to solve your problem.

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