How to Fix Acer Chromebook Screen Problems

Acer Chromebook Screen Problems
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Acer Chromebook screen problems are a common issue users face while working on these Chrome OS-based devices. Chromebook has now become one of the most portable smart devices that anyone prefers to use instead of a normal Windows laptop. The reason for this is the dependence of the user on various online applications, the majority of which are most compatible with the Chrome browser. Another reason is the Chrome OS, which is fast and stable and also makes Chromebook less expensive compared to other laptop that relies on Window OS.

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However, while working on a Chromebook, the user faces a black screen issue, which is a major hindrance to their work. Here, we will discuss all the possible measures you can take to rectify the black screen problem. Along with that, we will discuss major causes due to which black screen problem arises. So stay on with us to learn how to fix the Acer Laptop Screen Problem.

How to Fix If Acer Laptop Not Turning On?

Why is the Chromebook Screen Black and Still Turns On

Major tenets due to which users face Acer Chromebook Screen Problems are:

  • Overheating of the Chromebook due to overuse of opening so many applications at once.
  • Battery issues which might affect other hardware of the system, or the charger is not working.
  • Any external device connected to the system that creates obstruction in the general functioning of the computer.
  • Dead battery, due to which the Chromebook opens, but the on/off will still blink.
  • The ChromeOS of your system has been corrupted, and the only solution for this is you reinstall the operating system.

How Do I get my Acer Chromebook Screen Back to Normal?

Based on the cause due to which you are facing an Acer Laptop Screen Problem, you can take the following measures to fix it.

Check the Power Source of your Chromebook and see if the Charger is Properly Working.

The most simple reason triggering Acer Chromebook Black Screen Problems is the drained battery. The cause for a dead battery, even when the Chromebook is connected, can be faulty power sources, or the cord might have been physically damaged or improperly connected to the laptop. To fix the power source or the battery, you can take the following measures:

  • Check the power cord for any physical damage.
  • Check the power source or connect the Chromebook with a different power cable. It might take a while, as the power is already dead.
Check for Screen Brightness

Although it might seem a bit silly to mention that the screen is totally due to screen brightness, we still recommend you check the brightness. The reason for that is that there might be a chance of faulty screen settings. To fix that, you might need to reset the screen settings and then adjust them to the level as per your preferences.

Reboot the Chromebook

A common troubleshooting method to fix Acer screen problems is you force the shutdown of the Chromebook and then restart it again to see if the issue still persists. Sometimes restarting the system does reset all the configuration, which might sometimes clear the existing temporary issues. All you need to do is to keep the power button continuously pressed for more than 10 seconds, after which the system will shut down. Now wait for a few minutes and then restart it again.

  • However, sometimes it can make things worse. So make sure you know the cause of why the Chromebook screen is black before considering it as a safe measure to fix the Chromebook’s black screen. Following are the steps to perform a hard reset on the system:
  • First, you need to force shut down the system. For this, keep pressing the power key for at least more than 10 seconds till the blinking power light goes off.
  • Now wait for some time in which you can take the following measures:
    • Disconnect and reconnect the battery.
    • Remove all the external devices connected to the Acer Chromebook.
  • Afterward, press the power button along with the refresh button and wait for the system to get started. As soon as it gets started, release the refresh key.
  • It might take some time for the system to get started during a hard reset from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Also, there might be chances that some files present in the system get deleted.
Other Ways to Reboot the Chromebook

The above-mentioned is the standard method to perform the hard reset or the factory reset in the Chromebook with proper procedure. Other ways to perform the hard reset are:

  • There might be a reset button on your system. Locate it and tap it.
  • Remove the battery from the system.
  • Unplug the power cable from the system.
Keep the Chromebook Switch off So that it Can Cool Down a Little Bit.

Using a Chromebook or any other system for more than the recommended time limit can heat it up, and the rise in temperature can sometimes interfere with the functionality of the system. Although cooling it down might fix Acer Chromebook screen problems, there might be a chance that the system can be permanently damaged. So make sure whenever there is the necessity of using a Chromebook for a long time, you switch it off at regular intervals to cool it off.

Check for Any Damage in the Device Connected to the System.

Any external device needed to be checked for any malware file or other issues before it is connected to the system. In case the device is corrupted or any other issue is there, it can trigger malfunction, which might also affect the physical component of the Chromebook. A common upshot of any virus is the blank screen even when the device is turned off. So, make sure to first run a scan on the external device connected to the system.

Not only does the USB or SD or any temporary external device connected need to be checked while getting connected, but also the hardware that is already connected to the system needs to be checked for any physical damage or malfunction.

Drain Out the Battery.

Another method to fix the Acer Laptop screen problems is to drain out the battery and then recharge it for at least before rebooting your Chromebook. This method can fix some common temporary issues with internal and external components connected to the system. Following steps you need to take:

  • Leave the Chromebook as it is with a black screen until its power gets drained
  • Remove all the connected devices, including the mouse and keyboard ( if connected)
  • Now, connect the battery to a power source and keep it on charging for at least 30 minutes before starting the system.
Check for a Damaged Screen in Case of Acer Laptop Display Problems

The above-mentioned measure can be helpful in case there are any temporary issues with the Chromebook specifications. However, in case the physical component or the screen has been damaged, then there will be the least possibility that any of the above-mentioned measures will be helpful. There is nothing you can do to fix a broken part from replacing it. Although it can be a bit risky to replace the screen by yourself, if you are proficient or have a little experience in removing/replacing computer components, then follow the steps given below:

  • Check for the screen’s specifications on the back of your Chromebook.
  • Get the screen module based on the specifications available on the Chromebook.
  • Now, remove the screen bevel. For that, you can use a flat screwdriver. With that, gently try to open it until you can see the screen fastening.
  • Afterward, with the help of a screwdriver, open up the screen fastenings. This might take some time as there are more than 30 plugs that you need to remove.
  • Connect the screen rear to the connector and bolt the screws to put the screen back in its place.
  • Place the screen bevel back and then restart your system.

How easy the above-given process might seem, it can be hectic, lengthy, and somewhat risky as your Chromebook can be damaged. Thus, we recommend you connect with a professional to change your screen.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Common Issues like Black Screens and Others:

Precaution is always better than cure. Thus, we recommend you take the following measures in order to avoid common temporary issues in your Chromebook:

  • Do not leave the Chromebook connected to a power source when it is switched off for more than 30 minutes.
  • Always scan any other external device connected to the Chromebook.
  • Keep the battery always fully charged. A drained battery can also be the reason for a black screen in a Chromebook.
  • Make sure to keep the screen or the device safe from components that can cause physical damage to it.


Acer Chromebook black screen problem can be due to any factor, particularly common issues with the battery lead to it. Along with using any of the troubleshooting measures, make sure you take basic precautions. This will keep your Chromebook safe from any physical damage. For any further information regarding Chromebooks, you can connect with us through the Helpline number given below, where we provide the required assistance and information regarding any technical issues you can face not only with Chromebooks but any other smart device.

Frequently Asked Question

Common issues due to which there is a black screen on Chromebook are related to drained batteries. Make sure your Chromebook is fully connected with a proper power source or the one with a continuous supply of power.

Yes, with some common troubleshooting measures like factory reset, display setting, and running the system in safe mode can fix the Chromebook screen. In case of physical damage, you can take to the nearest service center.

It is a common issue while using a PC, Laptop, or even Chromebook. In order to fix it, you can start your system in safe mode, reset the factory settings, and also look for any pending updates like driver or any other.

A common shortcut to reset the display setting is to press “Ctrl+Shift+Refresh” together. This will reset the factory setting on your device.

Ghost mode enables the user to browse in private. To get out of ghost mode, simply open the new Chrome window. Moreover, you can close the browser and then open it again.

A common measure you can take to fix a flickering screen on a Chromebook is you update the device drivers.

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