How to Fix If Acer Laptop Not Turning On?

How to Fix if Acer Laptop Not Turning On
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Is your Acer Laptop not turning on? If yes, then your search for the solution ends here. Acer laptop is one of the leading laptop brands right now. The company is trying to provide its users with Quality products. Their laptops are very budget-friendly, with great features, including an incredible optical disc drive, excellent RAM capacity, and perfect screen resolution. However, it’s not like these laptops are error-free.

Like every electronic gadget, the Acer laptop also has its own flaws, like Acer Laptop That Won’t Turn On problem. However, you don’t need to panic about it, as these issues are easily curable by following a few steps carefully.

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Why is Acer Laptop Not Turning On?

Before understanding the steps to fix the error, you need to know the cause that evokes this error.

  1. The hardware of the Laptop is failed.
  2. Lack of Power Supply
  3. There must be some issue with your Acer laptop boot sequence.
  4. Some major errors in the battery or power supply of Acer laptop.

A hardware failure can be a huge problem, and this can’t be solved without the help of customer Support.

However, when the last two happen, your System starts showing unresponsive behavior towards your command, but you can fix these errors just by following a few Step-by-step institutions mentioned in the below section.

Apt Method to Fix Acer Laptop not Turning On

Below we have given all the troubleshooting ways that you can follow to root out Acer Laptop not Turning on problem:

Method 1: Let your Acer Laptop Cool Down for Sometime

When your Acer Acer Laptop is not Turning On, that won’t mean that your Laptop is facing some issues, but maybe it needs some rest. This is because your Laptop gets overheated or its battery gets explodes. Hence let it cool down for some time.
Once it is cool down to the below-average temperature, turn it on again and see if the issue is resolved now. However, if the Acer Laptop is still not Turning On, then move to the next procedure.

Method 2: Re-Configure the Battery

One of the crucial reasons behind the Acer laptop not turning on issue is the deficiency of power supply. Thus check the battery, and if it is not working properly, it means the Laptop is not getting enough power. That is because of why it’s not turning on.

Verify the battery percentage, and charge it if needed. However, if the battery is charged and still not working, then you have to purchase a new battery from the market.

Method 3: Press the Power Button for a Longer Duration

In case the battery is not the reason behind your issue, then you have to try another way to fix the issue, i.e., long press the power button. This will turn on your Acer laptop by getting it out of sleep mode.
When you don’t use your Acer Laptop for a long time, it gets into sleep mode, because of which you won’t be able to turn it on. But when you press the power button for a long time, your device comes out of sleep mode. Moreover, your Laptop will be restarted as well, which will then resolve your issue.

Method 4: Review the Monitors

At times, the user finds it difficult to access their Acer laptop of the Monitor issues as well. There are many instances when the Laptop is working efficiently, but the monitor or your screen doesn’t. So, verify it, and if you find the issue in the screen of the Laptop, then replace it with the external monitor. Now, restart your device.

Method 5: Use the Boot Genius Software

You tried all the ways, and nothing works for you? If so is the case, then try to use the Windows Boot Genius software. This software will resolve all the issues completely by offering you various solutions according to your problem.

  1. Initially, Download the Boot Genius tool in your System.
  2. Now launch the tool.
  3. Create a bootable disk with the help of a flash drive or a prepared CD/DVD.
  4. In case you are using a Flash drive, link your Pen drive to the USB device port.
  5. However, if you are using a CD/DVD, insert the CS/DVD in the CD-ROM driver.
  6. Next, to initiate the burning of the repair disk, make a Boot Disk by clicking on “Create boot disk now.”
  7. Let the CD/Pen drive get connected to the Acer laptop, and press F12 non-stop. This will Boot the Laptop.
  8. Select the Enter button.
  9. Now, from the given menu, choose your reason for the issue. Once you have selected one option, the tool will fix the Acer laptop issues.

At the End!

If you are still stuck with the Acer laptop Won’t Turn On issue even after following all the instructions step-by-step, then there might be some major problems. Although you don’t need to worry about that, just dial Acer customer service or use the chat box given below to get in touch with a professional.

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