AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone iPad or Mac

AOL email is a US enterprise of Verizon Communication which is often considered as AOL Instant Messenger. AOL is a web-based email service that lets users to engage with their families and friends with the assistance of a speedy server.

Suppose you have an iPhone, configure your AOL account using the email application. In some instances, you might have experienced a few errors with your email. It’s something new and even complicated at all. AOL not working on iPhone issue is a common error encountered by users. In this blog, you will get various troubleshooting ways to fix the AOL mail stopped working error. If you can’t get a proper solution to remove this problem, you must dial the AOL helpline number to get some significant suggestions.

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Repairing Ways to Troubleshoot AOL Email Not Working on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Way – 1 Reconfigure Your Network Settings for Robust Effect

If you can’t remove the AOL email not working issue on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then you must reset your network settings to fix this problem. An error occurs due to a poor network, or your device is out of coverage range. For every problem, there is a solution. So, refresh the network settings of your iPhone or reconfigure them to remove this AOL not working issue. Let’s go through a few simple steps to reconfigure your iPhone network settings.

  • Move to the Settings application
  • Slide down until you get the General options and click on them to open the options
  • Slide down the following page until you get the Reset option and then choose it
  • Then, choose the Reset Network Settings option and then take the suitable action.

Your network settings are configured, and if it is required, you must resume your iPhone, and you can access all your important emails on your device.

Way – 2 Uninstall AOL Account for iPhone and Reinstall

If an error is still available with your AOL email app, delete your account from the mail app and re-establish it again. This step will resume your email account, and you can quickly receive all your emails on your iPhone. Go through a few simple steps given below to uninstall and reinstall your AOL account.

To delete your AOL email account

  • Move to Settings, then Password, and then Accounts
  • Look at the list of accounts on your iPhone
  • Slide until you get the AOL account and then choose it
  • You will look Delete Account option at the bottom of the following page and then tap on it.

To add your account back, go through the easy steps listed below.

  • Move to Settings, then Passwords and Accounts
  • Click on Add account option
  • Choose AOL from the open list
  • Log in using your credentials

Your AOL account is configured again, and now you can access all your emails available on your AOL email account.

Way – 3 Establish Two-Step Verification of AOL Mail on iPhone

If you have established a two-step verification procedure of your AOL mail account, then it can be the major factor for the AOL mail not working issue. To resolve this problem, you must go through easy steps after synchronizing AOL email on your iPhone.

  • Go to the AOL email account security page on your iPhone
  • Tap the Manage option and confirm that the two-step verification procedure is switched on
  • Choose the Connect Apps option and then choose iOS mail application and then choose your iOS device as well
  • Choose the Generate App Password option to find a unique password
  • Copy the password and move to the AOL email account page in the iPhone settings
  • Suppose you haven’t attached your AOL account on iPhone; go through the previous method above to configure your AOL email
  • Now, paste the AOL password in the given space.

Then, after pressing the Save option to ensure password change, you can soon access your AOL email as usual on your iPhone.

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A few server problems, bugs, or other factors are responsible for AOL mail not working error. In such instances, the excellent troubleshooting solution is to call the AOL customer support number for further assistance to resolve iPhone and iPad without getting AOL mail errors. If no solution looks to work for you, it is secured to tell that the application may settle.

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