Best Places to Travel in June

Best Places to Travel in June
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Every Year more & more travellers decide to take their summer break a little earlier than usual. June marks the beginning of summer, and at this time, most towns & cities celebrate the turning of the seasons with festivals & many parties. Many travellers users choose this month to travel because their children are out of school, and they just have to find the perfect place to spend their summer vacation. This blog will share the best places to travel in June. So, without further ado, let’s get started;-

Here’s the List of the Cool Places to Travel in June

Seattle, United States of America:

It does not matter if you are coming to this place for a grunge pilgrimage known as that gym wall or its excellent great outdoors location, which draws in the crowd from far wide. This megacity’s delight-cherishing side is on brimming exhibition in June as the artsy Fremont Solstice parade stops the business with its bike rides & Seattle pride prints the whole megacity in rainbow colors. Other than that, The orca finding in the Puget sound of smelling out the expensive but covered bobby swash salmon at the Pike place request obtainable from May to mid-June.

Fiji Island:

June is the downtime season of Fiji island, but the temperatures still hangs in the Mid-twenties, and this cool thunderstorm weather makes for its grand evening. However, the archipelago’s turquoise waters are the cleanest at this time of the year, making it ideal for snorkelling & diving. The Viti Levu’s Outer islands are the top-notch choices for experienced divers looking for a live-aboard trip. On the other hand, Mamanucas gives out calm seas & beautiful coral reefs. At this time, resorts tend to get busier, so you will likely find a good deal between May and June than in any other month.

Prague, Czech Republic:

In the past, the crumbled old town street of Prague in summer tended to provoke the whispers of over-tourism. But Prague has to offer more than that. Prague has much to see besides the Charles Bridge and the tourist favourite Lennon-wall. However, June has yet to be the apex of the tourist season. Still, it benefits from the beautiful weather and a slew of delectable festivals, which includes the largest ice cream festival in central Europe and a Microbrewery bonanza.

Mykonos, Greece:

Travellers who have planned their trip to Mykonos in June will find that most of the tourists have planned their trips simultaneously. However, this can lead to overcrowding because it is one of the best places to travel in June. But you will find yourself in larger events and festivals now. Halfway through June, the Mykonos begins the official Dj beach party season. At this exciting time, parties can be found all over the island and often last very deep into the night while all the travellers enjoy the music by the oceanside.

Reykjavik, Iceland:

The season of summer starts in June in Iceland, and that is why most tourists come here during this time of the year to enjoy the warm temperature and, with that, the never-ending daylight and its collection of festivals to brighten the month of June a little more. The Festival of Sea is held to honour the sea & the fishery, while the Reykjavik midsummer music festival displays a variety of award-winning chamber music. Talking about the latest festivities, the solstice festival is the heart of the city, and it makes big headlines and attracts a huge crowd of tourists. Undoubtedly, it is one of the fun places to travel in June.


June is the ideal month for visiting Zambia. Its dry & bright conditions are perfect for wildlife in the 3500 square-mile South Lungwa National Park. The walking safaris allow travellers to get close to the region’s flora, where you see dusty prints of baboons, hyenas or even the leopards and leopards. And, if that does not give you the adrenaline hit, then you can make a beeline for Victoria Falls, where you can easily bungee jump over the Zambezi.

East Coast, Sri Lanka:

June is one of the most moistened months of Sri Lanka’s southwest monsoon season, from April to September. In Arugam Bay, you can surf in the blazing sun & consistent waves mean for this month, or you can simply sit with a smoothie in a hammock. Therefore, the Kumana National Park has fewer visitors than the southern sister, Yala, so you can easily spot leopards, elephants, and crocodiles without an entourage of jostling jeeps.

Virginia Beach, USA:

Virginia Beach is home to one of the longest-running free maritime events, as well as Norfolk harbour fest, which displays tall ships, fireworks & live music and an outdoor dock party. June marks the birth of summer for this north-eastern town, and the locals quickly seize the warmth. You can start spending your time on the beaches & tourists to the area are quick to follow suit. It’s heaven for music lovers at the thought of Sandstock and Virginia Beach’s tribute festival to the famous Woodstock. The main thing that sets this festival apart is that this fest takes place on the beaches, and the guests can listen to music while relaxing in the water.

Puglia, Italy:

The Region of Puglia in Italy will be deep into the summer by the time June is around. Travelers can come to this area during summertime and can enjoy all of the Outdoor activities that will not be accessible during Winter time, such as Hiking, biking and enjoying a swim in the Adriatic sea. However, the region’s capital features a wide assortment of roman ruins to be explored and easy access by ferry to multiple countries across the sea. Besides that, Bari is also home to big universities, a renowned opera house, and a thriving nightlife, thanks to its younger-than-average city population.


In June, the higher mountains are dressed in different colours such as Pinks, Whites, reds, purples and the oranges of the Himalayan rhododendron flowers. In the summer weather, Iris, orchids, primula, and other flowers are blooming, the spring plantings are poking their leaves up out of the fields, and the migratory birds are heading towards north across the mountains.

The roads will not be overseen by buses & other vehicles as by this time of the month, and most tourists have returned to their homes. The rest of the fewer travelers can sit and chat with the locals and cook special meals with them instead of the typical tourist buffet.


This blog sheds light on some of the best places to travel in June. And, if you are one of those travelers planning a fun little getaway with your friends or family, then we have got you. We have shared some of the best locations you must visit in June, the activities you can do there, and the festivals that will take place during summer. For more such kinds of blogs and information, you can take a visit to our official website.

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