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10 Places Where Prices are Down for Summer Travel
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This blog will discuss one of the cheapest places to travel in the summer. Finding a cheap place to travel is relatively easy. There are many resources to select from that can help you make the correct decisions on affordable destinations.

But that’s not always the case. As a traveler, you do not have to search for a budget destination or a cheap country .To save some extra bucks, then an affordable destination will do just fine. Now, look at some of the cheapest places to travel in 2023.

Here’s the List of Top Cheap Places Down Airfares to Travel Internationally

Merida, Mexico

If you are looking for a cheap location in 2023, here is your destination. Merida is one of the largest cities in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is located about three & a half hours west of Cancun, making it a popular alternative to the more expensive coastal destinations.

You can catch one of Mexico’s reliable ADO buses from Cancun. It will take you to Mexico at a very good amount. You will find everything in the sprawling colonial city cheap when you arrive there.

Regarding food, you need to walk across a few blocks outside the central plaza to find the cheapest & the most authentic options. There are countless restaurants & even plenty of opportunities to taste Mexican street food. The cuisine in this area is known as the Yucatecan food. And it is certainly some of the best that Mexico offers.

If you like the idea of budget-friendly activities. Then, multiple museums throughout Merida can be accessed for free or at an extremely small fee. It is certainly the best that Mexico city has to offer.

Overall, travellers can enjoy everything Merida offers without worrying about spending too much money.

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is one of the most affordable and fun destinations. Because of its beautiful attractions, including rainforests, volcanoes, and beaches. It has developed into the most known budget-friendly Centraltion in Central America. The country has a well-developed infrastructure and a wide range of tourist facilities. Which makes it ten times easier to find everything there.

There are a lot of things that you can do on your visit to this place;-

  • Waterfalls: There are many waterfalls throughout the city, and they are all beautiful and the most adventurous to explore. Exploring an overnight hike or a camping trip is recommended. So, that tourists can get close to them and take a moment to appreciate their beauty.
  • Cahuita & Puerto Viejo: Some towns are located on the Caribbean side of it and offer great white sand beaches and cheap places to eat. There’s also a good chance you will spot some wildlife like crocodiles & monkeys. However, it can be an expensive taxi ride from San Jose, but it will be worth it.
  • Exploration of Caves: Cave exploration in the rainforest, where most of the tour guides will take you. Then give you an explain about its plants and animal. These tours are moderately expensive, but they can be worth the fun.

Because of it’s ability to be experienced all year round, travellers can enjoy plenty of the activities there, including surfing, snorkelling, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. And this is one of the cheapest places to travel in the summer for budget travellers who love outdoor activities.

Valencia, Spain

Most tourists do not think that there are any cheap places to visit in western Europe. But let me tell you, they are all wrong. Spain is cheap compared to destinations like England, Switzerland, Canada, and many other countries.

The key to finding a cheap place to visit is finding one with multiple things you can do. Whether itsa variety of restaurants and low-cost grocery stores, and there are many ways to get there. Valencia, Spain, has all of this and offers even more.

Now, there are multiple ways to get to Valencia and depending on where you are coming from, you might need to take a flight, take a train or catch a very cheap & affordable bus from another European country.

Once you have arrived in the city, you should first wander through the city on the winding cobblestone streets. However, you can stop at Plaza de la Virgen, Plaza de la Reina, and Plaza Redonda.

The 13th-century valencia cathedral, home to the holy grail, is a must-see. You should add it to your bucket list. And your trip will only be complete with hitting the beach and stopping at the Mercadona. Or to get a bottle of wine, some salads, and multiple bakery items, all for under $10, and you can spend your afternoon relaxing on the island.

Also, if you want free entry into some museums, you can get a discount on others and use public transportation unlimited. For this, consider getting a Valencia city card.


This small country is a hidden gem of the Balkans, with its picture-perfect villages. As well as, lively culture, delicious food, and rich history. It is the type of destination that will please most travellers. Especially after discerning and is often considered the cheapest European country you can travel in.

Its capital, Skopje, is known for its regenerated city centre full of statues. Therefore, it lies about 15 km outside the city and the Matka Canyon. it is basically a hotspot for hikers and ocean lovers. To capture the essence of Macedonia, it is suggested to visit Lake Ohrid on the border of Albania.

Macedonia is by far the cheapest by European standards, with a daily spend of only 25-45 EUR. A hostel stay would be around 10 EUR a night. Whereas the hotels can be 30 EUR for a double room, and a meal in a restaurant would be around 4 EUR.

Warsaw, Poland

Are we looking for a cheaper place to go in eastern Europe? Poland is one of the countries which is a part of the European Union. But still, it has yet to change its currency to the euro. That means the local money, called the Polish zloty, is four times cheaper than in western Europe.

The most popular cities are Warsaw and Krakow. However, it is highly recommended to check the off-the-beaten-path spots of Poland as this country has so much to offer you. From the mountains to the sea, stunning lakes, and unique national parks. Poland satisfies nature lovers and those searching for nightlife and old architecture.

Many natural wonders are free to visit, but a small fee occurs in the national parks. The tourist attractions are quite cheap, from the museum for 3 euros to castles for 5 euros depending on the place.

When you come to Poland, you can expect to find good & cheap public transport and private buses which will take you from one side of the country to another for as cheap as 1 euro if you can buy them in advance.

Hoi An, Vietnam 

Hoi An is one of the cheapest places in Vietnam or Southeast Asia. With beaches, the UNESCO-listed old town and the countryside, it is one of the cheapest in the world. You can get delicious food under $1 for a suburban bowl of mi Quang. Travellers need to know where to go and have some travel smarts. The most important thing is you should never accept the first price in Hoi-An.

Restaurant meals will cost you a little more, but if you go to the right places and avoid the tourist traps. Then, a good meal will still be under $5. However, the Hoi a ticket is an avoidable expense and will only cost you about $8. This city is incredibly cheap, but the real joy of central Vietnam lies in the people. You can expect to meet some of the happiest and kindest people there.

Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Colombo is one of the cheapest places to travel in 2023. The de facto commercial capital of Sri Lanka has been out of the tourist radar for ages. Because it needed to be advertised better as a tourist location.

In today’s time, Colombo is a city with high buildings that are changing the entire skyscraper. The recent opening of the Lotus Tower and the highest building in South Asia, has given so much more.

It is one of the cheapest places to travel in the summer, and you can get a first impression of Asia. The Independence Memorial Hall and arched building symbolise the country’s autonomy. On your visit to Colombo, you must visit the local market. Overall, life in Columbo is cheap, from $5 to $10 per day, so you can eat in good restaurants, and public transport costs less than $1 for private & public services.

Kolkata, India

If you like visiting historical and authentic places, you should visit Kolkata. Three hundred years ago, Job Charnok founded Kolkata city. After the ruling of the East India Company and the British Government, Kolkata was the headquarters, and many buildings & architecture were built.

The Dalhousie area is one of them; you can still visit the old “Calcutta” here. To reach the Dalhousie from the city, you can take the train from the city’s two main railway stations; Howrah & Sealdah.

You can find multiple hotels and staying options with very cheap costs in both stations. At this time, the old buildings are now formed as the offices & headquarters. Countless street food items are sold daily in this area. And you can find India’s every type of street food here.

Therefore, you can get a full lunch here, and this is by far the cheapest place to travel in India, just beside the Howrah station, and the Howrah bridge joins Kolkata & Howrah from the British period. Also, this is the 3rd biggest cantilever bridge and the world’s busiest cantilever bridge.

Not only the ancients buildings, but you can also visit and enter the following famous places in Kolkata city;

  • St Andrews Church Kolkata
  • Cathedral of the holiest rosary
  • St John Church
  • The Metcalfe Hall
  • Millennium Park’
  • Postal Museum
  • RBI coin museum
  • Magen David Synagogue
  • Mallik Bazar flower market
  • Smaranika tram museumm

Ultimately, you can enjoy a boat ride from Howrah to Shibpur and Howrah to Bagbazar Ghat. And remember to ride a yellow taxi/tram car from the Esplanade to Shyambazar.


Singapore is filled with delicious food & incredible place that you can visit during your trip. It may not be a better place to visit in the summer. But there are some ways by which you can make it affordable. It has particularly something to do with the local food and cheap hotels right in the heart of the city.

Here, tourists can eat a Michelin Meal for just SGD 5- which means “sauce chicken rice at the Hawker Chan.”

Hawker Chan is the food stall in the Chinatown complex centre. It is by far the largest hawker centre in Singapore. Therefore, you can find more tasty & cheap street food at Singapore’s other hawker centres, including Satay By the Bay, Lau Pau Sat, Telok Ayer Market and the Maxwell Road Hawker centre.

There are many free attractions in Singapore, such as; Gardens By the bay, the Treetop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir. And, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and the light show at Marina Bay and Fort Canning Park. The option to get there is Public transport, the most common is the train, which is fast & affordable.

Also, there are budget-friendly hotels & hostels available for you to stay. Singapore is an incredible & affordable place to visit if you travel with a couple or solo.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the ultimate tourist favourite spot for vacations, honeymoons & many more, and it is because it’s one of the cheap places to travel internationally. Accommodation is quite affordable here, and you can easily find hostels for under $20. Thus, you can book a luxurious villa with a private pool for under $100.

Restaurants are also incredibly cheap, and eating out is way cheaper than shopping at the grocery stores in most places. And, if you want to get a little fancier, then you can do some shopping at the local markets. Or you can get some massages which are also very cheap.

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Ending Words

This blog explains the cheapest places to travel in the summer. We hope that you find this blog helpful. If you have any travel-related queries, you can contact us anytime, as our customer care executives are available 24*7.

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