Configure Gmail SMTP Settings

How To Configure Gmail Smtp Settings?
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Millions of Gmail users are aware of its significant features and clean interfaces like add-ons and search operators. But you can also access Gmail for free by using the Gmail SMTP server. With the Gmail SMTP server, you can send emails from your Gmail account using other email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook. You can also send emails from your WordPress website by using the Gmail SMTP server. It’s the most essential pattern to make your WordPress website more reliable without requiring to spend sufficient finance on a dedicated sending service. Gmail allows you to deliver up to five hundred emails per day which are large enough for large WordPress websites. In this write-up, you will learn how to configure Gmail SMTP settings for sending emails to your contacts. If you can’t proceed with it, call the Gmail customer support number to get some crucial tips instantly.

Get the SMTP Server for Gmail

Let’s begin with the most significant question i.e., What is the Gmail SMTP Server.

To get Gmail SMTP Server, make use of these details quickly.

  • Gmail SMTP server address –
  • Gmail SMTP name – your complete name
  • Gmail SMTP username – your complete Gmail address
  • Gmail SMTP password – the password you use to log in to Gmail
  • Gmail SMTP port (TLS) – 587
  • Gmail SMTP port (SSL) – 465

Here, also a few other common but not universal Gmail SMTP settings, you may obtain while trying to configure Gmail SMTP settings. A reply is given below if you encounter them.

  • Needs SSL – Yes
  • Needs TLS – Yes
  • Needs Authentication or use Authentication – Yes
  • Needs secure connection or use secure connection – Yes

Steps to Configure WordPress to Deliver Emails through Gmail SMTP Server

Let’s move to the topic of how can you use the Gmail SMTP server to deliver your WordPress website transactional emails for free. These steps work great and will improve the reliability of your website’s emails over using the default PHP email step.

To configure this, you require to create a Google app so that you can affix to the Gmail SMTP server via the API instead of just plugging in the SMTP details. Various steps are involved in performing it. It’s a one-time step procedure. Once you take a few moments to move through this configuration, your website will carry on to benefit on autopilot.

Apart from creating a Google App, you will also require the assistance of a WordPress SMTP plugin. Use the free post SMTP mailer or email log plugin but the free WP Mail SMTP plugin is also another great option that assists the Gmail API.

The basic procedure will move like this

  • Establish the post SMTP mailer or email log plugin
  • Prepare a Google App. It is the most complicated part of the procedure but you will get all the necessary guidance here
  • Attach your Google app API keys to the Post SMTP mail or email log settings
  • Deliver a test email to ensure that everything is working well.
  • Establish and Set Up Post SMTP Mail or Email Log

To begin, you require to establish and activate the free post SMTP mailer or email login plug from the WordPress website. It allows you to set up your WordPress website to deliver emails through the Gmail API or SMTP server.

  • After activating the plug-in, move to the Post SMTP button in your WordPress dashboard and tap the Show All Settings link below the large Start the Wizard tab.
  • Move to the Message Tab and configure your email address and name. Use your Gmail Address from the mail and you can utilize a separate email address if you recommend.
  • Next, move back to the Account tab and select Gmail API in the Type drop-down. Once you prepare this selection, observe a few additional options in the Authentication box given below. Always remail with this page open because you require the Authorized JavaScript origins and Authorized redirect URI procedures in the next step.
  • Prepare Your Google App

Now, you have to prepare a Google app. It allows your WordPress website to securely deliver emails via the Gmail API. It can be the most complicated procedure once again. However, it is primarily pressing multiple buttons and you will get screenshots you require to make it complete.

  • Prepare A Project
  1. To begin, access a new tab and copy this URL to move to the Google Developers Console.
  2. Then, you require a new project. If it’s your first moment to sign in at the Google Console, Google will notify you to create your first project.
  3. If you already have a few projects, prepare a new one by tapping the drop-down in the top left corner.
  • Activate the Gmail API
  1. Once you have prepared your project, tap the button to activate APIs and Services.
  2. At the next screen, browse for Gmail and select the Gmail API outcome.
  3. Then, tap Enable in the full Gmail API page.
  • Prepare Credentials
  1. Now, you must be in a committed interface for the Gmail API.
  2. Tap the button to Create Credentials.
  3. Fill out to get what credentials you require form from the following details.
  4. Once you have completed it, tap the what credentials do I need button given at the bottom.
  • Configure A Consent Screen
  1. Now, Google will recommend that you require to configure a consent screen.
  2. It’s a similar type of screen you use while accessing Google to log in.
  3. You require to satisfy Google’s necessities but you need not to worry about details that you mention because you only be using this for your WordPress website.
  4. Tap the button to configure a consent screen.
  5. It will access a new button where you can set up an O Auth consent screen.
  6. Under user type, choose the External option. Then tap Create.
  7. At the next screen, mention basic information about your website
  8. Once you attach the details, tap Save given below at the bottom.

Once you go through the above configuration procedure, you can easily set up Gmail SMTP settings. If you face trouble, call Gmail customer service number for appropriate suggestions.

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