How to Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail?

Recover deleted emails in gmail
Nov 28, 2018      admin      Gmail

One of the most unfortunate thing on a Gmail account is that when you accidentally delete an important email. Since Gmail account can be accessed through many devices, which increases the risk of a mistake in the Gmail account.

Once you delete an important email, it will frustrate mode because you don’t know how can Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail. So, don’t panic and look through this blog to solve your problem.

Step by Step Guide to Restore Deleted Emails in Gmail

There are 3 ways how you can solve this problem. One is to take help from Gmail helpline number and other two options are “The Backup Emails” and “Trash Folder”.

Trash Folder
When you delete an email from your inbox folder it doesn’t delete permanently. It goes to the Trash folder.

  • Tap on “Trash Folder” tab.
  • After that you can access the email you deleted.

From Backup
To be safe from this problem you should enable the Backup option by using Google Takeout.

    • Go to Google Takeout and click and login to your Google account.
    • Tap on “Select None” and then scroll down to “Mail”. After that click on tap on Mail.

1. After that choose “Select Label” and select the email folders you want to Backup.
2. Then click on Next.
3. Then you can choose how you want to get the backup. It will be best if you choose “send download link via email” but it is not necessary.

NOTE: when you will download the Backup it will come as .mbox extension. You will need a Mbox viewer.

  • When you will complete the Backup process you will get an email with download link.
  • Open the email with download link and download the backed up emails.
  • After that download and install Mbox viewer. Open Mbox viewer and click on Add files.
  • After that browse to the location where you download the backed up emails.
  • Open that and you will be able to read it.

In case you get confused with above-given techniques. Then the 1st option is best for you. Reach out to the Gmail customer service team and share your problem with experienced techies. They are 24X7 ready to help you and to give you the best suitable solution for your problem.

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