Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming Desktop Review

Dell Alienware Aurora 2019
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Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 is the masterpiece provided by Dell Technologies, specifically focused on fulfilling the requirement of gamers. With all new latest features, this Alienware model fulfills all the requirements which are mandatory in order to play any high-resolution games. Various technical necessities include a high-quality Graphics Card, an updated processor with high specifications, and the required storage to store all the related games files. However, with the introduction of every new gaming product in the market now and then, there is doubt in the mind of gamers whether to opt for this Alienware model or not. Thus, here we are going to provide all the necessary details regarding Dell Alienware Aurora 2019. Including we will provide all the technical specifications that gamers look out for a while purchasing a desktop. Read the article further to learn about Dell Alienware Aurora.

Dell Alienware Aurora: Technical Specification

Before purchasing any electronic device, especially a desktop or Laptop, the first things user lookout for is the technical specification of that product. These specs include storage, processing speed, resolution, and other related specifications. All these technical gaming-related specifications for Dell Alienware Aurora are listed below:

System Name Dell Alienware Aurora
Processor Intel i7
RAM Minimum 8GB
Storage 1 TB
Processor Clock Speed Minimum 4.5 GHz
Number of Ports 7 USB Ports (Type-C Port, Ethernet Port, SD Card Reader, 4 Type-A, Audio Input and Output, 2 USB 3.1 Port)

Enhanced Features in Dell Alienware Aurora 2019

Some of the features which differentiate Dell Alienware Aurora from other Gaming Desktop available in the market are given below:

Highly Enhanced Processor:

A processor is the main functioning unit of the computer. The necessary in order to support any high-resolution game, the basic mandatory requirement is an enhanced processor. For that, the Intel i7 is the necessary requirement to be a suitable option for gamers due to the following reasons:
The minimum clock speed of 3GHz, which is a suitable option for any gamer.
Multithreaded performance.


Another reason for the incompatibility of many games on any desktop is insufficient storage or Read/write memory. With 8 GB RAM, there is sufficient memory to execute any gaming application without affecting the functionality of the other program. Also, 1TB storage memory is more than sufficient to store all your personal data in the system, along with other files related to the gaming application which you are trying to run.


The screen resolution or support is the basic eligibility feature in order to run any gaming program. The highest screen resolution available in the gaming platform is the 4K which is unsupported in many gaming desktops. Another feature in Dell Alienware Aurora is the integrated high-performance Graphics card RTX 3070 which supports high-resolution gaming environments.

Thermal Control Gaming System:

This is one of the unique available only in a few gaming desktops. Any game is software and, due to its heavy technical requirements, generates a lot of heat while running it. Thus the Thermal Control Gaming System.

Compatibility for Enhancement:

The Dell Aurora is integrated with a uniquely designed PSU arm swing which provides a tool with less accessibility while doing upgradation on the system.

Unique Attractive Design:

The new Dell Aurora comes with a unique, lively look with customizable lighting. Also, it comes with a new chassis that supports higher air movement in order to keep the whole temperature of the system down, which, thus, overall, adds up to a greater performance of the system while running a gaming application.

Greater Connectivity with a higher number of Ports:

The Dell Alienware Aurora provides seven ports in order to make it compatible with any other device in terms of connectivity. The reason why connectivity matter with gaming is first the gaming preferences of the user in which they wish to play with other players. That can be possible while online on the internet or when various systems are connected on a Local Area Network. For that, an Ethernet cable port is available in the Dell Alienware Aurora.

Why is there a Need for High-specification Systems for Gaming

With the advancement of technology, the requirement and preferences of gaming users have changed. Initially, the story play and objective of the games it has now switched to the quality of the graphics and the option to connect and play with other live users available online. Keeping that in mind, different games are launched regularly on the market, and in order to play, the specification of the system should be of the top level.

Why Should I Prefer Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 over Other Gaming Desktops

Based on the technical specification of Dell Alienware, it can be established that it fulfils all the requirements of any high-resolution inbuilt game. However, other reasons to convince anyone to choose Dell Aurora 2019 based on the functionality are listed below:

High Processing Speed:

In order to be a suitable gamer choice, the minimum clock speed of any processor in a desktop should be minimum 3.5GHz. The inbuilt i7 processor, with a high speed of 4.7 GHz it is easy to execute any gaming application along with swiftly running other programs.

Amazing Graphics:

With a 34’ screen along with 2K resolution, it is easy to load and run different games with heavy graphics. Also, with RTX 3070 Graphics card, the Dell Aurora 2019 becomes compatible with any gaming platform.

Other Pros and Cons of Dell Alienware Aurora 2019

While gaming is the sole purpose for anyone when choosing Alienware products, other things also need to be considered while purchasing a laptop in order to fulfil daily chores. For that, we have discussed some benefits and drawbacks of Dell Aurora 2019. On the basis of which you can decide whether to prefer this product or not.

Pros of Choosing Dell Alienware Aurora 2019

  • One of the major benefits of choosing this desktop is the enhanced features that make it compatible not only for gaming purposes but with executing different other programs.
  • There are no heating issues with Dell Alienware products because of the presence thermal control gaming system.
  • With all these high specifications, including major features focussed on gaming, the Dell Alienware desktop is available at affordable prices.
  • Another major advantage is that the quality of Dell products is up to the mark, which makes them more durable and long-lasting.
  • Due to the presence of a high graphics card, other media files can be played, including 4k media and others.
Cons of Choosing Dell Alienware Aurora

With various benefits of any tech product, there are always some drawbacks. The same is with the case of Dell Alienware Aurora, some of which are listed below:

  • With the passage of time and the availability of new products in the market, the Dell Alienware Aurora is not the top only performer in the market.
  • With a compact processor case, the user faces hindrance/obstruction while repairing the product.
  • Now, with the requirement of upgradation of a product, it always requires some investment from the user side.
Wrapping it Up:

From the above discussion, we hope that you can find suitable information regarding the Dell Alienware Aurora 2019. On the basis of this information, you can decide for yourself to whether to opt for this product or not. Also, in case you cannot run any particular gaming application in it, then there is always an option to enhance and upgrade the current specification of this Laptop. Now, if you need any further assistance or need some more information regarding Alienware Aurora or any other Dell Printer, you can reach out to us through the number given below. Also, you can enable the live chat option to connect with us instantly.

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