How To Fix Dell Laptop Won’t Turn on Issue?

Dell Laptop Won’t Turn on Issue
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Unable to switch on Dell laptops, well, it’s a common issue faced by a lot of users on a regular basis. The possible cause for it can be either a Hardware problem or any technical glitch. Whatever the reason can be, some of them can be troubleshot by the user themselves, while to resolve other issues, people might need assistance. Thus, here we are going to discuss all the possible causes due to which the Dell Laptop is not turning on, along with all the possible measures on how to resolve them.
Dell is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of personal computers and other related products. It provides products of the best quality, which is preferred by everyone for both personal and professional use. Any issue while using a Laptop can be a big hurdle in doing daily chores. Thus it is important that you should have basic troubleshooting knowledge, which can be helpful while dealing with any issue. Read the article further to know what to do when Dell Laptop is not turning on.

Possible Causes Why you are Facing the “Dell Laptop Won’t Turn on” Issue

Apart from the drained battery, there can be plenty of reasons why the Dell Laptop is not switching on. Well, a drained battery is not a problem that can be fixed by connecting with a power supply and waiting for sufficient time for the laptop to get powered up. Various other possible causes for not switching on Dell Laptop for which you need assistance are listed below:

  • Any internal hardware might be damaged in your Dell Laptop
  • Your laptop might be infected by any Virus or Malware file.
  • BIOS in your Dell Laptop might get corrupted.
  • Any other window files can be damaged or corrupted.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Won’t Turn on Issue

You can take the following measures in order to troubleshoot the “Dell Laptop Not Turning On” issue:

Execute a Power Reset on Your Dell Laptop

Sometimes the LED light in the Dell Laptop is blinking but is not starting up. In that case, a restart is a common troubleshooting method to resolve this issue. To perform a reset, you need to follow the given steps:

  • In case the laptop is not starting, and the light is blinking, then you need to power off the laptop by pressing and holding the power key for 10-15 seconds.
  • After that, you need to disconnect the laptop with all the connections, like the AC adapter and others. You also need to disconnect the battery from the laptop.
  • Other connections which need to be disconnected from the laptop include USB cables, media cables, and all other connections.
  • Now you need to start the laptop by connecting the battery and the AC Adapter. After that, hold the power key for 10-15 until the lights in the power key start to blink again.

Check out for any Hardware Damage and Troubleshoot it:

Another common cause for your laptop not starting up is hardware damage, which can be the AC Adaptor, any power cable, or any exposed wire due to which the laptop is not properly charging or receiving power. To inspect any hardware, you need to remove all the connections from the system and check for each and every item one by one. In case of any faulty part, we recommend you remove it with a new one.

Check your Power Source:

You need to check whether your power source is working properly or not. Disconnect your AC Adaptor from the switch and use another device to check for any issue with the power source. Either the power source is supplying less voltage which is not enough to charge the laptop, or either it is supplying no electricity at all.

Remove the Docking Station to Troubleshoot the issue with Dell Laptop:

In case you are using a docking station, you need to make sure that it is not creating a power issue due to which your laptop might not be working properly. Make sure while using a docking station; your laptop is connected to a power source. In case the issue still persists, you need to disconnect the docking station from the laptop and connect it to the power source. After that, turn on the laptop and check if the issue still persists.

Run a Diagnostic Test with M-BIST:

Motherboard Integrated Self Test is a special diagnostic tool that is available only in Dell Laptops. In case of power failure or any other issue, you can run an M-BIST diagnosis to identify them. To use M-BIST on your Dell Laptop, press the M and power buttons together before starting your system. After that, check the battery status LED. It turns on with an Amber colour, then there is an error in your laptop, and now you need to contact Dell Contact Support. In case there is no error, then the battery LED doesn’t glow up, then there is no internal software error, and you need to troubleshoot the hardware only.

Drain off the Flea Power:

Even after turning off the system, there is some static electricity remaining in some of the electrical components which is called Flea Power. Even though in a negligible amount, this electricity is sufficient enough to run the system fan for a significant duration. This can be a big trouble for the system as it can short out your system component. Although it is not a common issue, you still need to take measures in order to drain off the flea power:

In order to eliminate the flea power, you need to disconnect all the connections from the laptop, including the battery and other peripheral connections. After that, hold the power key for 15 seconds and connect all the cables to the system.

Try to run the Windows in Safe Mode when Dell Laptop is Not starting properly.

Apart from the power issue where the laptop starts but suddenly freezes or crashes, you can try to run the Window in Safe Mode. In order to start Safe Mode on the laptop while it is still switched off, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Press the power button, and as soon as the Dell Logo appears on the screen, you need to hold the power key until it is switched off.
  • You need to repeat the same procedure two to three times again, and after that, turn on your Dell Laptop.
  • Now this time, after the Dell logo, the words “Preparing Automatic Repair” will appear on the screen. This thing that is happening right now is that you have forced-restart your computer up to three times. Due to this, the system has already gone into automatic recovery mode.
  • Now, on the next screen, you need to select Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, and after that, startup settings. This will restart your system again.
  • Now press 4 to run your system in safe Mode or 5 to run in safe Mode along with safe internet browsing.

Reset the BIOS Settings to Default:

In case none of the measures works to fix the “Dell Laptop won’t turn on” issue, you need to load the BIOS settings to default, for which the steps are listed below:

  1. Press the power key and start hitting the F2 key continuously till you have access to the BIOS settings.
  2. In the BIOS, click on the Load Default option/button.
  3. After that, you need to press F9 or “Alt+F.”
  4. Now you need to exit the BIOS, for which you need to press the “ESC” key, before which there will be an option of “Save and Exit.”
  5. Click on this option to make changes.

It is important to note that process to reset the BIOS setting is different in various Laptops. The above-mentioned process is common to the majority of devices. However, you need to check the process of resetting BIOS online based on your Model.

Remove Viruses or other Malware Files in the System.

In case your laptop is affected by any virus or malware, you might face difficulty while starting it up. Thus, in that case, you need to run an Antivirus scan in your system and remove any malware files in case there is one detected in the system.

Factory Reset your Dell Laptop

This is the last troubleshooting measure that you can take by yourself without contacting Dell Customer Support. You can run a factory reset on your Dell Laptop by using Advanced Startup Options (ASO). In order to open ASO when your PC is off, you need to press and hold the SHIFT key in your system, which will open the ASO menu. Now follow the given steps:

  1. From the ASO menu, select the option “Troubleshoot.”
  2. In the troubleshooting screen, there will make another two options, from which you need to select “Reset this PC.”
  3. After that, you need to select further whether you want to keep your files or instead remove everything.
  4. Select the option according to your preference. In some devices, another option also appears, which is “Restore Factory Settings.”
  5. Now, you need to select how you would like to reinstall Windows on this system.
  6. Select the option, and after that, wait until the PC resets.
Wrapping it Up

We hope that the above-given measures to fix your Dell Laptop not turning on might be helpful. In case none of the above-given measure work, then you need to contact Dell customer Support. However, if you are facing any delay with Dell customer service, you can reach out to us directly from the number given below, where you will be connected with the technical expert who can assist you with any issue with the Dell Laptop or any other. You can also use the live chat option, to which our team will reply immediately.

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