Firefox Does not Work Common Fixes to Get You back up

Firefox Doesn't Work - Common Fixes to Get You back up
Jan 11, 2022      admin      Firefox

Have gone through days when you have encountered Firefox that doesn’t work. In this write-up, you can go for multiple solutions to several issues. If you require extra assistance, you can connect with the Firefox helpline number to get accurate tips. The Mozilla experts team is available to assist you 24/7 in diagnosing Firefox issues using troubleshoot mode. Let’s go through some common issues in Firefox Does not Work Common with top solutions to eliminate them.

Restore Firefox to Its Default State

The Refresh feature in Firefox can troubleshoot multiple problems by restoring Firefox to its default state while storing your crucial details. Use the Refresh feature in Firefox before moving through a lengthy troubleshooting procedure. The therapeutic procedures are discussed in detail that is mentioned below.

  • Tap the menu button, press Help, and choose more troubleshooting information
  • Tap Refresh Firefox, then Refresh Firefox in the confirmation window that opens. Firefox will turn off to refresh itself
  • Once completed, a window will list your extracted details. Tap the Finish button, and Firefox will get opened
  • Choose whether you require Firefox to recover some windows and tabs and tap the Let’s go button.

Firefox stores all your personal details and settings in a profile folder. The refresh feature prepares a new profile folder and stores your crucial data. It deletes add-ons normally saved inside the Firefox profile folder like extensions and themes, and Add-ons kept in other locations are not deleted. It saves the following items.

  • Webform auto-fill detail
  • Personal dictionary
  • Cookies
  • Passwords
  • Download and browse the history
  • Bookmarks

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What Does Happen when Firefox Gets Crashed?

When Firefox crashes during the middle of work, it can be frustrating. A few simple solutions are available below to prevent crashes and keep Firefox running in a decent pattern. Firefox can be occurred by various programs running in the background. Ensure that these are updated regularly to remove crashes and keep your computer safe and secure.

  • Upgrade Firefox – Tap the menu button, press Help, and choose About Firefox.
  • Upgrade Windows – Confirm that you have recent stability and security fixes. To check Windows 10 updates manually, tap the Start menu, choose Settings, then Upgrade and Security, choose Windows Updates and Check for Updates. However, Windows are checked automatically for the latest updates.
  • Upgrade your drivers – Examine your printer driver or graphic drivers are upgraded or not.
  • Upgrade Internet Security – Confirm that you have the recent version of Internet security software, including firewalls, anti-spyware programs, antivirus programs, and much more.

What Does Happen if Firefox Won’t Start?

Refresh Firefox feature can troubleshoot several errors by restoring Firefox to its default state. Use it before moving to lengthy troubleshooting procedures. If Firefox doesn’t start, it can be resolved by using the Refresh button. The Firefox Troubleshoot Mode includes a Refresh option, and you can begin to troubleshoot mode by holding down the shift button while beginning Firefox. You may see certain problems occurred due to Firefox won’t start issue. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Failed to read the configuration file

Firefox won’t start issue is caused due to Firefox program files. The solution is to delete the Firefox program and then re-establish Firefox. It won’t delete your passwords, bookmarks, and other user settings and data saved in a profile folder.

  • Uninstall Firefox
  • Remove the Firefox installation directory, normally obtained in one of these locations by default.

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

  • Select another browser to download the Firefox installer from the Firefox download page and establish it.
  • XULRunner Error

Once you look at the message, the XULRunner error is not compatible with other versions. After a software upgrade, use another browser to download the Firefox installer from the Firefox download page. Store it to desktop or other locations, remove the Firefox installation directory, and re-establish Firefox. It means that Firefox won’t start error takes place due to security software.

Once you go through the above essential errors, you can easily remove the Firefox does not work issue. If you can’t perform this task, you must dial the Mozilla customer service number to some accurate tips. “Firefox does this automatically not working” issue can be removed by following the refresh button option.

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