Unblock Firefox From Connecting to the Internet

Unblock Firefox from connecting to the Internet
Jan 19, 2022      admin      Firefox

Firefox is one of the popular browsers used recently for browsing websites, images, stories, etc., by millions of users worldwide. Like other browsers, Firefox is also prone to errors. If you prepare for work, but your Firefox is not connected to the Internet or stops working or Unblock Firefox From Connecting to the Internet, no need to worry because various troubleshooting solutions are available in this write-up to fix this error in Firefox. Before moving to any solution, you must know the primary causes behind Firefox’s stop working error. Let’s go through them carefully. If you can’t resolve server not found troubleshoot connection problems, you must dial the Mozilla helpline number to get some appropriate tips.

Methods to Fix Time-Related Errors on Secure Websites

Secure websites certificates are correct and valid for a certain period. If a website presents a certificate with validity dates, never match the dates of your system clock. Firefox can’t check it and shows an error message. Such errors can often be removed by configuring your system’s time, accurate date and time zone. Let’s go through some simple steps to set the correct time on your computer clock.

  • Press the Windows Start button or tap the Windows key
  • Choose Settings in the start menu
  • Choose Time and Language in Settings
  • Review the current date and time settings in the Date and Time settings. To amend your settings, press on the Change option listed below for the Change below Change Date and Time option or expand the Time Zone drop-down menu.
  • If you have finished up changes, turn off the Settings window.

Steps to Perform Captive Portal Detection

Use Firefox’s captive portal detector to check the network for an internet connection during signing-in. It requires while using Wi-Fi or a hotspot, and Firefox performs this task continuously by regularly coupling to http://detectportal.firefox.com/canonical.html.

Firefox also connects with this Url to examine if your current network assists certain technologies such as Ipv6. If the page is opened, simply turn it off.

How to Manage Firefox Connection Settings

Internet service provider or organization may require you to use a proxy. A proxy is considered as an intermediate between your system and the Internet. It accepts all Internet requests if it can complete them using its cache. These proxies are used to improve performance, filter requests, hide your system from the Internet to magnify its protection. These are certainly a part of firewalls. Use a proxy in connection that is possible through the below-given procedures.

  • Tap the menu button and choose Settings
  • Move to the Network Settings section in the General panel
  • Press Settings. The Connection Settings dialog will get opened
  • Then, tap on the No Proxy option to use a proxy from the remaining five options shown on your window.

Examine Windows Firewall to Allow Firefox Access to the Internet

Windows provides an in-built firewall that controls how programs access the Internet. If Windows Firewall doesn’t allow Firefox to establish connections, it generates a Server not found error once you browse websites.

Verifying Windows Firewall

To observe if you’re running Windows Firewall

  • Do right-click the Windows icon. A menu will appear
  • Choose the control panel from the menu. The control panel will be shown
  • Tap the system and security in the control panel
  • Choose Windows Firewall in System and Security.

Setting up Windows 10 Firewall

If you have activated Windows Firewall and have connectivity problems in Firefox, then move through below troubleshooting points.

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  • Press the option “allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” on the left side of the Windows Firewall panel. The allowed apps panel will be shown.
  • Tap the change settings button
  • Get Mozilla Firefox in the list of programs. If it is available there, press to choose it. If not, skip the step
  • With chosen Mozilla Firefox, tap the Remove button. Make sure that you want to delete the entry
  • Press the Allow Another App button. Then, add a program window will appear
  • Tap the browse button in the Add an app window. Navigate the Firefox program directory and then do a double-tap on firefox.exe
  • Tap the Add button
  • Tap the Ok button to turn off the allowed apps panel.

Once you move through the above troubleshooting steps, you can unblock Thunderbird from connecting to the Internet. If you can’ implement the above repairing methods, you must dial the Mozilla customer support number to get appropriate tips.

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