Hotmail Password Reset

Hotmail Password Reset
May 12, 2023      admin      Hotmail

Users with a Hotmail/Outlook account can easily reset the email password for which all they need is some basic information. There are three ways available to the Hotmail user to reset their forgotten password. Based on the information they have to authenticate the account, they can reset their Hotmail password either through a registered mobile number, alternate email ID, or the security question. With this, you can visit the official Hotmail password reset page and update your new password. Here we are going to elaborate on the process through which you reset your Hotmail account password.

Hotmail, now known as Outlook, is now the second largest email service provider after Gmail. Currently, with a user base of 400 million people, the number keeps on increasing day by day. However, no matter how enhanced features are provided to the users, there always be trouble/issues for which they need assistance. While some of the issues can be technical, other issues can be from the user’s side, which can be troubleshoot with little knowledge. One such common issue is the forgotten password which can easily be fixed. Read the article further to know how to update your Hotmail password.

Why is There a Need to a Hotmail Password Reset

Apart from the case that you have forgotten your password, the number of possible causes are there, due to which there is an urgent need to reset it. Some of them are the following.

Your Hotmail Account has Been Hacked.

Account hacking is one of the major concerns of the email user while browsing the internet. The common cause for this occurrence is your Internet browsing. When you visit any unknown site without any authority, there are chances that your information can be retrieved by hackers. Indications that your account has been hacked can be any changes in your account settings or in your mailbox. Thus to stop someone else from accessing your email is that you reset your password.

Your Outlook Mail has Been Blocked.

Various causes can be there due to which your Hotmail/Outlook has been temporarily blocked. The major one is the suspicious sign-in activity on your mail (through other devices). Another reason for the temporary blockage of your account is when you provide the wrong credentials repeatedly. Thus to unblock your mail account, you need to reset your password. For that, you need to have your registered mobile with you.

How To Reset Hotmail Password on Windows

You need to visit the official Microsoft Password Recovery page for a Hotmail password reset. After that, you need to verify your account through a security code sent to your Mobile number or alternate email address.

Click on Reset your Password

First, visit the official password recovery page of Outlook/Hotmail.  For that, select the option “Forgot Password” on the login page of Outlook.

Authenticate your Account Identity

On the reset page, the first thing you need to do is to verify that the account belongs to you. That can be done through the verification code sent to you either on your Registered Mobile number or an alternate email ID. Select the mode to receive the verification code and then click on “Get Code.”

Enter the Verification code to initiate Hotmail Password Reset.

Now you need to provide the verification code which you have received on your Email ID or mobile number. After that, click on Next. On the new page, provide your new Hotmail password and then twice to confirm it.

How to Reset Hotmail Password on iPhone.

The majority of email users prefer to access their mail through a mobile device. While on Android, it is simple to reset your email account; users need some assistance while resetting their password on iPhone. Thus here we have discussed simple steps to reset your Hotmail password on your iPhone.

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone and visit the login page of Outlook
  • Now, click on the forgot password and provide your other details related to the email.
  • Now choose the desired method to receive the verification code.
  • Provide the verification code, authenticate your identity, and reset your password.

Other Common Issues with Hotmail apart from a forgotten password

Mailing issues are common with the users. While the forgotten password is the most common one, some other issues are there for which you need assistance. Other issues while using Outlook mail are listed below:

    • Unable to send or receive emails in your Hotmail Account.
    • Error while configuring Hotmail account on an email client.
    • Duplicate contacts in the Outlook Mail
    • Deleted Mail Reappearing in the Hotmail.
    • Not able to reach out to Hotmail customer support.
    • Cannot block unknown senders in Hotmail/Outlook.
    • Empty inbox in Outlook.

Reach Out to us in Case of any Issues with Hotmail.

Hotmail email users, in case they want, can connect with us to resolve any issue they are having with their Outlook Emails account. Our customer support services are available 24/7 to assist you in troubleshooting any problem you are having with your Hotmail user account. Various means through which you can connect with us are the following:

On an Ending Note

In this blog, we have listed all the available methods through which you can reset your Hotmail password. Make sure while resetting your email password you have your registered mobile number or alternate email ID with yourself. In case you need further assistance, you can dial the number given below or click on the Help option to enable the Live Chat option. All you need to do is to mention your query, to which we will revert along with the possible solutions within the given time.

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