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Hotmail not working
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In the current scenario, Email is an important part of our life. From ordering online food to booking flight tickets, everything we do depends on the Email itself. But what will happen if your Email stops working? It’s tough to imagine life like that, right? But this happens with the Hotmail email or popularly Known as Outlook mail user sometimes. Hotmail or Outlook is one of the most used and prominent email service providers, but with time, things change, and users start facing Hotmail not working issues.

Fixing this issue is not easy with you don’t know the step-by-step procedure. Thus to help you our n rectifying Hotmail not working problem properly, we are writing this article for you.

What are the Most Frequent issues Faced by Hotmail Users?

Apart from Hotmail email not working problem, there are multiple other issues as well that Hotmail uses encounters. A few of the most frequent ones are:

  • Hotmail Server is not working.
  • The user is not able to receive new mail.
  • The Hotmail email is not loading.
  • The Hotmail spam filter is not working
  • Not able to log in to my Hotmail email.
  • The Hotmail junk filter is not working
  • There is some outrage in Hotmail.
  • My Hotmail account is hacked.
  • There is some Sign in issue with Hotmail.
  • Hotmail account stops working.
  • Hotmail account is freezing.

What Causes Hotmail Not Working Error?

In case you are wondering why Hotmail is not working, let’s move ahead and learn the reasons that evoke this issue. This will help you in deciding the rectification method accordingly.

  1. Hotmail Server is down.
  2. Outlook App is not working properly.
  3. There might be chances of Network connectivity issues.
  4. You might be facing Improper Setting Configuration.
  5. The third-party app in which you are using Outlook is facing some issues.
  6. You might have provided an incorrect user id and password.
  7. The Browser you are using is not compatible with Hotmail.
  8. The Device you are using to log in to Hotmail is not updated to its latest version.
  9. You might have installed Firewall or Antivirus in your System.
  10. Presence of Malware or Virus in your Device.
  11. The web browser is not updated.
  12. Your Hotmail email is hacked, leading to you not being able to access it.

Note: The issue can arise due to issues in your Device as well.

How to Fix Hotmail Not Working Issues?

Depending on the cause of the Error, you have to move ahead and go for the troubleshooting steps as follows:

1. Verify your Network Connectivity

Firstly, you have to look for the network speed. Make sure that you are providing a stable and Active internet connection. As we already mentioned, there are times when a user face Hotmail issues due to a slow or no internet connection.

Thus check it, and if the issue is on the internet, reboot your router and verify if the problem is resolved. In case it’s not fixed properly, get in touch with your Network Service provider and ask for his help.

2. Look for the Hotmail Server Status

The most often question searched on Google by Hotmail users is about the server status of the Email. At times Hotmail users end up with Hotmail not loading Error because of the server Outrage. Thus whenever you are not able to access your Hotmail account, go to Google and search “Is Hotmail down today?” you will find your answer in the first few sections only.

Apart from this, you have another option to go to and look for Hotmail there. You will get the entire details about the Email.

In case the issue is with Server details or Hotmail login, wait for some time; it will get fixed by itself.

3. Review the Hotmail Email Setting Information

Alternatively, you can also look for Hotmail server details, as a little inaccuracy in the server can lead to major Hotmail issues.

Thus, make sure to set your Hotmail Server details as :

  • Hotmail SMTP Server Name:
  • SMTP Hotmail Port Number: 587
  • Hotmail Security Detail: STARTTLS
  • SMTP Username: Your complete Hotmail/Outlook email address (e.g., or
  • Hotmail SMTP Password: Your Hotmail password

4. Turn Off all the Security Software

Some users also encounter Hotmail issues due to the presence of an Antivirus or Firewall in their System. The Firewall creates hindrances for the users while accessing Hotmail. Thus you have to turn off the Firewall for some time and review if the Hotmail issues are fixed.
Note: The presence of third-party software or add-ons will also stop you from accessing your Hotmail.

5. Verify the Web Browser Condition that you are using to access Hotmail

There are instances when Hotmail stops working on your Device due to Web Browser issues. In such a situation, you have to make sure about a few points to ignore the occurrence of the Error:

  • Update the Web Browser on a regular intervals.
  • Make sure to use the Hotmail in a compatible browser only.
  • Remove all the cache and cookies present in the Browsing History of your System.

How to Remove Cache & Cookies from Web Browser?

  1. Initially, open your Browser.
  2. Moving ahead, click on the three dots available at the top of your Screen.
  3. Now, select the More Tool, and select the Browsing History button.
  4. Next, you have to choose the Time range. (Choose all times to delete everything at a time.)
  5. Finally, tick the boxes next to Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, and tap on the Clear tab.

Note: In case after doing all these, your Hotmail email is still not working, Change the Browser. 

What are the Steps to Rectify Hotmail Not Working on Chrome?

Now, in case Hotmail is not working on the Chrome browser, then you can Connect to the website using HTTPS.

  • Initially, launch Chrome and head toward
  • Thereafter, in the other opportunities, Agree on the Connect with HTTPS.
  • Now tap on the option to choose HTTPS automatically.
  • Lastly, hit on the Save button.

How to Fix Hotmail Not Working Issues on iPhone or Android?

In case your Hotmail is not working on Android or iPhone, fix this Error by deleting your Account from the Device and reading it again.

How to delete and re-add your Account on your iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user, check the steps below to delete and re-add the Hotmail account.

  1. First, launch the Outlook app, and navigate to the Settings button.
  2. Thereafter, head to the Accounts & Password option, and choose your Hotmail account.
  3. Select the Delete Account option.
  4. Now, go to Settings, followed by moving to the Accounts button.
  5. Hit on Add Account, and on the next page, provide Hotmail details.

What are the Steps to Delete the Account in Android?

In case you are accessing Hotmail in Android, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Outlook and select the upper-left corner of your Opening Side pane.
  2. Click on the Gear button to open the Settings.
  3. Now, go through the account list and delete your Specific Hotmail account.
  4. After deleting the Account, head back to the main Screen of the app.
  5. choose the Account icon, and select + sign.
  6. There will be a pop-up on your Screen where you have to enter your Hotmail Account details.
  7. Lastly, hit on the Login button, and you are done.
Wrapping Things up!

At this point, we are concluding our blog on Hotmail is not working issues. However, if you face any issue while rectifying the Error, you always have the option to get help from our Hotmail Experts. These Experts are available around the clock to help you out. Thus feel free to contact me.

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