How to Enable Cookies in Browsers for Yahoo Mail?

Enable Cookies in Browsers for Yahoo Mail
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Are you confronting various issues while accessing your Yahoo email on any browser? If the answer is yes then you might have deleted or disabled the cookies on your browser. The issues like Yahoo email freezing, slow processing, missing menu, frequent errors or unable to use certain features happens due unsupported web browser or deleted cookies. To rectify such and other similar issues you must enable the cookies in your browser to let the Yahoo email work smoothly. If you don’t know how to do it then get in touch with Yahoo customer service to seek help from the professionals or try the steps given in this blog.

Enabling cookies in different browsers for Yahoo mail:

For Firefox Browser:

  • Click on Menu icon and select options
  • Go to privacy & security panel and choose history
  • Select ‘Use custom settings for history’
  • Tick the checkbox for ‘Accept cookies from the website’

For Microsoft Edge:

  • Go to More icon and select settings option
  • Click on view advanced settings
  • Select cookies under Privacy and services

For Apple Safari Browser:

  • Launch the settings app on your IOS device
  • Tap on the Safari option and select Block cookies
  • Choose ‘allow from Website’

For Internet Explorer:

  • Click on the gear icon to open the menu
  • Choose internet options
  • Select the privacy tab
  • Slide the slider to Medium
  • Click Apply followed by OK

For Google Chrome:

  • Select the Menu icon to open the menu
  • Go to settings
  • Click on ‘show advanced settings’
  • Select content settings in the privacy section
  • Click ‘Allow local data to be set’ in the cookies section
  • Tap to confirm

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The above are the most commonly used browsers, if you are using any other than these then you can find the settings of enabling the cookies in those browsers too. Yahoo mail takes the help of cookies in loading some specific pages. On the other hand, for the effective running of the browser, you must also keep on cleaning the cookies, cache, and history of browsers. In case of any problem, avail Yahoo support immediately.

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