How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding Issue?

AOL Desktop Not Responding Issue
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AOL Desktop Gold is a perfect internet suite for users whose daily activities involve internet browsing, playing games, and using mail service for daily communication. However, sometimes while using AOL Desktop, users might face hindrances where the application does not respond and freezes. Without knowing any particular cause for this problem, the users are not able to fix this issue with AOL Desktop and thus need assistance. Thus for the AOL Desktop users, we have provided all the important information regarding AOL desktops which can be helpful for them in order to fix AOL Desktop not responding issue. AOL Desktop Gold gives the perfect platform where users can browse the internet, use instant messenger to connect with other people, and play games. Thus the user base of this internet suite application is mainly working people and students, and any issues can be big trouble. Read the article further to know more on how to fix “AOL Desktop Gold Not responding” issues.

Common Reason why AOL Desktop Gold  Not Responding or Freezes

Some of the common reasons that cause the “AOL Desktop not Responding” issue are listed below:

  • AOL Desktop is crashed by the Antivirus or firewall.
  • Users might not have administrator-level privileges while using AOL Desktop Gold.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is incompatible with your system
  • You might not have properly downloaded the AOL Desktop Gold file.
  • Corrupted cache files in the system can also interrupt the AOL Desktop Gold from running.
  • AOL Desktop is already running in the background, and you have opened it again.
  • An issue with the internet connectivity.

Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding Issue

Based on the cause due to which AOL Desktop is not running properly, plenty of measures can be taken, some of which are listed below:

Force Quit the AOL Desktop Gold Application:

There might be a possibility that AOL Desktop is already running in the background, and you have started it again. Due to that, the AOL Desktop application freezes or not responding properly and constantly crashes. To resolve that, you need to force stop the application from the Task Manager, for which the steps are given below:

  • On your system, close all other applications and type “ctrl+shift+esc,” which will open the task manager.
  • There, under the “Processes” tab, you need to look for AOL Desktop Gold under the “Apps” section.
  • If present, then select it, and after that, click on “End Task” on the bottom right of the task manager window.
  • Now try to run AOL Desktop Gold again.

Force Quit AOL Desktop Gold on Mac:

Users who are using AOL Desktop Gold on Mac Devices can open the task manager by pressing “CMD+Alt+ESC” After that, a list of applications will appear from which you need to look for AOL Desktop. Right-click on it and select “Force Quit” to close the AOL Desktop Gold.

Check Your System Compatibility For Running AOL Desktop Gold

In order to run any program application, your system should fulfill the minimum requirements that the application requires in order to run properly on the system. The same goes for AOL desktop gold, for which the specifications are listed below:

  1. You need to have Windows 7 or 8, 8.1, or Windows 10
  2. 1 GHz clock speed processor.
  3. 1024 x 720 pixels screen resolution or higher.
  4. Random Access Memory (RAM) of the system should be at least 1GB
  5. Your system should have at least a minimum disk space of 512 MB.

Run an Antivirus Scan to fix AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding:

There can be a possibility that your computer has been infected with a virus or malware file. That malware file might be hindering the AOL desktop gold. For that, you should scan your system with an antivirus. In case the Antivirus detects any malware file in the system, then you need to remove it immediately.

Disable the Antivirus Temporarily when AOL Desktop Gold Freezes or Not Responding

Sometimes because of the security concern, an antivirus can recognize any application or program as a threat to the system’s security. The same thing can occur in the case of AOL desktop, where the Antivirus constantly restricts it from running. Thus you need to check it by disabling the system security temporarily, and after that, try to run AOL Desktop Gold. To temporarily disable Antivirus, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Open the system settings, and from there, select the option “Privacy and Security.”
  • Now select the “Window Security” option. Then, choose “Virus and threat protection.”
  • From there, on the right-hand side, select “Manage Providers.”
  • On the next page, under the section Antivirus, turn off all the security applications.
  • Now open AOL Desktop Gold again and check whether it is working properly or not.

Download the AOL Desktop Gold Again and Reinstall it.

In case you have installed a faulty downloaded AOL Desktop file, you need to uninstall it and download the new AOL Desktop installation file. For that steps are discussed below:

Uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold

  • To uninstall the AOL application, you need to open the control panel.
  • From there, under the section “Program and Features,” select the option “Uninstall a program.”
  • A list of programs will appear on the screen from which you search on AOL Desktop. Right-click on AOL Desktop icon and then select “Uninstall.”

Download and Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

  1. Visit the official website of AOL. There on the top-right of the homepage, you can find a menu button from which you need to select AOL Desktop Gold.
  2. On the next page, click on the option “Upgrade Now,” after which you have to sign in with your mail and password.
  3. As you have already subscribed to AOL service, you just need to locate the download option and click on it. After which, the AOL Desktop Gold download will start automatically.
  4. Now navigate to the download folder in your system and locate the AOL installation file. Double-click on it to start the AOL Desktop Gold installation.
  5. Agree to all the terms and conditions, and after installation, try to run it again.

Reach out to AOL Support Services

In case you are unable to resolve AOL Desktop Gold not responding issue even from the given measures above, you need to contact AOL customer support.

  • Open the AOL Desktop application, and from the top right corner, select the menu option.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Help icon and then select the “Report a Bug” option.
  • You need to describe your issue in the help form and send it. After that, AOL customer services will contact you.
Wrapping it up:

Based on the above discussion, we can assure you that after reading it, you can easily troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold when it freezes or not responds. In case you need any further assistance, you can reach out to our technical support, where our experts are available 24/7 to assist with any issue you are facing while using AOL Desktop Gold. Just dial the number given below or reach out to us through the live chat option, to which we will reply immediately.

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