How to Fix Avast Billing and Refunding Issues?

Avast Billing and Refunding Issues
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The antivirus Avast offers its paid and free versions with enhanced security features. Those users who require high-tech security opt for the paid version else; the free version is enough. Everything is great about the features of the Avast antivirus. But, sometimes, its users get into trouble with Avast Billing and Refunding Issues.

So, if you are one of the Avast users who is experiencing problems during the refund of your money or canceling the Billing, then this blog is perfect for you. Go through it to learn every detail that you must know while fixing the Billing or refund issue with the Avast Antivirus.

However, in case you need instant Help, you can call our tollfree number and grab the best assistance immediately.

Troubleshooting Steps for Avast Billing Issue

Let’s now look at the steps which can help you rectify the Billing Problem in Avast antivirus:

  • Go to the Official website of Avast Antivirus.
  • Next, enter the login credential and sign in to your account.
  • Now, you have to go to the Billing menu.
  • From the list of actions available in the billing menu, select one according to your need.
  • Go through institutions, and modify the option if needed.

This will help you resolve your billing issue; however, if this won’t work for you, then you can simply use the Live chat option available below and ask for all your Queries from an expert.

How to Cancel Your Avast Subscription and Get a Refund?

In case you have purchased the product and want to cancel it later, you can find the steps to do in this section. Keep your billing & subscription details nearby you to eliminate any hindrance in completing the refund process.
Users have three ways by following which they can cancel their Avast subscription. You can select any of them according to your choice.


  1. Avast can only refund you if you have purchased the product from the Avast Official website.
  2. You are eligible to request the refund within the starting 30 days of the product purchase.

1st Cancellation Method: Use the Avast Order Portal

This is a handy way to cancel your subscription, which involves disabling the Auto-renewal option available in the Order Portal.

  • Initiate the process by reaching the Avast Order Portal.
  • Next, you have to enter your Order number along with the password to complete the login process.

Note: In case you have forgotten any login credentials, then you can check the inbox of the registered email account.

  • After login, Select the Manage Subscription tab.
  • Now, on the next page, look for the Automatic Renewals, and turn it off.
  • You may receive a pop-up alert; verify it by hitting the Disabling Automatic Renewal links.
  • After that, you will get a Configuration Email for the confirmation of the Cancellation process.

2nd Cancellation Method: With the Help of Avast Account

In case the first method seems complicated to you, then try to complete the process using your Avast Account.

  1. In the beginning, you have to launch Avast.
  2. Now, click on the Sign-in tab to reach the Avast Account Section.
  3. Login to your Avast Account using the registered email.
  4. Thereafter, navigate to the License option & hit on the Deactivate Auto-Renewal Subscription to cancel it.
  5. Next, you will receive a cancellation confirmation email from Avast Antivirus.

3rd Cancellation Method: Using Avast Customer Support

If you are not comfortable with the above two methods, then you can try to seek assistance through Avast Customer Support. There are multiple ways to do so, including calls, emails, live chat, etc. You choose any of them according to your needs & preference.

Steps to Contact Avast Antivirus Customer Care via Phone Call

If a user wants to cancel their Avast Subscription immediately, then in such scenarios, they can dial the Avast Antivirus Helpline Number. An expert will join you on call and provide you with step-by-step details to cancel your product subscription. These experts are highly skilled, with years of experience available to help you out all around the globe.

Grab Help from the Team Using Email or Live Chat option

In case you want a more precise way, then you can simply write down an email and send it to After sending the email, wait for sometime to get a revert from the Professionals.

Or you can also opt for a live chat by clicking on the Help box mentioned below.

After contacting Avast Customer Support, ask the expert to cancel your Product subscription. They will ask you for a few details, and according to that, they will assist you in doing so.

Procedure to Apply for DRI Avast Refund Request

Once you have received the cancellation Confirmation Email, then only you can go with the request to cancel your refund. You can follow the given steps for DRI Avast Antivirus Refund.

  1. Initiate the process by visiting the Avast official website.
  2. Thereafter, look for the Sales & Refund option.
  3. Enter all the details they are asking for.
  4. Wait for a few minutes, and customer service will respond to your refund request and confirm it.

Note: After the confirmation of the refund request, you will receive your money within the next 30 days.

Bottom Line!

In the above section, we have given a brief detail about the process to resolve Avast Billing and Refunding Issues. However, in case you need any additional help, use the live chat option to get in touch with a professional. These Avast antivirus experts are technically trained and well-qualified, and ready to fix all your issues.


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