How to Fix Firefox Won’t Open PDF Files?

Firefox wont open pdf files
May 17, 2021      admin      Firefox

Few methods are available for Firefox to open a PDF file. If any of the options is lost, a user can lose open to the information your business depends on. These elements involve up-to-date programs and freedom from disputes between programs. Mozilla settings also damage PDF access, and so does the number of PDF viewers on your PC. Learning about these elements authorizes you to maintain Firefox’s ability to open PDFs. If you Firefox Won’t Open PDF Files, you must dial Firefox help to troubleshoot it instantly.

Methods to Fix Firefox Won’t Open Pdf Files

Six troubleshooting steps are explaining how to fix Firefox not accessing PDF files.

  • Crucial PDF Writers

Users explained that “too many elements damage both” applies to Firefox’s PDF visibility. Specifically, having multiple PDF viewers on your PC could stop Firefox from opening this file type. Troubleshoot this error by uninstalling all but one such viewer. To look at how many PDF accessors a user has on its system, Press the “Open with” options from a PDF’s menu available in Windows Explorer. The settings mentioned above the “Choose default” command are PDF viewers. Activate the Control Panel’s Programs and Features screen to delete all but one viewer.

  • Lost Plugins

Firefox has no built-in support to open PDFs. A user depends on external “plugins” to read PDF and other text. If Firefox’s PDF plugin is lost or outdated, you may not be able to see PDFs. Change or upgrade the PDF plugin by downloading it from Firefox’s Plugins page.

  • Add-On Problem

Your Firefox PDF plugin may be working fine by itself but may dispute other add-ons. To look at the PDF error element, deactivate all add-ons except the one for viewing PDFs. Perform this task with the browser add-on manager, which you can see by pressing “Ctrl-Shift-A.” On this page Extensions and Plugins categories, click all “Disable” buttons excluding the one for the PDF viewer, then restart the browser. Access PDF’s plugin conflict that was causing the problem.

  • Outdated Firefox

An outdated version of Firefox can stop PDFs from opening. Firefox must be updated or installed again. If you can’t, then upgrade the browser manually by tapping the “Update” button on the About Firefox screen. The Help menu’s “About” item submits access to this screen.

  • Access Not Explained

Firefox has options to remove the problem when it faces a PDF text accessing issue. If those settings explain the whole problem, Firefox will not access the PDF content. Use the “Applications” tab of the Options dialogue box to specify actions for PDFs. This dialogue box is under the “Tools” menu. When you have opened this option, enter “Adobe” without any text in the tab’s search box. Firefox displays a list of drop-down controls. Tap the “Use Adobe Reader” item from each of these controls, then shut down the dialogue box and resume the browser. If the “Use Adobe” option is chosen, amend it to another setting, shut down the Options dialogue box and then change it back to the “Use Adobe” setting.

  • Version Instructions

The information available in this blog is only to rectify Firefox browser issues. It may be slightly different from other programs. After going through the above rectifying procedures, if the Firefox problem is not resolved, you must call Mozilla customer service to remove it immediately.

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