HP Printer Not Connecting to Computer

HP Printers has earned a good respect in the market because of its working potential regarding printing and scanning. HP printers are more reliable and efficient than any other company’s printer. Due to the amazing features and service of HP Printer, many people all around the globe appreciate the working potential of HP Printers. There are many printer models given by HP Printer in the market. But, sometimes HP Printer users also face the complexity and issues when working with HP Printer. The paper jam issue or connectivity issue is the most common issue HP Printer users face. But, this issue can be fixed with some simple HP Printer troubleshooting techniques. In this blog, you will know all the troubleshooting aspects to solve your HP Printer connecting issue.

Steps to Resolve HP Printer Connectivity Issue

HP Printer connecting issue can be due for various reasons, which varies from a faulty computer or printer, corrupt drivers to a printer hardware problem. Let’s discuss the troubleshooting steps to fix this issue:

1. Restart Computer and Printer:
The most basic and worked method to solve connecting issue is to restart the computer and printer. So, restart your computer, unplug the printer from USB connected to computer and power supply. Then press the power button on Printer.

Then, when the computer is started, connect the printer with USB cable to the computer. And press the power button after plugin the printer with power supply. If this method doesn’t work, then try other techniques.

2. Check the Network and printer connection status:
Check that your computer and Printer is connected with the same Wi-Fi network if you are using a wireless connection. Make sure to connected both computer and printer with your home’s Wi-Fi network.

3. Update Printer drivers:
If you are not using the latest HP Printer drivers installed on your computer. Then, update these drivers. Go to the HP Printer driver’s page, using a web browser. Then search for your HP Printer model and click on Drivers. Download the Drivers and install them properly.

Now you should be able to connect your printer with the computer. If not, then ring on the HP Printer customer support number and share your problem with expert’s team. They will provide you, a quick and long-lasting solution.

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