How to Fix Norton Blue Screen Error?

Norton blue screen error
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Developed by Symantec Corporation, Norton Antivirus is known for providing a complete shield from online virus attacks. It helps in removing malicious and harmful Trojans, worms, and other such attacks from the computer system. This software is used worldwide due to its excellent protection ability from different kinds of threats. But there are some technical issues that bother the users while using this software. The most common issue is the Blue screen error; if you are also encountering a similar problem, then you must get in touch with Norton customer service, which stays available 24 hours to provide you assistance.

There are other issues also confronted by many people, like a problem in scanning, setting a password, installing and removing the antivirus, and many others. The error of a Blue screen occurs mostly when you install the Norton antivirus. You can perform the troubleshooting steps given in this blog to fix the issue yourself.

Root Causes Behind Norton Blue Screen Error

Before you begin with the troubleshoots of Norton Blue Screen Error, it’s important to know the main reason which causes this problem:

  1. You are using an Outdated PC. 
  2. Incomplete/corrupted/damaged installation of Norton Antivirus.
  3. Incorrect Windows installation can also create hindrances while using Norton Antivirus
  4. In case your System has low memory space. 

Solution: How to Fix Norton Blue Screen Error

Now that you have acquired enough information about the Norton Blue Screen Error, let’s discuss the ways to troubleshoot it.

Step 1: Download and Run Norton Power Eraser

  • Check the version of windows you are using, and according to that, download Norton Power Eraser.
  • Thereafter you have to press the Ctrl+J key to go forward and launch the downloaded file in your browser. 
  • Double-click on the NPE.exe file. 
  • Next, hit on Yes or continue when the User Account Control window appears on your screen. 
  • Now, go through the license agreement and hit on the Agree option. 

Note: In case you have accepted the agreement before, the option will not appear on your desktop. 

  • Now go to the Norton power eraser and click on the Full System Scan, and hit the Run Now button.
  • Here, if you want to add the Rootkit scan as well, hit Settings, then search for Include Rootkit scan (requires a computer restart) under the Scan and Log Settings and select Apply.
  • Now a new prompt will appear on your screen saying restart your device. Click on it.
  • At last, wait for the scan to be done, and follow the instructions available on your screen, to complete the process. 

Step 2: Start the Computer in Safe Mode with Networking

  1. Exit all programs
  2. Next, to open the Run box, Press windows+R.
  3. Type MSConfig in the given field and hit Enter.
  4. Note: In case the User Account Control appears on your screen, select Yes or Continue.
  5. Now Navigate to safe boot present in the Boot tab and select network
  6. Click ok and restart the device.

Step 3: Download Norton from your Account

  1. Sign in to Norton
  2. Note: in case you don’t have a Norton account, create an account and go through the sign-up process.
  3. In the Norton setup window, click Download Norton.
  4. Click agree and download
  5. Now select to run
  6. Click continue and follow the on-screen instructions

Step 4: Restart the Computer in Normal Mode

  1. Shut down all the other programs running in the background. 
  2. Press the Windows R keys to open the dialogue box
  3. Type ‘MSConfig’ and hit enter to continue.
  4. Note: In case System Configuration appears on your screen, click Yes or continue to go forward.
  5. In the system configuration window, go the boot tab, uncheck the safe boot and click ok.
  6. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click Restart.

What is CcSetx64.sys Blue Screen (BSOD) Errors?

CcSetx64.sys Blue Screen error occurs at the time when you are trying to install new software or hardware, or you are trying to update your Windows. It can also take place due to malware infection. 

Common causes of CcSetx64.sys Error

As we already mentioned, the root cause of the error is associated with the software or hardware of your device. Apart from this, a few other reasons are mentioned below:

  • Corrupted or incorrect configuration of Norton Antivirus 2012 software with Antispyware device drivers. 
  • Installation of new Symantec-related hardware that creates ccSetx64.sys conflicts.
  • The presence of a Corrupted Disk drive can cause ccSetx64.sys STOP error.
  • Corrupt registry entry associated with the Norton AntiVirus 2012 with Antispyware and CcSetx64.sys.
  • Presence of damaged system files.
  • Corrupted RAM. 

Steps to Fix CcSetx64.sys Error?

Below we have mentioned the list of steps you should follow to resolve the CcSetx64.sys Error in your System.

  1. Register CcSetx64.sys manually with the help of the Microsoft Register Server.
  2. Now, fix the registry entries associated with the Norton AntiVirus 2012 with Antispyware.
  3. Now, run a full malware scan on your System.
  4. Clear all the junk present in your System, i.e., Temporary Files and Folders, using Disk Clean-up.
  5. Upgrade your System Drivers.
  6. Next, you have to use the Windows System Restore to Undo all the new system modifications.
  7. Now, uninstall the Norton AntiVirus 2012 with Antispyware Program Associated with ccSetx64.sys, and install it again.
  8. Next, use the System File Checker, and install all the Windows updates that are available for your System.
  9. At last, conduct a clean installation of the Windows. 

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Bottom Line!

With the help of the above steps, you can easily troubleshoot the issue at your end. In case you feel any doubt, you can directly reach out to Norton Antivirus Phone Number, where the team of trained experts will help you in guiding the right process to fix the issue within no time.

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